Scam Review – Fake Outlet is a fraudulent website that claims to sell heavily discounted airline tickets. This website got huge traffic from a gimmicky Facebook post that was taken down quickly by the authorities.

We did a thorough investigation about the people behind this platform and as expected, the real culprits did maintain an anonymous profile that is very hard to crack. In other words, the crooks knew exactly what they were doing and executed their plan without leaving any clues behind.

Trust score of this platform was also pathetic and there were a lot of telltale signs of a scam present. Read the following content to know how this trap lures people in and exploits them.

If you have suffered financial loss due to them or any other online scam, then contact us. Our team will help you get your money back at the earliest. Scam Scam Explained acts like a phishing page as it requests users to submit their data in exchange for dirt cheap Southwest Airline tickets. Southwest Airline has been around for decades and they have earned the trust of Americans and they have no connection with this domain.

Fraudulent platforms use big names to instill a sense of authority. However, if you look closely, there will always be a lot of loose ends.

Next time whenever you are offered too good to be true prices, always double check the URL and talk with the support team just to be sure of the authenticity. After all, spending a few minutes to a couple of hours researching is always better than putting our finances at risk, right? 

Website Information

To know more about the creators of this website, we searched for their information using sophisticated tools. Unfortunately, they have used privacy services to mask their identity.

Nonetheless, we did find the following information about their site and domain. Due to the domain’s age, we cannot pinpoint their traffic sources completely. 

  • Domain –
  • Registered on – 21/05/2022
  • Expiry – 21/05/2023
  • Trust Score – 1%
  • Global Rank – Not Applicable

How to deal with

If you ever land on a phishing page or a fraudulent platform like, then the best thing you can do is exit immediately. The kind of malware and cookies employed by the cyber criminals are not always easy to detect.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    As the risk grows exponentially the longer you stay on their interface, it is best to always cut the interaction. Invest in good anti-virus software and always keep an eye on the small stuff.

    Use official websites to place orders and do not give away too much information. If you are ever pushed to reveal sensitive details, then it is best to walk in the opposite direction. 

    Recover Money from Phishing Scams

    Losing funds and other sensitive information to crooks never ends well. People have lost large chunks of their savings account in the past and could never do enough on their own to recover it. Thanks to the latest developments, that is not the case anymore.

    If you have lost funds, then it can be recovered by using advanced forensic tools. To get started with the recovery process for free and obtain an actionable plan, reach out to us via the form provided below. 

    Conclusion Scam is an age-old problem in the realm of the internet. Websites like this one rise and fall quickly, but it will cause a lot of damage as well. So, train your eyes to see through things and it will help you avoid a lot of hassles. 

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