– Is Voyage Prive a Scam? a Scam? Voyage Prive Review presents itself ambiguously without clearly stating the nature of its services. However, based on user feedback, it has become clear that the Voyage Prive platform is involved in cryptocurrency trading.

This review aims to uncover the specifics of’s offerings and assess the legitimacy of its operations. With the rise of digital financial platforms, it’s crucial to distinguish between genuine services and potential scams. Let’s delve into’s offerings and evaluate its credibility in cryptocurrency trading.

Voyage Prive Overview was launched on December 29, 2023, entering the scene as a new entity in the digital domain. Despite its recent registration, the website raises immediate red flags due to its unprofessional appearance and striking similarities to Notably, both websites share a nearly identical logo and have only minor differences in their names. Suggesting a potential attempt to confuse or mislead users by mimicking a more established brand.

Furthermore, restricts access to its services by requiring an invitation code for signup yet fails to provide clear information about what it offers. This lack of transparency and the site’s attempt to associate itself with a known entity raise suspicions about its legitimacy.

We are set to delve deeper to understand whether is operating a scam or what exactly is occurring behind its veiled operations.

Red flags

  1. Negative Reviews: Many negative reviews outweigh the positives, with many users reporting financial losses. This imbalance suggests a concerning level of dissatisfaction and potential issues with the platform’s operations or promises.
  2. Invitation-Only Signup: The requirement for an invitation code to register restricts access to the platform’s services. This exclusivity prevents potential users from directly evaluating what offers, creating a barrier to transparency and scrutiny.
  3. Copycat Branding: Using a logo and name that closely resemble those of raises suspicions. This mimicry could be an attempt to capitalize on the reputation and trust established by the original brand, misleading users into associating with the legitimate company.
  4. Unprofessional User Interface: The site’s user interface lacks professionalism, which can indicate a hastily constructed or neglected platform. This aspect often correlates with a lack of investment in the user experience, potentially signaling a lack of seriousness about conducting legitimate business.
  5. Lack of Dedicated Customer Support: The’s absence of dedicated customer support means users have no reliable channel for assistance or recourse in case of issues. This deficiency is particularly alarming for a platform involved in financial transactions, where immediate and effective support is crucial for user confidence and security.

Invitation-Only Signup

The requirement for an invitation code to join raises significant concerns, particularly suggesting a structure reminiscent of a pyramid scheme. In such setups, initial investors or members often reap the most substantial profits, while those joining later, especially at the bottom of the pyramid. Find it increasingly difficult to earn any return on their investment.

This invitation-only approach not only restricts clear insight and access but also suggests an exploitative model. Here, the success of those who join early depends largely on constantly attracting new members. This situation raises questions about both the long-term viability and the ethical practices of the platform’s operations.

BBB Complaint Regarding Voyage Prive

On January 20, 2024, a person filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at, reporting a loss of $6,000.

Complaint Description

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    I was searching for a part-time job when I came across a Facebook post. After providing my phone number, I received a WhatsApp message from +1 (365) 607-6119. The sender directed me to the website and urged me to sign up. He claimed it was an online platform for rating tourist destinations, promising a commission for rating 40 locations. Being new to cryptocurrency, he advised me to install a crypto exchange like MetaMask. I began rating, but by the 29th post, my earnings suddenly dropped into the negative. He insisted I deposit the equivalent of the negative balance from my crypto wallet into another specified wallet. I complied, finished the 40 ratings, and received a $150 commission along with a refund of my deposit. The following day, he requested more ratings. Like before, I deposited the negative amount and received a $180 commission plus my deposit. On the third day, however, I was asked to deposit multiple negative amounts. I didn’t have sufficient funds, but I still ended up depositing around $6,000. Unable to complete the 40 posts, I couldn’t withdraw my funds. All interactions, deposits, and withdrawals were made through customer care chat on their website. They even added me to a Telegram group where members frequently posted screenshots of their alleged commissions. Eventually, I realized it was a scam and that I had lost $6,000. I haven’t heard back from the number, which belongs to someone named Sam. They have since moved to a new website,, and seem to change their website name often to scam others. Please be cautious and help protect others from losing their hard-earned money to such scams.

    VoyagePriveAgency Review Conclusion presents several red flags that potential users should approach with caution. The platform’s lack of transparency, from its invitation-only signup process to the absence of dedicated customer support, creates an environment of skepticism. The mimicry of a more established brand’s logo and name, coupled with an unprofessional user interface. Further exacerbates concerns about the site’s legitimacy.

    Moreover, the overwhelming number of negative reviews, especially those highlighting financial losses, underscores the risks associated with engaging with this platform. The structure, reminiscent of a pyramid scheme, where early members benefit at the expense of later ones, suggests a potentially exploitative business model.

    Given these factors, individuals should conduct thorough due diligence and seek alternative platforms. They offer greater transparency, professionalism, and a track record of reliability before committing their time or resources to

    If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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