Wordsrated Review – Scam or Legit Platform?

Wordsrated made some serious aggressive kind of statements about the kind of pay they are offering to anyone that loves reading books. $200 was promised per book to readers and there weren’t any kind of hidden catches. Candidates could choose their own working hours and had the liberty to do it full time or part time.

Though the entire thing sounds good, people were skeptical about it as the payment structure was too enticing. Of course, there are plenty of scam ad postings on the web. However, this platform does not belong in that category and that is a fact.

If you are interested in applying for a position on Wordsrated, then go over the following paragraphs. In case you have lost money to any online hustles involving scam job posting, survey site or investment portals, then reach out to us and we will help you with the recovery process. 

Wordsrated Review

Wordsrated Jobs Listing

Wordsrated posted jobs wherein the candidates would get $200 per book read. The number of positions open is unknown, but they are looking to hire a lot of people. They are targeting specific niches, but the scope is huge and there isn’t anything about them that gives bad vibes.

We spent more than a couple of hours researching them to figure out if there is anything that paints them in the wrong way. Fortunately, nothing that can be categorized as suspicious was found. Of course, there are few missing things in their narrative, but that alone isn’t enough to question their authenticity or legitimacy. 

Operational Model

People usually are not inclined towards trusting new firms unless they detect some sort of social proof and transparency. More importantly, the operational model of the underlying firm or business should also become clear. Wordsrated is a firm that is less than 6 months old.

Due to their lifespan, many people are not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Moreover, the exact way this firm makes money is also not crystal clear. We are not painting them in a bad way, but the lack of clarity is missing to a certain extent.

If this platform makes their business plan clear then the public would be eager to get started with them. Given how many scams were operating in this niche, the kind of confusion this platform created is quite understandable. 

Wordsrated User Reviews

As this platform is less than 1 year old, we did not find many user reviews. Surprisingly, they have received enormous interest and the buzz around it is too evident. Nonetheless, the number of inputs is not something that is statistically enough to reach a conclusion yet.

Do not believe any random comment about them on the web for any reason because most claims and comments are unverifiable.

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    Speculation should not be entertained which means we just have to give it time and see the way it unfolds. Social proof is a good metric to gauge but it cannot help us in every scenario and there will always be exceptions.

    Website Information

    Thanks to whois.com, we could locate certain basic details of this website.

    • Website – https://wordsrated.com/
    • Registered on – 04/09/2021
    • Expiry – 04/09/2022
    • Global Rank – Unknown
    • Estimated Traffic – Less than 5000 visitors a month
    • Trust score – 5%

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    Wordsrated: Scam or Legit?

    “Wordsrated Scam ” became a trendy search topic as people doubted the authenticity of the platform. In our investigation, we could not find anything that makes us question their intentions. For any reason, if you are still skeptical, then give it some time.

    Come back to this platform after 6 months or so and then decide whether you want to proceed with them or not. As time will always reveal the true nature, all we have to do is wait and watch.


    Wordsrated platform looks like a reputable entity. There is no trait exhibited by them that says otherwise. So, feel free to proceed with them, but do take the cautious approach. 

    Are you willing to work for Wordsrated? Share your input via comment’s section. 

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