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Trader Defender is a professional recovery firm that helps victims of online scams. As their name suggests, they mainly cater to the needs of the victims of online investment hustles.

If you have lost money to a fraudulent crypto exchange or to a shady offshore brokerage, then you need to get in touch with them immediately in order to chart out an actionable approach. They also provide intelligence gathering which means you can run a deep search on an entity before committing your capital.

Support team is truly professional. Just like all the other firms in the sector, the fees charged by them depend upon a lot of variables and unless you sign up for a consultation, it cannot be estimated precisely.

The team members of this firm are all more than qualified enough to deal with any kind of fraud and their accomplishments so far speak for itself. If you want to know more about the way they operate and the kind of morals and principles they adore, then go over the following content. 

Trader Defender Review

Contact Information and Support

The firms which survive the longest in any sector have to offer a quality support team. User experience aspect is important in today’s digital world and unless customers feel special, things won’t turn around for businesses.

This platform features plenty of contact information. Looking at the way they have positioned themselves, they clearly seem to have a good idea about the modern ways of staying connected with the clients. Anyone can reach them via telephone, email and contact form.

You can expect speedy reply from them and the response time typically is going to be less than 24 hours in general. In case you are looking for the contact details, checkout the following table. 

  • Address – MBC Holdings LLC, 867 Boylston Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA, US 02116
  • Phone – 44-20-38685774, 1-617-208-2414
  • Email –

Trader Defender Services

Trader Defender offers a lot of things to its users. If we were to label things, then the services they offer can be categorised into two things. First is the fund recovery and the latter is the intelligence reports. They put in a lot of time and effort to spread word about the viral scams in real time.

Along with helping victims of trading scams, they also help the public deal with credit card disputes. While they have covered the common patterns used by cybercriminals pretty well, note that things might not be so straightforward all the time.

Criminals do change their script from time to time and it is almost impossible to stop them beforehand. Moreover, the internet has made things easy for the people doing questionable activities. So, be alert and take help from professionals if you are ever in a dilemma. 

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    Trader Defender Intelligence Reports and Recovery

    As we mentioned before, this firm encourages people to run background checks on firms before indulging with them and they even help people trace the culprits and deal with all the legalities involved. Their team consists of experts in the field of accounting, finance and cryptography.

    In other words, they have got every tool necessary to help them meet the needs of the people. For obvious reasons, they cannot reveal information about every screening parameter they use. However, looking at their success rate and feedback, one literally cannot question their expertise and experience in any manner.

    Moving on to the recovery part, making entities like offshore brokers pay up is a herculean task. Individuals might find it very difficult to take on the formalities and deal with it on their own. If you choose this platform, then their team will take care of things for you.

    From raising formal complaints to handling things with the bank, almost everything can be delegated to them. Plus, as they are around for a long period of time, they know their way around things pretty well. As the entire process is transparent and the fees are reasonable, the final decision you need to make is simple and left to your preference. 

    Blogs and Warnings

    To warn people about the big names and shady brands in the trading sector, Trader Defender has created a blog section. Their content is mainly focused towards exposing real nature of brokerages. While they do tend to expose a lot of fraudulent forex brokers, they also are active in busting cryptocurrency scams as well.

    Once you take a look at their blogs, it becomes clear that they have ensured the highest level of quality and the main emphasis is on educating the public. Do bookmark their website and go over their posts regularly just to keep yourself updated.

    If you are a trader, then chances are you might like it. Also, before opening an account with any broker, do research about them and make sure that the firm you want to indulge with is not blacklisted by any authority. As a general rule, avoid offshore firms and trading platforms.

    Trader Defender Feedback

    Trader Defender has helped scores of people. Information from their user base is easy to find and on Trustpilot, they have earned themselves high ratings.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Even on social media platforms, the general consensus about them is positive. Check out the following input from the clients. Isn’t it confident inspiring?

    (Source – Trustpilot)

    Save us an insane amount before investing online. Thank you so much.

    Investigation of Trader Defender already started on a firm that promised too many times to give us a refund that we think will never come. Thanks for giving us hope.

    Is this firm reliable?

    To find an answer to this question, all we have to do is take a look at the data. For starters, their ratings and good and social proof is more than adequate. Their policies are all clear and transparent. Fees are reasonable and the support team is way too good.

    From the kind of content they create to their business model, we really cannot find any fault with them. As every parameter and metric is clear, we suggest you proceed with them if you have been a victim of an online scam.

    During consultation, you will get a clear view on the blueprint and the costs involved. Also, know that success is not guaranteed in this space as there are too many variables present. If anyone promises you something, then most likely there is something fishy going on.


    Trader Defender is an organisation that is striving hard to eradicate scams in the finance sector. Their objectives are noble and it is not something that can be achieved anytime soon. Nonetheless, we do applaud their efforts and at the end of the day, there are many things about them that are nothing but desirable traits. 

    Do you have anything to add to the Trader Defender review? If yes, then comment down below and we will do the needful. 

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