Virgin Australia Baggage Handler – TikTok Story

A baggage handler received two free business class tickets after a video of him consoling a distressed puppy went viral.

Airport workers comfort Cooper the dog as it gets loaded into a Virgin Australia plane’s cargo hold in this video that has been seen more than 3 million times on TikTok.

Virgin Australia Baggage Handler

As a result of the video’s emotional impact, one TikTok user called one airport employee “Australian of the Year.”

When the beloved puppy was discovered in the cargo hold, several international viewers were also surprised.

Many nations allow dogs to accompany their owners on planes for a fee, but in Australia only service animals are allowed in cabins.

While one person said, “It’s so nice, but I’d rather die than put my dog in cargo,” an additional one said, “I’d much rather sit next to someone’s pet than a kid on an airline, it must be dreadful for them down there.”

It was a surprise visit from Virgin Australia’s CEO Jane Hrdlicka, who flew to Perth to surprise employee Chad Williams.

“We’re incredibly grateful for you,” the airline employee can be heard saying to Williams in the video before handing him two round-trip business class tickets to any location on the airline network.

Aside from that, Hrdlicka poked fun at the man for reportedly attracting female attention as a result of his viral video.

“In business class, you have the option of traveling with a partner. As a result, you are free to accept my offer despite the fact that I am aware of your previous offers from attractive ladies all over the world.” He yells, “Hrdlicka!” as he chuckles.

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    While wearing a mask and sunglasses, Williams responds: “Thank you very much, I’m stunned.”

    Channel 7 reporter Jacqueline Felgate recorded and released the original video on April 24. It has gotten over 2,600 nice comments from TikTok users all across the world.

    William comforted Cooper during his interview with Felgate.

    However, he reveals in the sequel TikTok to have an animal-loving heart.

    In the video, he explains, “They’re probably afraid by the noise outside.” It’s our job to look out for them since they have no clue where they are or what is going on.”

    When I approached him at the gate, I was merely there for comfort and to see whether he was ready to board. I reassured Cooper that he would be OK and wished him well on his travels. We’ll be waiting for you on the other side of the river.”

    According to the airport staffer, he had received several bids but had yet to assign a seatmate (“There are a few [women] who have snuck into my direct messages offering themselves for the extra ticket”).

    He’s not in a rush to choose a spot.

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    Williams told Traveller that he is waiting for international travel to open up so that he may visit Queenstown, New Zealand, where he is a passionate snowboarder. “Currently, Virgin doesn’t fly to many locations,” Williams said.

    Even while he occasionally found the attention to be “overwhelming,” Williams said the experience has been pleasant.

    “Since the video, people have recognised me and my phone has been ringing off the line, but the overwhelming response has been positive. It provides a sense of security.”

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