WebTrader Union Trade Pro – Investigating 3 Suspicious Sites!

Welcome to our WebTrader Union Trade Pro Review in which we investigate the website currently found at webtrader.union-trade.pro/login.

Recently, on May 3, 2023, we received the following complaint:

I invested in a company called WebTrader Union Pro and decided to receive $30,000 in Bitcoin from a broker. Suddenly, a person in charge of the blockchain contacted me via WhatsApp, and I made a large transaction for the first time.


Since I had to verify my identity, I made a cold chain payment and was asked to pay 20% of the $30,000 I was supposed to receive. So, I created an automatic wallet and transferred $6,000. However, after two days, the money was suddenly withdrawn.


When I asked the broker, they said it was a normal process and not to worry. But, I still couldn’t make a deposit, so I asked the broker again. A woman, who claimed to be a lawyer hired by my broker, contacted me via WhatsApp and said that since I earned money in England, I had to pay 11% of my income to HMRC, which amounted to about $10,560. I paid it in Bitcoin, but it was not processed.


When I inquired, they said the tax calculation was incorrect and I had to pay an additional $1,237. When I asked again, she said that someone had run away with the money and they were looking for it, but they are not continuing to process my funds.

In short, this person invested in WebTrader Union Trade Pro and was supposed to receive $30,000 in Bitcoin. A blockchain representative and a supposed lawyer contacted them via WhatsApp, and they made several payments, including a 20% cold chain payment and an 11% tax to HMRC. However, their funds were not processed, and they were told the lawyer had run away with the money.

So is WebTrader Union Trade Pro a SCAM?

Webtrader Union Trade Pro Review - Screenshot of webtrader.union-trade.pro

Union-Trade.pro Review

The domain Union-Trade.pro was registered on January 21, 2022, and is currently set to expire on January 21, 2024. It is protected by Cloudflare and a privacy service offered by PrivacyGuardian.org.

Union-trade.pro was a slightly popular website with a global rank of 543,571, a rank of 862,483 in Germany, and more than 26,000 visitors in March 2023, according to SimilarWeb.

Even though it was not unpopular, it only has a 0% Semrush Authority Score and 13 backlinks from 5 referring domains.

There’s no hosting for Union-Trade.pro, but only for Webtrader.union-trade.pro, a login page, which makes us wonder where is the actual website.

There’s nothing from union-trade.pro even on the Google index, and no other URLs besides Webtrader.union-trade.pro.

However, the Sign Up Now and Reset Password buttons lead to a different domain: tradeunion.pro.

So there it is, we have found the main website behind his potential scam.

TradeUnion.pro Review

The domain tradeunion.pro was registered on November 11, 2022, for one year through NameSilo, LLC. It is protected by Cloudflare and by a privacy service provided by PrivacyGuardian.org LLC.

It has a 2% Semrush Authority Score with 1 backlink from 1 referring domain.

According to the homepage, Trade Union is a brokerage service that offers access to global financial markets with over 180 CFD assets, fast order execution, daily chart analysis, and financial experts.

They claim to provide transparent and reliable investing with a web trader for desktops, educational content, and friendly customer support for newbies.

Experienced traders can choose from 4 types of trading accounts, and benefit from expert news and analytics, personal service, competitive spreads, and leverage. The Trade Union offers a secure trading environment with strict regulation, convenient trading tools, and fast order execution.

The company behind Trade Union allegedly has a team of over 300 professionals with solid experience in the financial markets. They have 12 offices around the world and offer services that provide favorable market conditions, innovative tools, free training, and timely support to help traders achieve financial success.

Unfortunately, no verifiable information is provided, such as regulatory and license information.

As for contact information, only a contact form is provided, but no telephone numbers, addresses, social media profiles such as LinkedIn pages, etc.

Screenshot of tradeunion.pro

Trade Union Pro Reviews

The BaFin, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, began investigating the Incendiary Group LTD, Dominica, and its platform tradeunion.pro in October 2021 and August 2022 for potential unauthorized banking transactions and financial services in Germany. The company does not possess the required KWG license to operate in the country and remains unsupervised by BaFin.

We also learn that one of their addresses may have been 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth Of Dominica.

Many users have shared negative experiences with TradeUnion.pro across various comment sections, with users claiming that the company is a scam and recounting their experiences of losing money.

Difficulties in withdrawing funds, being asked to deposit more money to access better investment opportunities, and dealing with unresponsive or aggressive representatives are common complaints.

Some users mention being threatened when attempting to withdraw their funds and the involvement of the Blockchain company in the withdrawal process.

No success in recovering their money has been reported by users.

Overall, the commenters advise caution and suggest reporting the company to the authorities.

WebTrader Union Trade Pro Reviews

As for union-trade.pro reviews, it has been reported as a potential crypto investment scam on CDNScan. Investors who have sent money to this platform have allegedly received reports showing fake profits and gains from their investments. However, when they attempted to withdraw their funds, they were unable to do so. The platform reportedly insisted that customers pay more to access their funds, including fake tax fees, early withdrawal fees, gas fees, and other vague fees.

This behavior follows the pattern of a classic crypto investment scam, where the company and its investments are likely to be completely fake, designed to act as an elaborate fraud to steal your money. Scammers may also employ accomplices on social media or dating sites to entice you into investing more until you go broke trying to get your money out.


The domain uniontradepro.com was registered on September 9, 2020, through OwnRegistrar, Inc. It is set to expire on September 10, 2023, unless renewed. It is hosted by HostRocket.com, Inc.

The registrant’s contact is Tyler Norman Perri. His organization is located at 302 N 4th Street in Hayti, with the postal code 63859, United States. Tyler can be reached at the phone number +19707650639  (a Colorado, USA number) or via email at uniontradepro@tech-center.com. However, this information seems to be fabricated since no US state is provided and 63859 is not a valid US zip code.

According to uniontradepro.com, Union Trade Pro is an online investment platform that claims to offer financial freedom through various investment opportunities, with different plans catering to diverse investor needs.

They have five primary investment plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. These plans have varying minimum investments, durations, and returns. Bronze offers a 20% total return, Silver 25%, Gold 50%, Diamond 85%, and Platinum 105%.

The investment plans promise very high returns, which could be unrealistic and may indicate a potential scam.

The platform boasts features such as quick sign-up, convenient money deposit and withdrawal, unlimited maximum withdrawal amount, and 24/7 support.

They also offer an affiliate program, allowing users to earn a commission from the purchases made by their referrals.

Union Trade Pro supports several payment methods depending on the user’s location.

They claim to have over 40,000 happy customers and provide testimonials as proof. However, based on traffic data, we have determined that they receive little or no traffic.

Their Semrush Authority Score is 2% with 54 backlinks from 20 referring domains.

They provide the following contact information:

  • Telephone: (314) 764-3643 (a Missouri, USA number).
  • Telephone: +44 7476 463490 (a UK number).
  • Email: hello@uniontradepro.com
  • Address: 309 N 4th Street, Sheffield, UK – this appears to be a fake address, however, there is a private residence at 309 N 4th St, Hayti, Missouri 63851, USA
  • Social media accounts: Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Telegram (@hellouniontradepro)
  • A contact form and a live chat widget

Who is behind this website?

According to their About Us page, they have a team of over 300 professional investors with backgrounds in finance, technology, and startups who believe in the future of finance. The team includes creative programmers, marketing experts, and members of the global investment community who work together to build the ultimate investment site.

Gary Ellsworth is an advisory member, Eric Ranaldi is an IT Specialist, Kimberly Nmn Victoria is a consultant, and Dean Larsen Wilson is the CEO. Gary and Dean have a Facebook account, while Dean has also a Twitter and Instagram page. Strangely, none of them have LinkedIn accounts. Also, Dean’s personal website and Twitter accounts are no longer up. Also, the images seem to be fake. For example, “Eric Ranaldi”‘s image seems to be taken from a different site.

Also, a certificate of incorporation is provided with the company number NF002117 and company name UNION TRADE PRO LTD, however, this turned out to be a fake certificate, based on a UK Companies House search.

Screenshot from uniontradepro.com
uniontradepro.com. Fake Certificate = SCAM!

UnionTradePro.com Reviews

On Facebook, we find a review in Arabic that translates to:

It’s a group of people who do fraud and fraud nothing more

We could find no additional reviews at this time, however by now we can be pretty sure that uniontradepro.com is indeed a SCAM!

Bottom Line

In this article, we investigated the website webtrader.union-trade.pro/login and reviewed its potential as a scam. The investigation uncovers that the website is linked to tradeunion.pro, which is currently under investigation by the BaFin for unauthorized banking transactions and financial services in Germany.

Many users have reported negative experiences with TradeUnion.pro, and caution is advised when dealing with this company.

The investigation also reviews uniontradepro.com, which claims to offer financial freedom through various investment opportunities, but its authenticity is also questionable.

The article provides contact information for all websites and warns readers to be cautious when investing in either platform.

The bottom line is that all three platforms webtrader.union-trade.pro/login, tradeunion.pro, and uniontradepro.com are likely to be SCAMS!

If you have been scammed by them, please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. 

If you lost money online to online scams, make sure to get a free consultation with one of our recommended scam recovery companies.

2 thoughts on “WebTrader Union Trade Pro – Investigating 3 Suspicious Sites!”

  1. Boa tarde,
    Fui burlada pela trade-union.pro no ano passado, denunciei a várias autoridades.
    No último mês tenho recebido chamadas para o meu telemóvel a informar que posso ter problemas com as autoridades de UK por estarem a usar os meus dados para fazer transferências ilegais de dinheiro. Dizem que tenho que cancelar a minha conta Binance e abrir um nova carteira onde poderei receber o valor que perdi.
    Enviaram-me um e-mail com os procedimentos, dizem que são agentes da Financial Conduct Authority.
    Por favor parem esta máfia….

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. Here is some advice:

      1. Don’t provide your personal or financial details to anyone, even if they claim to be from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or any other authority.

      2. The FCA or any other authority usually does not contact people directly regarding their financial situations. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from such an authority, it is likely a scam. You should hang up and contact the authority directly using the contact details from their official website to verify the call.

      3. If you have concerns about your Binance account, contact Binance directly. It’s unlikely that any reputable financial institution would ask you to close your account and open a new one via a phone call or email.

      4. Finally, if you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, make sure to schedule a free consultation with CNC Intelligence, a company that may be able to help you in the process of recovering your funds: https://cncintel.com/recover-assets-csr/.

      Good luck!

      Lamento ouvir sobre sua situação infeliz. Aqui estão alguns conselhos:

      1. Não forneça seus dados pessoais ou financeiros a ninguém, mesmo que afirme ser da Autoridade de Conduta Financeira (FCA) ou qualquer outra autoridade.

      2. A FCA ou qualquer outra autoridade geralmente não contata as pessoas diretamente sobre suas situações financeiras. Se você receber uma ligação de alguém alegando ser de tal autoridade, provavelmente é um golpe. Você deve desligar e entrar em contato diretamente com a autoridade usando os detalhes de contato do site oficial para verificar a chamada.

      3. Se você tiver dúvidas sobre sua conta Binance, entre em contato diretamente com a Binance. É improvável que qualquer instituição financeira respeitável peça que você feche sua conta e abra uma nova por telefone ou e-mail.

      4. Por fim, se você perdeu uma quantia significativa de dinheiro em golpes online, não deixe de agendar uma consulta gratuita com a CNC Intelligence, empresa que poderá ajudá-lo no processo de recuperação de seu dinheiro: https://cncintel.com/recover-assets-csr/.

      Boa sorte!

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