Apple Pay Scam Text – Smishing Attempt

Recently there is a new smishing scam that is tarnishing Apple’s name. Apple Pay Scam Text contains a false narrative and includes links to deceptive websites. It urges users to take action quickly and pushes them by giving them a false impression of the status of their Apple Pay account.

Anyone that clicks the links will be led to a phishing page that is designed to capture your personal information. The associated websites are blacklisted by search engines and the whole scenario is too scary to say the least. The origin of this type of hustle is still unclear.

Nonetheless, do not make the mistake of taking it lightly. Be alert and look for the signs which we have covered below. More importantly, keep an eye on the latest trends and update yourself frequently.

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Apple Pay Scam Text

Apple Pay Suspended Text Explained

Apple Pay Suspended Text as the name suggests tells people to click on a link in order to re-activate their Apple Pay account. The message looks almost legitimate at first glance. However, if you have dealt with smishing or phishing scams before, you will say otherwise.

Just like all other traps, this one too induces a sense of urgency. Narrative is too good to be true and the links attached are all blacklisted by most search engines. In other words, just by doing research, you could understand the true goals of the perpetrators in most cases.

Apple and other major brands and organizations will never ask for sensitive details over text messages. Plus, they never force you to take action immediately by using aggressive tactics. Whenever you spot desperation, it definitely is worth it to stay put or move away from the underlying entity or platform. 

Tips to stay safe from Apple

Apple’s advice for avoiding scams includes recognising a fraudulent SMS message. Iphone users should be aware of the following red flags for Apple Pay scams:

  • The phone number of Apple is not shown on the caller ID.
  • If you click the link, you aren’t being redirected to Apple’s website.
  • You have received a message from Apple that is unique from prior ones.
  • The SMS, which was sent to you without your consent includes an attachment or requests personal or financial information.

When you get a purported Apple text message, watch for the red flags covered above. Apple’s customer service can assist you in determining if a text message seems to be from the firm or not.

Texts and emails containing phishing links should be reported to Sending an email or taking a photo is the easiest method to alert Apple about a fraudulent SMS message.

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    Recover Money from Phishing

    Phishing and smishing scams have been around for over 10 years now. Losing money to scammers that operate this kind of hustle is indeed a painful thing to go through. Regardless of the way the crooks took the money from you, chances of getting it back is pretty high, but you do need to act quickly.

    Gather basic details about the transaction and get in touch with us. Our experts will help you find the culprit and force them into paying up using legal methods. As always, all of our services are free and we intend to keep it that way for a long time. 

    Apple Pay Scam Text Verdict

    As the Apple Pay Scam Text became a trendy subject, people were talking about it literally everywhere on the internet. As phishing scams aren’t something new, many people did recognise the reality of the situation quickly.

    Take a look at this Quora post to know the way the public reacted. All in all, the situation seems to be under control for now. In the future, if enough people learn to recognise this type of hustle, then the entire landscape will change within a few weeks.

    Have you encountered Apple Pay Scam Text? If yes, share your experience below. 

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