Crown Royal Scam Review – Truth Exposed!

Pack Crown Royal is a relatively new platform which sells whisky mainly through online mediums. Unlike many other Whiskey manufactures, this brand has spread its product lines into many categories and it focuses a lot more on noble causes.

They provide care packages for the military personnel for every sale made by them. By the end of 2020, their main intention is to cross above the million packages mark which by itself will be a huge accomplishment. Recently, this platform was offline for a considerable period of time which made everyone think that it might be a potential scam.

Web server crashes are something which cannot be completely eliminated, but by using reliable hosting services, such things can be taken care of. Coming back to the point of concern, at the time of writing this review, many people have still not received the items they purchased from this platform.

So, to know where things went wrong and whether you can trust them or not? Go through this review.

Crown Royal Scam Review

What is the Crown Royal Scam?

Crown Royal is a famous Whiskey brand which has been around for a long time. They have a rich history and the kind of attention they give to customer satisfaction really sets them apart from the crowd.

One of their main selling points or traits is that they provide care packages for soldiers who are deployed overseas. Their main motto is to thank people in the military for their service by giving them practical things which they can use and make their life easier.

On top of the packages, they also do a lot of events which are directed towards addressing other problems. Currently, they are also running a service which aims to provide assistance to businesses in the United States that have been hit hard by the Covid pandemic. 

Background Story

According to the information provided by this platform, the first Crown Royal blended Canadian whiskey was created in 1939. It was intended as a gift to the king and queen of England. In their About us section, they have detailed posts about the methods used by them to process and distill the whiskey which is quite comprehensive.

If you are a whiskey lover, then you might be interested in the information showcased by them. Crown Royal was launched in the United States in 1960 and till date, it is the top selling Canadian liquor.

Highlights of Pack Crown Royal Scam

Whenever you hear the name Pack Crown Royal, you need to remember a few key information that are as follows.

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    Care Packages – Their main idea is to give military people with care packages regardless of where they are posted for duty. For any reason, if the personnel is unable to pick up the packages, this platform will forward them to their families at no additional cost. 

    Global Popularity – The whiskey line up offered by this manufacturer has gained a reputable following in many countries and accounts for an impressive number of sales.

    Carbon Emission – They have taken all the necessary steps to make their distilleries more eco-friendly. In the past decade, they have managed to reduce carbon footprint by around 99%. Currently, they are aiming to a target of zero waste to landfill.

    Partner – They are working with Packages from Home which is a non-profit organisation.

    Additional Information

    On top of the usual lineup of products, this platform also offers an extensive range of gift items along with merchandise. You can order personalised labels and bags for your loved ones. The level of customization provided is a unique touch and it clearly shows the kind of efforts and imagination they have put into it.

    In the merchandise department, the collection is quite limited. However, for the hard core fans, the products offered might be more than enough. Take your time to browse through this section and we are quite positive that you might find something which catches your attention.

    There is also a recipe section wherein they have mentioned the different kinds of drinks you can match and create with the help of their whiskey. Before you go crazy, remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

    Domain Insights

    Below is a rundown of the domain data and website popularity.

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    Alexa Global Rank – 248,755

    Rank in United States – 37,281

    Domain Registration Date – 11/05/1995

    Expiry Date – 12/05/2021

    Customer Reviews on Pack Crown Royal

    Feedback by the customers is one of the main parameters we use to see whether a service is truly trustworthy or not. Crown Royal is a well known brand in the traditional brick and mortar model. They stepped into the online world recently and so far due to many technical issues, they have damaged their reputation.

    For starters, many people who ordered through their website said that they didn’t receive any product. A lot of people are angry at them as their website was non-functional for a long period of time. Nonetheless, we strongly feel that it is too early to judge them based on these factors.

    For the time being, we suggest our readers to order the minimum quantity of products from them and once you are satisfied, then you can purchase any quantity you need.

    Moreover, keep in mind that there are no significant numbers of feedback yet about them. So, exercise caution while dealing with their interface. On the bright side, they do follow ssl protocol and the data you enter on their platform will be encrypted.

    Crown Royal Scam Review Conclusion

    Crown Royal Scam is taking a lot of initiative to make lives better for a lot of people. They hold a number of events to do good for the society and their intentions are benefitting for the public.

    Looking at their long history, we do believe that their operational model is legit, but right now due to the shortage of feedback from the customers. It is better to wait and let time tell you whether they are reliable or not?

    Share your thoughts on Pack Crown Royal below. We would love to hear about your feedback and it will also serve as a guide to other readers.

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