CafePress Review – Scam or Hit?

CafePress platform allows people to buy or sell merchandise products. The kind of offering present is diverse and huge. If you browse their website chances are you will buy something because they undoubtedly have something to offer to everyone.

However, just because they have a wide array of things to offer, it does not mean that they are flawless. Many people have complained about this firm and the kind of allegations against them do sound scary to say the least.

While it is impossible for us to put a label on them just yet, we did find a lot of things about them that are pretty unjustifiable. Of course, they have been around for ages and have stood the test of time.

Nonetheless, the platform isn’t the most ideal one for sellers in particular and they still have a long way to go before they can be the crowd’s favorite. To learn about the way they operate, read this post till the end. If you are facing any issues with them, then feel free to share your side of the story below.

CafePress Review

What is CafePress?

CafePress aims to be the go to place for buying merchandise. While they do cater to a certain target audience, they are also trying their best to make it easy for the sellers to monetise their abilities. Their operational model sounds good on paper, but there are a lot of hiccups present and for the time being, their service isn’t exactly good for everyone.

They have earned five star reviews from numerous people on different forums and ratings websites. However, in the macro picture, the sample size is not statistically big enough to make any valid call. All in all, it is an interesting platform that might be worth the hassle if you are strategically placed. 

Products Offered

As we mentioned in the paragraph above, there are a lot of things one can buy via CafePress. Just to give you a glimpse of the range available, we have gathered the data below.

Due to transparency issues present, we do not have any way to gauge the quality of the products. So, our advice is to buy small and then place a bulk order if you find the product satisfactory. 

  • Clothing
  • Drinkware
  • Accessories
  • Home & Décor
  • Stationery
  • Stickers & Signs
  • Phone Cases & Accessories


Pricing approach followed by this firm is not too competitive. In other words, they are not the cheapest one out there, but their price is also not on the expensive side as well. To get a general idea, browse their collections and do not skip to read the small print.

They might offer discounts on bulk orders. So, talk with the customer support if you plan on making a big purchase. Also, the designer element undoubtedly will push up the price which means you need to be aware of all the metrics before making a decision. 

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    CafePress For sellers

    To become a Cafepress vendor, you must have designs that you want to sell. You have two alternatives for the designs: create them yourself or get someone to do it for you. Cafepress works by providing you with a range of goods that you can personalise with your artwork and sell.

    One of Cafepress’s best benefits is the variety of selling options. Design and planning come first. To achieve this, you only need to submit your design. Cafepress is in charge of the rest. They’ll choose things that look great with your design and put together a collection that will be marketed on the market. You will be paid a royalty on any product sales that use your design.

    You may sell products in a different way by creating a Shop. You can control every aspect of selling your design via a shop. You’ll have your own Cafepress shop with your own brand.

    You may choose products from Cafepress and apply your designs to them. You may also choose the price of your personalised items. Following that, you must market your store. When you buy the goods, Cafepress maintains the base price and offers you the difference.

    Customer Support

    The support staff can be reached via email, contact form and telephone. We have listed their phone number below. Before reaching out to them, do go through the FAQ section because it undoubtedly helps you find answers to a lot of things. 

    • U.S and Canadian Customers – +1-877-809-1659
    • International Customers – +1-919-323-4480

    CafePress User Testimonials

    CafePress has earned decent ratings. Surprisingly, the testimonials are vague for the most part and the number of complaints against them is also more than one can imagine. We have gathered a couple of comments from Trustpilot. Aren’t they confusing to say the least?

    Very poor service. .. uncontactable..does not reply to emails and can’t be reached by phone. My order if over £59 still not received after 4 weeks. Be Careful if this site .I still haven’t received my order. Cannot track it…cannot contact anyone. Would never recommend this site .

    The order come in as expected. I changed my mind and sent them an email to return that . I was surprised when they replied me that there was no need to return item and they processed a refund for me the item and postage after 2 days!!!

    Thank you cafepress for a great service , I am hundred percent satisfied with experience.

    Is CafePress a scam?

    CafePress does not appear to be a scam. However, there are many things about them that aren’t entirely transparent or reliable. For starters, the user reviews give mixed impressions. Pricing is also not the most competitive out there.

    Also, customer support is not something we can categorize as exceptional.  While there are few benefits present, you need to be fully aware of the downside as well. Ultimately, it is upto you to decide whether to proceed with them or not. 

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    This website has been around for ages and the domain authority they exhibit earns them credibility. Sadly, we cannot say the same about all the traits displayed by them. As long as you are being cautious, there is no harm in dabbling with them to encounter the experience firsthand. 

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