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DigitBitPro Review: Scam Alert! Don’t Fall for 7% Daily ROI

DigitBitPro claims itself to be “a private financial company specializing in CRYPTO investment.” When you first come across this website it does leave a lasting impression. But beware, this crypto investment platform is not to be trusted.

DigitBitPro tries to attract people by promising huge but mostly impractical returns. But what you need to understand is that this is all a facade that they have created and it is better not to invest in this company.

Contact details that they provide are all flawed and no one ever gets a reply when they are contacted. They also provide their social media links which are all nothing, but bogus.

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    Is DigitBitPro Licensed?

    The website does not specifically mention anything about the platform being regulated. When we further looked into it we found out that DigitBitPro does not have any valid certificate. 

    By this, it is clear that they are running a ponzi scheme and it surely will put a dent in your bank account. If the founders of this company are caught they are likely to face serious consequences but the likelihood of them getting caught is very low because they are trying to maintain a low profile by not providing anything about their whereabouts. 

    How does DigitBitPro make money?

    DigitBitPro makes sure to attract investors by providing various investment plans and affiliate programs. The investors who are new to the whole investing game may find the numbers shown on the website almost irresistible and blindly risk all the money, only to regret it in the due course. Don’t let greed blind you, there is no such thing as making a buck over midnight. 

    Want to be kept updated regarding similar scams?

    Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings!

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    Moreover the website does not provide free trials. They also do not have crystal clear risk management tools or any proven strategies to encounter the volatile crypto market. If anyone promises an easy way, it is nothing, but a scam and it is better to stray away from such websites.

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    Investment Plans

    DigitBitPro offers 3 investment plans.

    7% daily

    • Minimum : $250
    • Maximum : $9,999  

    8% daily

    • Minimum : $1000
    • Maximum : $4,999  

    The investment plans make no sense whatsoever. The loopholes in their narrative are evident. They just want people to blindly invest in one of their investment plans so they can flee the scene with all the money. Other than newbies, people with the slightest knowledge in crypto will not be trusting them.

    The returns advertised are completely fake and their main intention is to grab the attention of the investors. We strongly advise you to consult a financial planner before falling for the traps set up by them and losing all your money in the scam.

    DigitBitPro Fake Social Proof

    The website goes all the way out to convince the users that they are legit by providing fake user reviews. The website features photos of the so-called clients. However, one quick reverse image search of the photos reveals it is a stock image from ShutterStock of businessmen and social media influencers. 

    The client testimonials that the website provides are unusually short and do not provide any correct information as to how the schemes benefited them. Rather they are all just way too random. It can be easily figured out that they have used an automated review generator to generate only positive reviews.

    It’s best to turn a blind eye when it comes to fake user testimonials. If you invest with DigitBitPro trusting the reviews you are going to have unpleasant experiences for sure.

    Affiliate Program

    The platform provides an MLM affiliate program to the customers in order to keep their scheme afloat at least for a while. They ask you to promote the website whenever possible and by doing this you can earn cash even without investing.

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    It might sound interesting at first but it is all just a sham. What they actually do is they pay high incentives to online promoters just to boost web traffic.

    DigitBitPro also promise a referral commission at 3 membership levels:

    1. 8% direct referral
    2. 4% for the second line
    3. 2% for the third line 

    But in reality they do not stick to their end of the bargain and the whole referral program narrative is fake.

    DigitBitPro: Scam or Legit?

    DigitBitPro is undoubtedly a scam. Not only is the website full of flaws, it tries to convince the users that they are legitimate by saying that they are transparent throughout the process which is basically a lie. They never respond to any of the customer queries and have their identities hidden.

    As a rule of thumb, when the website provides fake reviews and the founders are anonymous, it is advised to stay cautious and better not to provide access to your funds.

    Negative reviews can also be found including this Better Business Bureau (BBB) review of a person who claims to lose $61,000 on the platform.

    Verdict: Is DigitBitPro Legit?

    Digit Bit Pro is 100% a ponzi scam. They might have managed to stay afloat now by creating an attractive and superficial website, but that is won’t be the case for a long time. If you invest money with them, the scammers are going to cash out any minute now.

    The investment plans and the affiliate program are either false or misleading for the most part. We advise you to think rationally and act cautiously before trusting the platform with all your hard earned money.

    If you think twice before investing with them, you will be saving yourself from a lot of headaches in the future. 

    Do you know more about the DigitBitPro scam? If yes, feel free to share your take on the matter below this DigitBitPro Review. 

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