Xpressmining Scam Review – Fraudulent Service

Xpressmining(Xpressmining.com) is a new crypto mining platform that promises returns that are capped at 100% per month. Anyone that knows enough about blockchain and cryptocurrencies can easily see through their bluffs.

Unfortunately, many people entering this space do not have a clear idea about how mining works and they are the ones that are likely to fall for this kind of scheme. We did an in-depth study about their business model and the things we found were nasty and deadly.

Ironically enough, some websites are even promoting them and those kinds of people have conflicts of interest. To truly understand the way this firm works and their real intentions, glance over the following content. If you have lost cryptocurrencies to them, then get in touch with us via the form provided below to get started with the recovery process. 

Xpressmining Scam Review

Founders and background

On their homepage, there is a bit of information about the founders. However, guess what? The story is too vague and no names have been mentioned. To put things simply, there is nothing in their statements that are verifiable. From the location of their mining farms to the details of their employees, everything is a fairy tale.

Contact information is present, but if you try calling them up, nobody answers. The only way they interact with others is via email and they have taken every step to protect their anonymity. Crooks behind this platform clearly understand the consequences and are trying their best to hide from the authorities.

In the crypto space, we should always place special attention on background and transparency. For any reason, if you cannot find details about the management side or if uncertainty becomes too much, then it is time to walk away. 

How does Xpressmining Work?

Xpressmining allegedly owns multiple mining farms. Their so-called efficient technology is said to enable them to make double or triple digit profits per month. You will find certain technical words in their narrative. However, there is nothing provided by them that acts like solid data or evidence.

They are portrayed to be professional, but if you look closely, all of their flaws are too apparent. First of all, the location of their farms are not revealed. The cost of equipment and the maintenance charges are not mentioned.

Customers are not told about the risk management measures they follow. Also, the exact coins they mine are also kept confidential. Given so many key pieces of information hidden, ask yourself, is it even worth it to proceed with them for any reason? 

Profits from Mining

There was a golden era in the crypto space wherein anyone involved with mining could easily make a fortune. However, those days are gone now and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. Competition is too much and the rising costs have made it impossible for the small players to get any meaningful revenue. This firm promises 100% returns monthly which is absurd to say the least.

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    Clearly, they are just a ponzi type fraud that is trying its best to stay alive. As a general rule, any opportunity that promises double or triple digit returns is most likely to be a scam. So, never jump into depositing funds and always take a step back and do research. 

    Xpressmining User Testimonials

    Xpressmining has left only a handful of user testimonials and some comments have referral links attached. In other words, the sample size is too small and the available testimonials do not have much credibility. Not to mention, almost every comment contains narratives that are impossible to verify.

    So, take every bit of information with a sack of salt and do not be generous enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Social proof is an important metric and whenever it is not present, we encourage people to look in the opposite direction.

    This firm has got tons of issues and trusting them would be a sure way to financial ruin. Thanks to ample amounts of facts, it is a no brainer decision to not indulge with them in the first place.

    Xpressmining: Scam or Legit?

    Xpressmining is a scam. Any platform that promises 100% returns consistently over the long run is always a hustle which will go down in the near future. If you have unknowingly purchased their plans, then we suggest you withdraw the funds immediately.

    For any reason, if you are not able to get your money back, contact us via the form below. We will retrieve the funds for you for free. 


    Cryptocurrencies for the most part are unregulated. So, be careful and always proceed only if you are educated about the underlying project.

    If you are confused, then talk with a licensed financial planner. Lastly, never let huge claims fool you, always do your research. 

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