TTEC US Review – Is TTECY dot com Legit?

TTEC US is a website found at that looks like a trading platform. They do not have an authentic vibe, and the business models that they provide are too vague. 

There is no adequate information regarding the company’s owners or when it was started. Moreover, there is no license information published by them.

They claim to help people in “digital asset trading and asset management,” but they are nothing but a suspicious platform. 

There is an immense lack of clarity as to what they do or the plans that they offer. Hence it would be best to be careful before trusting them with your money. If you are curious about the flaws in TTEC US, read along.

TTEC US Review - Screenshot of the homepage

Regulatory Status and Certificates

TTEC US has a ridiculous narrative when it comes to licensing. Page one claims all valid certificates in the US, Canada, and Australia.

On the next page, it claims to be regulated in Singapore and Dubai. They falsely declare to be working in around 130 countries which doesn’t appear to be a verifiable claim. 

The only truth here is that they neither have a valid certificate nor physical presence in any of the countries they’ve mentioned.

When the owners hide their identity and do not bother to get their business regulated, one can judge how trustworthy the platform is. 

Trading Instruments Offered

TTEC US’s way of operating isn’t outlined correctly at first glance. The website vaguely mentions the use of cross and fixed-margin methods. It is impossible to know what they offer without risking your funds.

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    Trust us when we say it is not worth the risk. 

    Unregulated firms such as TTEC US are never transparent with the schemes they offer. They try to play safe and make you invest your money only to “play the victim” in the end.

    Leverage and Trading Conditions

    TTEC US mentions providing customers with an “anonymous and secure trading environment.” Mind you; they offer more information regarding the leverage you will get and trading conditions only after you provide them with your contact details, such as email id, phone number, and a beginner’s fee. It would not be wise to provide such sensitive information and money before knowing what you’ve signed up for.

    It is always advised to take suggestions from your financial planners before investing and providing access to personal information. That’s because scammers are using well-engineered techniques, making it easier for them to trick people into giving away their money. Beware of such scams.

    Charting Offered

    Charting is quintessential for both newbies and experienced investors. They help make better investment and trading decisions. Even though there are better options, these charts give a birds-eye view of the opportunities in the market.

    TTEC US tries desperately to look legit on its homepage by providing charts of popular cryptocurrencies. But as it is not detailed, it serves no purpose.

    TTEC US Customer Reviews

    There were no customer reviews on their official website. We searched for user testimonials, but there were only a few TTECY reviews, and they were all negative. (For example, see this Better Business Bureau (BBB) TTECY scam review, or this one, by a person who claims to have lost $250,000 to a contract trading group under the leadership of Professor Angus Brown at

    On April 11, 2023, the following complaint was posted with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by a New York, USA person who claims being scammed for $13,000 by this cryptocurrency investment scam:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    This WhatsApp group was created under Angus Investment, where they tell you which stocks to invest in each night. I wired money to Jenny, who is Professor Angus’s assistant, and in return, she deposited fake USD into the account. She created multiple fake accounts to deposit the money, making it untraceable. TTEC is not a real trading app but instead a teaching app to educate people on trading. The money you see after trading is non-existent.

    When I tried to withdraw my funds, I kept getting an error message that the withdrawal was unsuccessful, allowing them to hold onto my money since the transactions are unreal. In the end, I was scammed out of thousands of dollars. PLEASE BE AWARE and STAY AWAY FROM ANY INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES FROM WhatsApp, as it is a SCAM.

    As there were not many comments regarding TTEC, we could not form a solid conclusion as to how legitimate the website is.

    One thing is for sure, they are not widespread, and the trust score based on third-party websites is significantly low. As the social proof and their narratives do not match in any way, the claims that they have made become highly questionable.

    Is TTEC US a Scam?

    The above flaws are enough to conclude that TTEC US is a scam. The company’s founders have disguised riddlers without standardized oversight, trying to deceive unsuspecting investors in every way possible.

    From making the website less user-friendly to hiding their true identity, they have made it much more evident that they are only here to trick you. We insist you stay away from this website for your good.

    Verdict – Is TTEC US Legit or a SCAM?

    Is TTECY legit? Probably not…

    TTEC US looks like a fake cryptocurrency exchange platform. They are peddling too good-to-be-true narratives to lure potential investors and cause harm. 

    At first, if you find the website shady, do not give them the benefit of the doubt because sooner or later, you will get burnt financially. Walk away from the well-designed traps and save yourself from such crooks.

    Remember that, without standardized oversight, bad actors can commit fraud and deceive unsuspecting investors in various ways. 

    However, crypto investors can lower their risk of succumbing to market manipulation, like in traditional asset markets, by being wary of these schemes and taking proactive measures. That includes using reputable exchanges and performing thorough research before making investment decisions.

    Update from May 17, 2023

    We just received the following complaint:

    I was scammed by Angus Investment Team and Klaus Investment Team. I deposited money into a fake crypto platform but couldn’t withdraw my funds. They demanded a 10% deposit.

    We do not know if Angus Investment Team and Klaus Investment Team are related to TTEC US. It seems to be a larger scam that uses different websites, possibly to defraud investors.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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    1. sign up at there is a group on WhatsApp and they convince me a lot to deposit huge money so starting I deposit $1000 and I start trading with them and again they convince me to put more funds to making make more profit so I deposit 10000 when I make to withdrawal my withdrawal is failed after that I send a lot of females they did not reply me my funds are still inside I cannot make withdrawal I can send you lot of screenshot I cannot with all a single work please help me I am very divisted it I want to be draw my fund I am very poor I’m just buy

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