Beyond Diet Scam Review – Is it Sustainable?

Beyond Diet is the new word which is trending on both social media platforms and the search engine websites. As the program promises quick and sustainable weight loss, people are searching for “Beyond Diet Scam” on Google to analyse what this thing is really about. Of course, the skepticism is justified because most of the quick fix programs that promise to get one lean is often a scam, right?

Before getting started with this program, one needs to be aware of the general conditions and for best results, always talk with a doctor before embarking on this journey. The idea of weight loss is very basic in nature.

However, the way you create a calorie deficit is also important and it might interfere with your health if you have preexisting health conditions. So, caution is advised. As far as the diet itself is considered, stick with us for a little bit longer and you will find every information you need to make an informed decision. 

Beyond Diet Scam Review

What is Beyond Diet?

Beyond Diet is the creation of Nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios. This program aims at promoting weight loss by eliminating carb cravings, boosting metabolism and induce sustainable meal plans. The main focus is on implementing healthy changes which will help people enhance their lifestyle in a good way.

Program itself can be categorised into multiple phases. In the first phase, a diet plan for 2 weeks is provided and after the completion, people have to go through a Metabolism test. Once the results are procured, suggestions to the meal plan will be made.

Meal plans and a ton of recipes can be unlocked for a one-time fee of $49. Do note that it is an expensive affair and it may take a toll on you, if you are unprepared. People interested in this program also have to buy proprietary health drinks and it costs roughly about $100 a month. Foods allowed in the diet are healthy fats, protein rich items and low carb food items. 


Most diet plans appear to be pocket friendly at first, but if you notice carefully, things are not always that straightforward. Beyond Diet in theory is a simple one to follow. However, in reality, the costs involved are more than you might have estimated.

For starters, $49 one-time fee is applicable to unlock meal plans. To complement the diet plan, one has to purchase a health drink which would add up to $3.33 per serving and the kind of other associated things such as fruits and vegetables allowed in the plan would also rack up your grocery bill pretty fast.

The costs involved might not be apparent at first, but eventually it will add up and it is not something that is pocket friendly for everyone. If you are a fitness freak, then chances are you might embrace it or else it may take some time to get used to the whole routine.

Foods that are Allowed

The number of foods allowed in this diet are plenty. In fact, the list is so huge, we are pretty sure that we cannot paste them all here. Nonetheless, to give you a good idea about what you can eat, we will list a few important ones below.

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    Key to weight loss always is in the diet plan. Regardless of how many hours you may spend at the gym or exercising, without being conscious about the calorie levels, it is next to impossible to shed those pounds. 

    • Eggs
    • Nuts(Avoid if you are allergic)
    • Diary Products
    • Poultry
    • Oils
    • Herbs(As Needed)
    • Spices
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits

    Foods to Avoid

    Just like we mentioned before, food is the key especially if you are looking for a sustainable weight loss. So, it is important to know the kind of foods to avoid as well.

    Note that some diets restrict you way too much, but at the end of the day, it is your duty to make sure that you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins your body wants. Adding supplements is never a bad idea, but if you are unsure, talk with a nutritionist.

    In case you have specific health conditions such as diabetes or heart related problems, then you should check with your doctor before making any changes to your meal plans. 

    • Sugar Items
    • Processed and canned food
    • Food containing high amount of fats
    • Soy Products
    • Refined Grains
    • Few Types of Oils

    Cutting down on grains is also a questionable aspect, but at the end of the day, it is something that the diet forces the people to do. 

    Beyond Diet Scientific Research

    Most diets are something that is not adequately tested. You might be enticed by watching a few people on social media claiming to offer a magic pill to your weight loss problems. However, 99% of the quick fix elements never work and they are just a marketing gimmick.

    At the core of any diet, it is all about calorie management. Once you master the art of inducing healthy food to your body, changes will be evident over time. Few specific things might accelerate the process, but there is no one size fits all approach in this realm.

    Moreover, everyone’s body and nutrient needs are different which is why professional help is always needed to succeed. Coming to Beyond Diet, there is no dedicated scientific study to backup the entire theory or narrative. However, we cannot dismiss this program solely based upon the lack of scientific studies.

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    If we observe the way the components of the meal plans are structured, it is easy to see why it has a lot going for it. First of all, the entire thing with regards to food intake makes sense.

    Sustainability is a whole different aspect, but at least in the short terms, chances are you will see results. Bottom line is that as long as you stick to the instructions, your waistline should go down. 

    Meal Plan Layout

    Exact meal structure can be found on the official website. This section will highlight the explanation behind the way things are structured. De Los Rios has given much attention to this aspect. The recipe library is friendly for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

    As long as you have basic cooking skills chances are you will not find anything here that can be classified as daunting. The Regimes are outlined clearly and to keep things interesting and satisfy the food craving, one cheat meal is allowed per week.

    Note that we are not talking about cheat day, instead it is a cheat meal which means only once per week, you can eat whatever your heart desires. The rest of the time, people have to follow the blueprint or else the results will be next to impossible to achieve. 

    Beyond Diet Customer Feedback

    We searched the web to find or track any real use of this program. Unfortunately, we couldn’t trace any individual who played the part and was authentic. Maybe, user feedback about them will surface eventually, but for the time being, we just have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    On top forums, a couple of discussions about them have taken place, but it just isn’t justifiable enough to give them a wholehearted recommendation. Either way, even if you find verifiable testimonials, consult a doctor and take a step back if you feel unwell or uneasy. After all, no one can learn everything just by following a few tutorials or a guide, right?

    Does Beyond Diet Really Work?

    The whole weight loss and food industry for the most part is full of lies. People are trying to profit from other people’s problems and due to the nasty techniques used, the whole space has received a bad reputation. Things like fat burners and weight loss pills rarely work and they over exaggerate things a lot.

    Funnily enough, scientific studies are often not talked about during the promotions of questionable products. Beyond Diet on the other hand is not something that is dubious. They have done their homework with great attention to detail.

    Sadly, the entire thing is not supported by studies and there aren’t that many success stories as well. Few things included in the meal plan are good, but at the end of the day, it is both expensive and borderline unsustainable. There might be critics that disagree with the statement made above. However, only time can truly reveal the real efficiency of this program. 

    Bottom Line

    Beyond Diet is a costly meal plan and it has a lot of complications. The tests and required prerequisites contain herbal ingredients. However, not all of them are completely safe.

    Moreover, leaving a few things from the diet plan might also cause a deficiency and a consultation with a doctor is a must before you get started with it. Proceed cautiously with it. 

    Have you tried the Beyond Diet? Share your thoughts on the matter by commenting below. 

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