Scam Adviser Review – Are they Good?

Scam Adviser service aims to put an end to online investment-related scams. Due to the way the financial markets work, there are a lot of loopholes present and scammers are exploiting them as per their needs. For an average person, recovering money from a fraud broker or investment platform is nothing short of a herculean task.

Moreover, people on the other side i.e. The owners of shady institutions have a pretty decent legal team which means the odds are in their favor. This organization attempts to put the needs of the victims first and they do it in an elegant and effective way.

Their operational model is simple and over the last few years, they have helped thousands of people. In order to learn more about them and the kind of things you can expect from this firm, stick with us till the end. 

Scam Adviser Services

Scam Adviser appears to be geared towards fighting fraudulent investment services. They help people recover money from fake crypto exchanges, shady forex and binary brokers, IPOs, and much more.

Their commitment to helping retail traders make better decisions is unparalleled and the execution process speaks for itself. While they do help victims of almost all kinds of online scams, they specialize in financial sector-related matters.

Here are the three main categories of services they have to offer.

  • Preventive Information
  • Consulting and Recovery
  • The First Case Calculator

Note that the first case calculator is something that isn’t accurate for obvious reasons. However, the estimations are pretty close to the real numbers and this indeed is a creative approach. As the number of variables is more in the real world, a lot of things affect the recovery process.

So, just use this tool to get a rough understanding of the underlying matter. Nonetheless, never proceed with the complaint unless you speak to the support team or sign up for a consultation. After all, information is everything nowadays, right? 

Contact Information

This firm has been around for more than3 years at the time of publishing this post. One of the reasons they gained popularity quickly is because of their support team. Their staff can be reached via email, telephone, and a contact form.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    Plus, you can sign up for a free consultation and get an idea about the costs involved without paying anything. The way they take care of the user experience and needs is exceptional.

    If you ever need to ask them any specific query, then the entire process is going to be a breeze. Here are the contact details of this platform. 

    • UK – +442080890059, +442080895057
    • IL – 972773613891, +972772234831
    • Email –

    Scam Adviser Testimonials

    As this company came into existence a considerable period of time ago, finding information about them was easy. Their ratings and trust scores are high. People are happy with the service they received and there are few critics which is pretty normal.

    While few people dislike them for various reasons, the majority seems to be on the opposite side of the equation. On their webpage, they have listed a lot of testimonials that help us make better decisions. After going through all the available data, it is safe to proceed with them because of how transparent they are with the public.

    Plus, on third-party forums too, people are talking about them and there isn’t anything about them that can be termed “concerning”. All in all, the collective consensus is reliable and even if we do not know the end result of every case, they do deserve the benefit of the doubt. 

    Dispute Process and Fees

    The dispute process depends upon a lot of things. For example, if you have lost money to a crypto scam, then the way to raise complaints and take action would be different compared to recovering money from a scam broker.

    Once you fill out their form, they offer free consultations just like all the reputable firms in this space. After you have talked with them, a plan will be made known and an estimation will be given. As each and every case will have different factors, fees cannot be made known beforehand.

    Note that fees are subject to change in case new evidence is found or some new intricacies pave the way. So, plan accordingly and leave ample room for costs. While using them definitely increases your odds, the end result is never guaranteed. 

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    Is Scam Adviser Reliable or not?

    Scam Adviser is relatively still new to the sector. They have been around for roughly 3 years and the success stories they have created in this timeframe are indeed impressive. Social proof and consensus also add up pretty nicely.

    Consumer confidence is also high and there are only a few things about them that we can complain about upon close inspection. At the end of the day, they are completely reliable and it would not do any harm for you to sign up for a free consultation with them.

    After hearing what the staff has to say, make a decision. Remember, the consultation is free and it does not have any hidden strings which is kind of a standard practice nowadays. 

    Scam Adviser Review


    This firm has a goal, purpose, and everything is taken care of from the legal side to the technical side. Their fees are reasonable, the process is smooth and the operational model is transparent.

    Experience is something they already have and their testimonials give us a clear idea about what to expect from them. Feel free to try them out, chances are you might like them and everything they have to offer. Professionalism is a desirable trait and executing the plan with precision is what this firm is known for. 

    In case you have any personal experience with Scam Adviser, feel free to share your input below. 

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