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Overview is a domain registered on September 19, 2023, with its registration set to expire on the same date in 2026. The domain was registered through HOSTINGER operations, UAB, and is currently protected under a privacy protection service provided by Privacy Protect, LLC, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. The domain’s nameservers are and, indicating it utilizes a standard DNS parking service.

The hosting for is managed by Hostinger International, with an IP address indicating a server location in the United Kingdom, specifically within Manchester. The hosting entity is part of the Hostinger International Limited organization, registered in Cyprus but operating within the European continent, particularly in England.

In terms of its online footprint, presents a minimal digital presence. According to a domain overview by SEMrush, the site has an authority score of 2 and ranks at 0 in the domain rank, suggesting a very low or non-existent impact in terms of organic search traffic. The domain does not rank for any keywords, has no measurable organic or paid search traffic, and its overall visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) is practically non-existent. This lack of online visibility could imply that the domain is either very new or not actively engaged in substantial online activities.

Backlink analysis reveals a sparse network with only five nofollow backlinks originating from a handful of referring domains. These links come from pages such as, which questions the legitimacy of the site, and other domain registration tracking sites. This backlink profile does little to enhance the site’s credibility or visibility. Review presents itself as a digital Forex Trading Investment Company based in Estonia, aiming to provide a platform for high and fixed interest returns through a variety of investment plans and trading in assets like Forex, natural gas, crude oil, gold, indices, and bonds. The company offers what it describes as transparent returns and a simple investment plan focused on the safety of infrastructure-type investments. claims to have been started on August 15, 2018, and registered on February 19, 2019. The company also states that it has been certified, but the date given for this certification (November 31, 2019) does not exist, as November has only 30 days. The platform encourages potential investors to choose from three investment plans that promise significant weekly profits over a 24-week period, with the higher-tier plans offering affiliate bonuses and the opportunity for participants to become agents.

The website lists contact details, including an address in Tallinn, Estonia (Hobujaama, Tallinn, 10151, Estonia), an email (, and a phone number with the Estonian country code (+372 880-3321). Additionally, it emphasizes the use of security measures to protect against phishing and ensures that their payment gateways are secure.

In terms of regulatory information, the company asserts that it is a registered entity and that its investment approach is based on principles such as creating clear investment goals, developing a suitable asset allocation, minimizing costs, and maintaining long-term discipline. It also speaks to the value of digital trades and cryptocurrencies and offers roles such as Account Manager to qualified investors, with benefits and bonuses based on performance and team management.

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    Critical Summary of VermaGlobalAssets

    The content of, while attempting to appear legitimate and detailed, raises several red flags:

    1. Unrealistic Returns: The promised returns on investment are exceptionally high and unsustainable, with weekly profits ranging up to 34.2% on the higher-tier investment plans. Such high returns are often indicative of Ponzi schemes or other fraudulent activities.
    2. Invalid Certification Date: The mention of certification on a non-existent date (November 31) is a glaring error and calls into question the authenticity of such claims.
    3. Lack of Concrete Regulatory Information: While the company claims to be registered, there is no specific mention of any financial authority that regulates its activities, which is usually a standard disclosure for legitimate investment firms.
    4. Generic Contact Information: The provided contact details are quite basic and do not include any specific names or department contacts that would be expected from a larger, established company.
    5. High-Risk Disclaimer: The disclaimer notes that past returns do not assure future returns and acknowledges the risks involved with financial products, which could be seen as an attempt to absolve the company of responsibility should investors lose money.

    Red Flags Indicative of a Scam

    1. Privacy Concerns: The use of privacy protection services to register the domain name can be a common practice for legitimate businesses but also for those wishing to hide their true identity.
    2. Domain Age and History: The domain was registered in 2023, but the company claims to have started operations in 2018. This inconsistency is concerning.
    3. Lack of Visibility: SEMrush data shows an authority score of 2 and a domain rank of 0, indicating that the site has little to no presence or recognition in the online space.
    4. No Organic Traffic or SEO: The absence of organic traffic and lack of search engine optimization efforts suggest the site is not reaching out to or being searched for by real investors, which is unusual for a financial services company.
    5. Backlink Profile: A sparse backlink profile with nofollow links from sites questioning the legitimacy of the platform does not inspire confidence.
    6. Unverifiable Team Information: The website lists team members without verifiable professional backgrounds, a common tactic in scams to create an illusion of credibility.
    7. Language and Presentation Issues: The website’s content contains numerous grammatical errors and awkward phrasing, which is not typical for a professional financial institution.

    Given these red flags, exercising extreme caution and conducting thorough independent verification before considering any engagement with would be prudent.

    Verma Global Assets Reviews

    In examining the provided search results and associated social media content regarding, a number of pertinent points emerge that are useful for your review:

    1. External Reviews and Credibility Assessments: Multiple sources, such as Scam Detector,, and, are questioning the legitimacy of, in particular, assigns a very low trust score to the site, suggesting a high probability of it being a scam.
    2. Social Media Activity: is actively promoted on social media platforms, including TikTok and Facebook. Accounts like stefanjames (@stefan_james23) on TikTok are generating content that encourages investment in, and on Facebook, an individual named Laura Novikov is also promoting the website, often associating it with cryptocurrency investments and economic trends.
    3. Promotional Tactics: The content on these social media accounts often includes positive affirmations about financial opportunity and success, a common strategy used in online investment schemes to attract potential investors.
    4. Due Diligence Advice: Despite promoting, Laura Novikov on Facebook mentions the importance of doing personal due diligence when choosing a company to invest with. This is sound advice, given the concerns raised by scam assessment websites.
    5. Cryptocurrency Focus: The promotions tie with the trend of cryptocurrency investment, a sector known for high volatility and a mixture of legitimate operations and fraudulent schemes.

    BBB Review About Verma Global Assets

    On December 21, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a person who reported being scammed for $4500 by a cryptocurrency scam at

    I invested $4,500 with around four months ago, and according to their website, my earnings are $6,281.67. Despite repeated attempts, I have been unable to withdraw $2,000. When I contacted Verma support, they insisted that I needed to open a trust wallet, to which I was instructed to send $160.00 via CoinFlip. However, after doing so, I was still unable to withdraw any funds. Verma support told me that I have $30,000.00 in a trust wallet, but I am also unable to withdraw any amount from it.

    The following scammer information was reported:

    • Email:
    • Phone: (372) 880-3321
    • Website:

    Verma Global Assets Review Conclusion

    When evaluating the credibility and legitimacy of, the compendium of evidence gathered casts a profound shadow of doubt. The website’s promises of high returns and discrepancies in domain registration and operation start dates raise significant concerns. The lack of a substantive online presence, as indicated by negligible organic search traffic and a weak backlink profile, further erodes confidence in the platform’s claims.

    The requirement for investors to pay additional funds to access their earnings, specifically through less traceable means such as cryptocurrency transactions to a ‘trust wallet,’ is particularly disconcerting. This practice is not typical of reputable investment firms, which typically provide straightforward and transparent withdrawal processes. The need to pay to receive earnings is a hallmark of fraudulent schemes, often designed to continuously extract funds from victims under the guise of various fees or barriers to access their supposed returns.

    Additionally, the involvement of social media in promoting the platform, while not inherently suspicious, becomes problematic when paired with the warnings from multiple scam detection services. These services provide an external, objective perspective that aligns with the observed red flags.

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    The Bottom Line Regarding

    Based on these considerations, the likelihood that is not operating as a legitimate investment service is considerable. It exhibits numerous characteristics of a scam, particularly in how it handles the withdrawal process and the lack of verifiable regulatory oversight.

    Investors are advised to exercise extreme caution, and it would be prudent to refrain from investing in or interacting with the platform.

    Those involved with Verma Global Assets should cease further transactions and consider contacting financial fraud experts or legal authorities to explore potential remedies.

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    If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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