Valkyrae RFLCT Skin Care Scam – 2021

Valkyrae is a popular streamer that has been getting a lot of backlash lately due to product endorsement. There are multiple angles to look at this situation, but regardless of which one you choose, the end result will be somewhat the same.

While the drama about the RFLCT scam is quickly getting out of control, there are a lot of things you need to know about before you get a grasp on the situation. Gamers in general spend a lot of time in front of the screens.

Streamers in particular have made the entire thing cool and one of the byproducts of the trend is overexposure to blue light. Blue light is known to cause sleeplessness and a wide variety of other problems.

However, the real question with regard to this controversy is – “Is it that big of a problem”. To know all the things related to Valkyrae RFLCT Skin Care which most people call a scam, continue reading.

Valkyrae RFLCT Skin Care Scam

YouTube stars seem to be getting into a lot of shady endorsements recently. The consequences of not doing enough research about the product they peddle is indeed a big problem to say the least. Valkyrae as most of us already know is a popular streamer.

Her content is something that the algorithm likes and over the years she has earned a lot of fans. She even has an exclusive deal with YouTube and everything worked out great for her except the affiliation with the RFLCT product.

Though many notable personalities are disagreeing with her claims, the public for the most part is confused. In simple words, the rabbit hole is deeper than anyone can imagine.

Note that if the company in question does come up with scientific studies to back up its claims, then it is going to be revolutionary. For the time being, the evidence is not crystal clear, but it won’t be a wise move to give the benefit of the doubt to Valkyrae or the RFLCT brand. 

Blue Light Damage and Valkyrae

The female audience in particular cares a lot about skin routines. Beauty products gross billions of dollars on an annual basis. While skincare is indeed an important thing, you need to know the facts before buying a product.

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    After all, there is no miracle cure to anything and if anyone claims otherwise, it is better to withdraw yourself from the situation. Numerous studies have been done regarding the effects of blue light. Continuous exposure to blue light is known to cause a lot of problems to the eyes and it affects sleep as well.

    As this skin product claims other things i.e. With skin damage from blue light, many people are questioning their narratives for obvious reasons. Is the blue light from screens really that big of a problem? Does this product really help you with the situation?

    While the questions are straightforward, the answer is uncertain and the official sources are silent about them. So, on what basis can we really trust them? 

    Valkyrae Scam Social Backlash

    Valkyrae has opened up about the issue and has expressed her thoughts on the matter. In fact on social media platforms, she has tried to address the questions, but everything is not clear yet. For example, she is not that transparent about the deals or contracts which prevents her from talking about them.

    The claims made by her about the brand not publishing scientific studies are not believable. The exact amount of money she earned from the firm is also unknown. However, the only clear thing is the conflict of interest that was present during the entire time.

    On the flip side, people are frustrated by the way she promoted the brand and are expressing their thoughts in an aggressive manner. While few of her friends came to her rescue, the public sentiment was overwhelming and a lot of people even questioned her motives.

    Sadly, the dust isn’t fully settled and there are a lot of things that need to be addressed. On Twitter, the response from her own audience has been particularly overbearing and the situation looks critical. 

    Scientific Studies

    There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to health, beauty, and wellness products. Skincare routines and products are certainly not cheap. While people may think that expensive products might help them get the glow they are after, quite often that is not the case.

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    When buying anything that promises you results, always look for scientific studies. With one search on Google, you can find answers to almost everything you are looking for.

    If you encounter a product with no studies behind it, then regardless of how good the narratives are or who is promoting them, walk away from it. Also, seek professional help if required.

    The RFLCT product does not have considerable evidence to justify its claims. Right now, it would not make much sense to incline toward believing them. After all, data speaks more than any other metric, right?

    Is Valkyrae RFLCT a Scam?

    The Valkyrae RFLCT situation is complicated and it has a lot of unknown things in the equation. If they come up with solid evidence and studies, then without a doubt, it will be the next big thing in the segment.

    However, if they refuse to publish any data, then it paints them in a bad manner. While the public has already called them out, we cannot jump to any conclusions yet.

    For the time being, we just have to give them time and let the data they publish do all the talking. Till then, maintain distance and do not believe anything from anonymous sources. 

    Moral of the Story

    Beauty standards set for females are often criticized and it does make a lot of sense if you take a peek behind the curtain. While influencers might make big bucks, it often has a negative impact on society. It is true that we need to follow a strict skin routine and certain products are necessary.

    Nonetheless, never buy anything unless you understand the entire concept and always look for scientific evidence. If you ever encounter any product that promises quick results with little to no proof attached, then do yourself a favor and walk away. Also, visit your doctor before incorporating any new product into your routine. 


    Valkyrae is doing her best to deal with all the criticism and hate. The person to be blamed is not clear yet and it is only a matter of time before the truth finds its way to the top.

    So, do not react until enough evidence is found, and from now onwards, do not believe anyone’s words blindly. 

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