ROI Stock Review – Scam Broker or not?

ROI Stock is an anonymous broker that is targeting people located in the United Kingdom. They have no credibility and their regulatory status is also imaginary. Management side of the firm is totally operating from the shadows and user inputs aren’t that great either.

The kind of ratings they have earned is also minuscule and it shows the ugly side of their motives well. From the trading platform they feature to payment methods, everything about them feels outdated and there is no unique edge present regardless of how you view them. Funnily enough, we do not even know what business model they follow.

Number of toxic red flags present all over their platform is simply too many and it cannot be ignored. While they may offer few enticing things, it certainly is not worth the uncertainties and risks involved. Following paragraphs will depict their character in-detail so that you can understand the way they operate.

ROI Stock


Regulation is the number one trait we look for whenever we are investigating any new broker. Generally speaking, regulated brokers are better compared to others and they have the least amount of conflict of interest. Frequent audits and higher standards force them to treat clients fairly and do their best to address any issue at the earliest.

ROI Stock is owned and operated by ROI Stock LTD. The parent firm is said to be located in the UK. Regardless of what anyone says, know that this firm isn’t regulated and chances are they might shut their business in the near future.

Obviously, no insurance is provided and money deposited with them is always exposed to high risk. So, it is better to stay away from offshore firms that showcase traits mentioned above. 

ROI Stock Trading Conditions and Leverage

ROI Stock does not share any information about trading terms before the client opens an account with them. During our testing, we were not able to check their spreads, execution speed and other associated metrics. Even leverage offered by them is not specified clearly.

Swap rates are not easy to calculate and the availability of Islamic accounts is also a mystery. Note that their default trading platform also does not reveal many key details. Without knowing the numbers, we suggest people to not open any positions as it might burn your account quickly.

Try to talk to the support team before making any move or simply choose a regulated competitor and safeguard your money and interests. Weird and vague details are a deadly combination and one should not take it lightly. As far as this one goes, the answer is clear and people just have to maintain sufficient distance. 

Platform and Charts

ROI Stock claims to support sophisticated software. However, when we took a close look, the default platform was very basic. In terms of functionality, this platform is one of the worst we have ever seen. Indicator support is limited, the drawing tools are not plenty. Support for high frequency trading is not present.

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    It does not matter whether you are a professional or not, chances are you will find many issues with this interface. Charting is pretty basic as well. Muti-chart support is there, but it is not versatile. For any reason, if people want to roll dice on this platform, then they definitely need a third party solution or else they will face a lot of issues. 

    ROI Stock User Reviews

    This broker has been around for less than a couple of years. Naturally, there is not much user feedback about them. Of course, there are few mentions, but due to lack of data and verifiable claims, we cannot believe anything they convey blindly.

    As this broker exhibits a lot of gimmicks and has high conflict of interest, the lack of social proof acts like a knockout punch. Due to the data and facts being so clear, one should never take chances with them. After all, there are tons of better and more effective options available out there, right? 

    Funding and Withdrawal

    250 EUR is the minimum amount required to start a trading journey with them. Payment methods supported by them are VISA and MasterCard. Clients are not informed about any additional charges. Processing time is not revealed and the lack of e-wallet support is also a huge let-down.

    Trusting them with our banking information is a daunting task and personally, we would never take that risk for any reason. Dormant account charges are not made public and the way the funds are handled is also unknown. In short, your chances of making money with them or getting your capital back from them are next to zero. 

    Is ROI Stock Scam or Legit?

    ROI Stock appears to be an investment scam. There is no transparency across the board and the facts clearly reveal their true intentions. Anyone that has deposited their hard earned money with them should withdraw it immediately as it isn’t safe.

    In case you need help with the recovery process, get in touch with us. Our team will assist you for free and we won’t rest until you are able to retrieve all the funds from the culprits. 


    ROI Stock is an anonymous broker that has too much conflict of interest with the clients. Firms like this one usually do not care for the safety of client’s money and they are ready to do anything just to make a quick buck. So, do not give them a chance to handle your data or funds or else you might end up going through a lot of hassles. 

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    If you have suffered financial damage because of the ROI Stock Scam, then comment below. We will assist you in any way possible. 

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