FixMeStick Scam Update – Don’t Believe It

FixMeStick Scam has been a big problem in the United States for almost a year now. The official FixMeStick firm is indeed a legitimate business that offers a lot of innovative solutions to users. Sadly, many scammers are tarnishing the brand name to make a quick buck and they are the ones that are spreading false narratives.

Nowadays, protecting our personal devices from malware is a big task. While there is no one-shot miracle to address this problem, using a reputable anti-virus program is the best way to deal with the situation at hand.

However, you should be careful while buying software on the web and unless you are sure about the developer and the origin of the software, you should never install anything on your device. We know that this problem is a bit overwhelming for many people.

So, go through the following content and you will understand the entire situation from the macro perspective.

FixMeStick Scam Update
Bit of Background

Malware and corrupt programs have existed since the inception of computers. The origin of malware is a debatable topic. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that it does nothing but harm your device if it ever gets infected.

Many people think that just by downloading anti-virus software, they can eradicate the problem. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. On one hand, you can mitigate the risk and enhance the security factor by taking precautionary measures.

Secondly, avoid downloading anything from unverified developers, pirated platforms, etc,. Remember, if you are getting something for free, then most likely there will always be a hidden catch involved.

After all, no business can run for long without making revenue, right?

What is FixMeStick Scam?

Many scammers are creating web pages and pretending to be a part of the FixMeStick firm and are looting the public in various ways. The FixMeStick Scam is such a big problem that even after the concerned authorities cleared the dust, people are still falling for it.

Basically, if you ever got a prompt to download software from this brand or if you were asked to pay to receive access to the support team, then you have encountered FixMeStick Scam. The official FixMeStick firm never demands any form of additional payment from the customers and more importantly, their behavior is never predatory.

If you notice anything strange or something that can be categorized as usual, then do not hesitate to end the conversation. More importantly, always give attention to the small stuff because it will help you identify the culprits quickly. 

How to Spot FixMeStick Scam?

Criminals peddling FixMeStick Scam usually leave a lot of clues behind. For starters, always check the URLs of the website you are redirected to. In case you are contacted via email, verify the source and look for any kind of spelling mistakes and errors.

Usually, reputable brands will never send messages without curating the content. So, pay attention to the small stuff and it will help you detect the tides early on. All legitimate brands never charge money to provide technical support.

Moreover, they will never ask for sensitive information from the users over text or email. Red flags are pretty easy to list out. Sadly, as crooks change their approach and narratives from time to time, there is no one shoe fits all blueprint. At the end of the day, as long as you are cautious enough, you won’t face any problems. 


Malware and phishing scams have been around for over a decade now. While many forces have tried to put an end to it, nothing so far has been successful. Of course, buying an antivirus program and other associated things will put odds in your favor, but it isn’t a foolproof approach.

As the consequences are severe, perform regular backups, always use 2 FA login methods, and never ever take chances with pirated software. If you have any doubts, then always talk to qualified people or official sources before making any final decision.

Have you lost money to it?

Losing money or sensitive information to scams is frustrating and overwhelming at the same time. Due to numerous contradicting advice, as an individual, it might be hard to find the right path. However, just because you were misguided, it does not mean that you should accept defeat.

Thanks to the latest forensic tools, it is easier than ever before to narrow down the culprits and the quicker you report the incident, the easier it is going to be. So, take a step forward and reach out to us via the contact form below. Our team will provide you with a blueprint and actionable strategy to get your money back for free. 

FixMeStick Scam Bottom Line

FixMeStick Scam has been around for a long time now. After taking a deep look at the matter, it is wise to say that the only way to eradicate this type of issue is by spreading awareness about it.

While the authorities and government bodies do their job, we are happy to contribute our share and we request all our readers to help us reach our end goal by sharing this post as much as you can. 

Have you encountered any type of FixMeStick Scam recently? If yes, comment below and share your experience with our community. 

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