FixMeStick Scam Update – Don’t Believe It

FixMeStick Scam has been a big problem in the United States for almost a year. The official FixMeStick firm is a legitimate business that offers many innovative solutions to users. Sadly, many scammers are tarnishing the brand name to make a quick buck, and they are the ones that are spreading false narratives.

Nowadays, protecting our personal devices from malware is a big task. While no one-shot miracle exists to address this problem, a reputable anti-virus program is the best way to deal with the situation.

However, you should be careful while buying software on the web, and unless you are sure about the developer and the origin of the software, you should never install anything on your device. We know that this problem is a bit overwhelming for many people.

So, go through the following content, and you will understand the entire situation from the macro perspective.

FixMeStick Scam Update

Malware and corrupt programs have existed since the inception of computers. The origin of malware is a debatable topic. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that it does nothing but harm your device if it ever gets infected.

Many people think that just by downloading anti-virus software, they can eradicate the problem. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. On the one hand, you can mitigate the risk and enhance security by taking precautionary measures.

Secondly, avoid downloading anything from unverified developers, pirated platforms, etc,. Remember, if you are getting something for free, then most likely, there will always be a hidden catch involved.

After all, no business can run for long without making revenue, right?

What is FixMeStick Scam?

Many scammers are creating web pages and pretending to be a part of the FixMeStick firm and are looting the public in various ways. The FixMeStick Scam is such a big problem that even after the concerned authorities cleared the dust, people are still falling for it.

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    Basically, if you ever got a prompt to download software from this brand or were asked to pay to receive access to the support team, you have encountered FixMeStick Scam. The official FixMeStick firm never demands any form of additional payment from the customers, and more importantly, their behavior is never predatory.

    Do not hesitate to end the conversation if you notice anything strange or something that can be categorized as usual. More importantly, always pay attention to the small stuff because it will help you identify the culprits quickly. 

    How to Spot FixMeStick Scam?

    Criminals peddling FixMeStick Scam usually leave a lot of clues behind. For starters, always check the URLs of the website you are redirected to. If you are contacted via email, verify the source and look for spelling mistakes and errors.

    Usually, reputable brands will never send messages without curating the content. So, pay attention to the small stuff, which will help you detect the tides early on. All legitimate brands never charge money to provide technical support.

    Moreover, they will never ask for sensitive information from the users over text or email. Red flags are pretty easy to list out. Sadly, as crooks change their approach and narratives from time to time, there is no one shoe fits all blueprint. At the end of the day, as long as you are cautious enough, you won’t face any problems. 


    Malware and phishing scams have been around for over a decade now. While many forces have tried to end it, nothing has succeeded. Of course, buying an antivirus program and other associated things will put odds in your favor, but it isn’t a foolproof approach.

    As the consequences are severe, perform regular backups, always use 2 FA login methods, and never ever take chances with pirated software. If you have any doubts, always talk to qualified people or official sources before making any final decision.

    Have you lost money to it?

    Losing money or sensitive information to scams is frustrating and overwhelming at the same time. Due to numerous contradicting advice, it might be hard to find the right path as an individual. However, just because you were misguided does not mean you should accept defeat.

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    Thanks to the latest forensic tools, it is easier to narrow down the culprits, and the quicker you report the incident, the easier it will be. So, take a step forward and contact us via the contact form below. Our team will provide a blueprint and actionable strategy to get your money back for free. 

    Complaints We Received

    On June 25, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    My account was set on auto-renewal, but I do not recall authorizing it. They deducted $69.00, plus some additional charges, from my account. I tried reaching out to them through their website chat and email, but they did not respond. This is causing me financial strain as I am retired and living on a fixed income. They have refused to address my concerns and I am unable to find any phone contact information for them. I solely have email and chat options, both of which they have failed to respond to. I urgently need a refund as I was unable to purchase groceries due to the money they took from my account.

    Potential Phishing Alert for FixMe.IT on Chrome 115 – Windows 10

    While browsing, it’s crucial to prioritize your digital security. There are growing concerns about the website FixMe.IT, especially if you’ve received an unsolicited call urging you to use this site to “fix” your computer. Be wary; cybercriminals are known to impersonate legitimate services, exploiting those who aren’t careful.

    For your safety, refrain from initiating or engaging in a support session unless you’re anticipating one from a trustworthy person or institution. If you’re asked to click the “Start Support Session” green button, only do so if you recognize and have confirmed the requester’s identity. It’s essential to be skeptical of unexpected calls or messages, particularly if they direct actions on your device.

    On August 17, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    The screen is locked, and a pop-up appeared instructing me to call Microsoft. I called the provided number, and the representative directed me to This sounds suspicious. It just occurred, and I’m unsure about the potential implications.

    The FixMe.IT website is described as offering “instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere in the world.” However, several issues have raised alarms:

    1. Unsolicited Calls: The site itself cautions users about unsolicited calls proposing computer fixes. This method is commonly used in tech-support scams.
    2. Download Link: A conspicuous button prompts users to initiate a support session by downloading an executable (`FixMeitClient.exe`). But downloading and running files from unidentified sources can lead to malware infection.

    To further bolster your safety

    • Avoid downloading and running any files from questionable sources, including this site.
    • Steer clear of providing personal, financial, or sensitive data on dubious websites.
    • If you think the site might genuinely offer a legitimate service, always independently verify by searching for the official site or contacting the company through recognized channels.
    • Consider using web protection tools or browser extensions that can identify and obstruct phishing or malicious websites.
    • In case you identify this or any website as potentially harmful, reporting it to the appropriate bodies is advisable.

    FixMeStick Scam Bottom Line

    FixMeStick Scam has been around for a long time now. After looking deeply at the matter, it is wise to say that the only way to eradicate this issue is by spreading awareness about it.

    While the authorities and government bodies do their job, we are happy to contribute our share, and we request all our readers to help us reach our end goal by sharing this post as much as you can. 

    Please comment below if you have fallen victim to online scams, such as the Variety Store HK HKG scam. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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