Erawan Bikes Scam – Are you Sure?

The Erawan Bikes Scam has become a trendy topic for many reasons. First of all, the platform that offers the rental service appears too shady. Contact details are missing and information about the creators and employees are not shared with the public.

The worst part is, even the prices are not clear and the level of vague terms they enforce is almost unparalleled. Even the amount of traffic they receive is low and for the most part, people are hesitant to trust an entity like this one.

Of course, they have social media presence, but it might not be enough to earn the trust of the clients. If you are thinking about using their services, then the following paragraphs is something that you need to check out. 

Erawan Bikes Scam

Erawan Bikes Platform

Erawan Bikes as the name suggests is a platform that offers rental vehicles at competitive prices. Their business model is easy to see through and understand. At first glance, people might like the interface. However, the entire perception changes once we take a closer look.

SSL layer and other important things are present. Sadly, there are too many question marks in the equation. From pricing to policies, almost everything is against the end client and the entire risk factor is transferred to the users.

So, go through the terms and conditions before getting tangled with them. After all, patience always pays, right?


Transparency is a very powerful trait that will help businesses earn more clients and retain them for long. For new firms, the transparency element will act like a significant determinant that can make or break their lifespan.

This platform functions in a way that is beyond anyone’s imagination. Almost all of the things are controlled anonymously and despite having a social media handle, there isn’t much we can find about them.

In other words, the management side has intentionally taken every step to stay away from the limelight which is wired to say the least. 

Website Information

Domain employed by them is almost 5 years old. However, the website age hasn’t even crossed one year. Registrant details are hidden and it is hard to track their expansion plans. As this website received too little traffic, we do not have a clear idea about the regions they target or the kind of age group they are specifically after.

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    Nonetheless, due to the lack of clear policies, one should stay away from them. Given the number of alternatives, it does not make any sense to even indulge with this firm for any reason.


    We spent a couple of days going through the fine print. Unfortunately, we could not locate any address that reveals their actual location. There isn’t much information about other associates as well. Simply put, it is next to impossible to gauge them and the kind of silence around their business is borderline creepy.

    Whenever a firm does not list contact information, it tells us a lot about their principles, right? Follow the breadcrumbs and take decisions based upon facts available. 

    Erawan Bikes User Reviews

    There aren’t many user reviews about them. In fact, people are perceiving this platform as a potential phishing hustle. The allegations against them are indeed severe. Due to lack of clear trials of data, we would not be mean to them.

    Nonetheless, know that they are shady and chances of losing your money and personal information is too high with them. Our team has explored different angles about the way they operate. In the end, we could not find even a single thing that paints them in a way that screams trustworthy, reliable or honest. 

    Erawan Bikes: Scam or Legit

    Erawan Bikes Scam theories might be true. Business model and everything associated with them are bleak. Even the rental prices are not revealed upfront. Suspicious character along with a lot of questionable traits makes them the kind of platform that you need to avoid.

    If you believe you have lost funds because of them, then get in touch with us. We will do the investigation work for you and help you recover the money for free. As our services are free of cost, all you have to do is fill out the form below and get started. 


    Day by day, the number of scams are increasing. As it is difficult to place our trust on any unknown website, you need to do proper research or else things will go sideways soon. Be updated and share this post to keep your loved ones from this type of platform. 

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    Until more information comes to light, stay away from Erawan Bikes. 

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