Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam – Hustle Explained

Amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the world. It started out as an online book store, but now it dominates any niche it wants and their story is a remarkable one. Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam is the name given to the hustle wherein cyber criminals are creating a fake narrative around the firm mentioned above and are tricking the users.

Due to the way this scam was designed, it is gaining a lot of momentum in terms of traffic and anyone that falls to the trap will lose more than just money. The malicious links are mainly circulating via WhatsApp and people for the most part are still confused.

We assure you that Amazon has nothing to do with this fraudulent offer and other associated websites. In fact, Amazon hasn’t even aged 30 years yet and even when they do, it is safe to assume that they won’t offer expensive items for free to everyone.

We are not saying that promotions won’t be offered from time to time, but when things are too dicey, it is always better to take a step back and let data do all the talking.

Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam

What is the Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam?

Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam is the latest trending scam. People behind this operation are a bunch of cyber criminals who are tricking people to give up their personal information. This scam is being circulated via Whatsapp and by now, sadly many people have fallen for the trap.

As WhatsApp is an end to end encrypted communication platform, the exact origin of the message cannot be traced out and clearly the crooks are exploiting the loophole in the system. In addition to exploiting the flaws in the system, the scammers also have used a lot of psychological triggers and have created a sense of urgency as well.

We know that receiving unexpected gifts from any platform feels good. If you regularly shop online, then chances are you have been the recipient of bargain deals. Nonetheless, we can all agree that if you notice dirt cheap prices, there is always a catch present, right?

In other words, deal only with official websites, always checking for spelling errors and for any reason, if you suspect that something is wrong, call the support team. Remember, being conservative always helps and as long as you take proper precautions, online shopping is indeed going to be a fun activity.

Objectives of the Scammers

Cyber criminals always have one goal and it is to steal the data or other valuable information from the victims. The online world has made it easy for skilled con-artists to flee the crime scene pretty easily. After all, we will never know who is on the other end of any online portal, right?

As the concerns are growing, we as consumers should step up our game. We strive daily to let people know the common tactics used by the fraudsters all around the world. Note that they may change their approach. However, if you look closely the underlying characteristics will always be the same. 

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    Phishing is the act wherein the mastermind behind the attack pretends to be a legit authority and collects login details from the victims. Cyber criminals might later sell the login credential on the dark web or may use it for themselves for a number of things.

    This method usually does not leave much clue and as a result, the affected people may never know the consequences until it is too late. The best way to avoid falling for phishing attacks is by making sure you deal with secure websites and for added protection, make sure to enable 2FA. Also, periodically change all of your passwords and never set passwords that are too easy to guess. 


    Malware is a big problem nowadays. From torrent websites to gaming sites, the way these fishy algorithms are spread is astonishing to say the least. Anyone that downloads content from unknown developers or origin may be exposing themselves to a lot of risk. The people behind this type of malicious code usually try to compromise the integrity of the system and sometimes erase other data as well.

    Using antivirus software might enhance the detection of harmful codes. However, it does not mean that the system is immune to attacks. As the threat seems imminent, it is always a good idea to regularly backup your data. It doesn’t matter whether you use hard drive or cloud service, but keeping a backup will always come in handy. 

    Data leak

    Specific programs such as keyloggers, and other associated programs might upload all your sensitive information to the web or give a copy of your data to the hacker. Generally, newer versions of operating systems will be early to detect this kind of abuse, but even the best systems sometimes cannot handle the intensity of the attacks and may end up being vulnerable.

    So, regularly check the state of your operating system and never download apps or mods from third party websites. Mods might appear like a fun thing to poke around and employ, but there are always a lot of things going on in the background and it is not worth the risk it poses.

    If you have a spare device, then feel free to tweak around any software you want. However, never install anything without doing proper research on your primary device. 

    How did the Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam become Viral?

    A lot of people on WhatsApp were getting messages saying that they are eligible for getting free gifts if they answer few basic questions. As the crooks used the Amazon brand name, people were inclined towards checking it out firsthand.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    The questions were simple and there wasn’t anything strange about it. However, as soon as the survey was over, the link would redirect users to different websites which were asking for a lot of personal information. Some users mentioned that the survey page promised additional rewards for forwarding the message to five other people.

    Now, we hope you can clearly see how this fraudulent platform created such a phenomenal buzz. If you ever receive such a message in the future wherein the offer is too good to be true, then please do everyone a favor and do not interact with it. Also, always assess any offerings with a realistic view and do not expect to find huge discounts all the time. 

    What can you do to be safe?

    End to end encryption prevents authorities or literally everyone from tracing the origin of the messages. In other words, due to the current technological limitation, it is impossible to put an end to fake news and fraudulent websites. Nonetheless, it does not mean that one has to be scared of sketchy platforms.

    As always, begin by ensuring that you deal with transparent platforms and providers. Always check for the policies enforced on you and remember in the current digital age, privacy is everything. Install paid antivirus software, create regular backups and use 2 factor authorization for all the important apps especially the ones related to banking and finance.

    Also, never login using unknown wifi networks and for any reason, if you do not feel secure, then change the login credentials immediately. Despite following all the measures, if you still lose funds to any kind of hustle or fake online stores, then take firm action immediately.

    Start by informing your local cyber security units. Gather data about the incident and reach out to our recovery experts. Our team specialises in every field related to consumer finance including cryptocurrencies.

    We can not only trace the funds for you, but handle everything associated with the recovery process and make sure that you get results as soon as humanly possible. The best part is all of our offerings are made available to the public for free. If you need any specific guidance, then use the contact form on our site and our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

    Public Reaction Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam

    Thanks to the internet, the words travel fast. The power of content and the social media platform for the most part is still untapped. This scam made a lot of noise in the western countries predominantly. As the offer was too enticing,people started to talk about it on social media platforms.

    On Reddit, the response was good and the consensus was negative. It is great to see the way people help one another online and it also proves that slowly, but surely people are getting smart.

    Within a couple of days from the inception of the scam, the public was aware of the real nature of the associated websites and as a result, the collateral damage was low. If you are interested in seeing the thread on Reddit, then click here. To give you a peak of the public sentiment, we have gathered a couple of comments. 

    In the future never click links sent to you in unsolicited texts and emails. Most of the time you can visit the site yourself and check on whatever the email wanted you to do. You may also want to look up how to tell if a URL is fake and how to expand shortened URLs, but tbh it’s just safest to not click at all.

    Yes. I put my card information, just like how you put your information in any online order. Shit!

    Yeah, it looks similar to that, I think… Let me contact Amazon support first. Will report this to my bank as well as soon as I can. On lunch break now!

    Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam Conclusion

    The Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam is a thing of the past now. Numerous websites have reported the incident and slowly the public has realised the reality of this operation. Thankfully, this scam hasn’t caused any significant damage to anyone.

    Sadly, though we know the way the crooks work, there is no way to eradicate them from the online world. All we can do now is provide coverage about the viral trends within time so that the public is aware about the truth behind the underlying firm. Amazon at the time of publishing this article is 27 years old.

    It certainly has brought nothing but happiness to all the investors. They do conduct promotions and on occasions they give free stuff. We do not know what Bezos has in store for the 30th anniversary, but if you are interested in finding it out, then do not click on any website apart from the official one.

    Always deal with official websites and never entertain too good to be true offers. Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam is currently a trending hustle, avoid them at any cost.

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