UMO Finance Review – Illegal Scheme

Forex and cryptocurrency markets are something which are highly leveraged and volatile. The retail traders love them because of the kind of opportunities they provide, but you need to be very careful while you are dealing with them. UMO Finance claims to enable its users double their capital in as little as 30 days.

They supposedly have figured out a miraculous strategy that gives them the edge over other market participants. Any rational person who has traded before in their lives can easily spot the fake narratives peddled by this firm. Unfortunately, the vast majority of traders don’t really understand the way the market operates and they are the ones who lose their money to fraud platforms like these.

This platform without any doubt is a ponzi scheme which will never be able to remain afloat for a long period of time. At the time of writing this review their website is down and we can guarantee you that it will never be online again. Sadly, they did manage to loot a lot of innocent people and escaped from the scene quickly. To learn about their real objectives and the ways of recovering funds from them, keep on reading.

UMO Finance Review

Founders and Team

Every reputable firm tries to maintain a good relationship with the public and the easiest way to achieve that is by maintaining a clear and transparent image. For example, all of the established institutions feature details of their founders and key employees in order to enhance the trust element.

After all, trust is a key factor which in a way correlates with revenue all the time. On this platform, we did find a lot of images of so-called founders and other members of the administration. For anyone who is not well versed with the world of ponzi schemes, it is quite impossible to recognise the lies embedded in their statements. In other words, all of the images shown by them are just stock photos and the profiles associated are fake to say the least.

Moreover, the contact information put up by them doesn’t contain a phone number and it is too obvious that they are trying to hustle without creating a big buzz. The facts clearly show foul play and as such, you should never ever believe anything that comes out of their mouth before verifying the information.

UMO Finance License and Safety of Funds

Many retail traders think that their money is safe with a registered broker or platform, but that is not the case. The difference between being registered and regulated is miles apart and if you don’t read the small print, the consequences might be severe. UMO Finance does feature a registration certificate on their website, but if you run a search on them, nothing relevant shows up on the FCA which is the regulatory body in the United Kingdom.

To put things into perspective, it is clear that they are bluffing about their regulatory standards and if caught, they will have to face harsh sentences. All the regulated firms ensure safety of the funds and they are legally required to hold the client’s funds in segregated accounts. However, fake investment firms such as this platform don’t follow any of the standard protocols.

Depositing with them is just like throwing a coin in a well, the odds of you getting it back is almost zero. Now, we hope you have realised the dangers of dealing with an unregulated broker and our best advice for you is to never deal with them in order to save yourself from a lot of hassles.

Projected Returns

This is the area in which every ponzi scheme shines. These fake firms promise investors high returns which are statistically impossible to achieve. UMO Finance advertises returns which go upto 250% in a couple of months. If the numbers portrayed by their platform were real, then they would be the biggest and most profitable investment fund on the planet and they certainly wouldn’t give their secret sauce for free to the public.

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    Trading requires a lot of effort and calculated risk management. It is a venture which has huge potential, but it contains a lot of risk too. So, don’t invest into things you don’t understand and never take big positions without consulting a licensed financial adviser.

    Remember, there is no sure thing in the markets and if someone promises you an easy way to make millions, then it is nothing more than a hustle. The best hedge funds in the world rarely achieve more than 30% returns on an annual basis. Though, it is fundamental human desire to make more money, always have a realistic plan and never deviate much from it.

    Affiliate Program

    For shady affiliates and marketers, UMO Finance is the best way to make money without taking on much risk. All of the websites and channels on social media which are promoting this firm are working with them for commissions. The intention of the marketers is to mislead the public and pump out fake reviews which benefits only them.

    So, don’t get confused if you see few positive reviews about this firm online. While this firm doesn’t share the exact percentage of commissions they give to the marketers, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to find them.

    Based on a few feedback from the customers and other web archives, we found out that they share upto 20% of the total revenue with the marketers which is huge. At the end of the day, the greed of the marketers and the lack of ethical standard are the reasons behind the popularity of this platform.

    Is UMO Finance a Scam?

    A Big yes. As we have clearly explained above, the fact that they are looting the public is clear and that is a big crime. Currently, the law enforcement agencies are after them and unfortunately, they aren’t caught just yet. Looking at the kind of hustle they have pulled, they appear to be very experienced in this field which means chances of them getting behind bars are way too low.

    They generated cash flow by using the ponzi model and they might have paid out few clients every now and then, but for the most part, they have ruined many people both emotionally and financially. To get a better clarity on the kind of damages they have caused to people, check out this page on Trustpilot.

    The users are clearly devastated by the choice they made and they are filled with anger and regret. If you have lost money to them, then immediately get in touch with our team. Using forensic tools, we will trace the flow of your funds and show you the best ways of recovering it from them for free. Remember, we never charge for any of our services which means you need to take action immediately by filling the contact form on our platform.

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    UMO Finance Review Conclusion

    UMO Finance is an illegal cash grab which was designed by criminal masterminds to loot the new traders and investors. The people behind the firm are nowhere to be found now and that shows their skill level. From their inception, everyone on the other side of the equation knew it was a project which will be short lived, but nonetheless they continued to peddle it and make money.

    To avoid fake companies like this one in the future, always do a thorough background check and as a rule of thumb, don’t invest with offshore or unregulated firms. Remember, if it seems too easy, then chances are you will never make money from it. 

    If you have lost money to UMO Finance, then get in touch with our team by filling the contact form. We will show you the best recovery method applicable for your specific case.

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