Voyager Crypto Review – Scam or Legit?

The Voyager crypto platform has made a lot of name over the years. Since the firm is publicly traded and offers insurance, people in the United States are more than comfortable with their services. After all, in the crypto space, indulging with a regulated entity is one of the best things to do, right?

Low spreads along with commission free trading are also headline worthy features. Of course, the number of cryptocurrencies available aren’t that long. However, for the average investor, the kind of choices available are something that can be classified as beyond plenty.

9% yield if offered for crypto holders and there are recurring accumulation plans present. All in all, this is the kind of broker that has too much upside with very little demerits. If you have a decent amount of experience in this niche, then this platform certainly deserves your attention.

Voyager Crypto Review

Voyager Crypto Regulatory Status

In the crypto space, the need for regulation is imminent. People are getting cheated and looted almost on a daily basis. Also, the majority of the crowd are not aware of the fundamentals which makes them more vulnerable. Voyager is located in the United States and is regulated. The best part is that they even offer FDIC insurance upto $250,000.

Note that the insurance will protect you only if you hold fiat currency in the account. If you are planning to invest significant capital, then talk with your financial planner.

Remember, even in the long term plans, risk management is the key to building sustainable returns. Coming back to the brokerage, their regulatory status is much better than most exchanges and that’s a relief. 

Cryptocurrencies Available

There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies present in the market. A single exchange will not offer every altcoin out there. Voyager offers around 80 cryptocurrencies. Below, we have listed a few of their offerings to give you a glimpse.

The available instruments are more than enough for the average investor out there. Derivatives are not offered and this platform does take a long time to incorporate hot assets.

In other words, if you are someone that invests in a lot of projects pretty early on and exits quickly, then you need to look elsewhere. On the flip side, if you are looking for a reliable broker that is regulated, then this platform is the perfect fit. 

  • Bitcoin (BTC) 
  • Ethereum (ETH) 
  • Tether (USDT) 
  • Binance Coin (BNB) 
  • USD Coin (USDC) 
  • XRP (XRP) 
  • Cardano (ADA) 
  • Solana (SOL)

Voyager Crypto Features

Voyager Crypto offers a lot of unique things. While the kind of rewards and incentives they offer are self-explanatory, there are few things that are worth discussing.

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    Take a look at the points mentioned below. If you are an avid crypto enthusiast, then this might be the perfect kind of thing for you. 

    Recurring Positions

    This broker allows people to periodically buy certain coins. The idea is to mimic a systematic investment plan which follows a dollar cost averaging method.

    Of course, you need to set it up manually and specific few metrics. However, once things are set in motion, it works flawlessly. By using this option, you can accumulate your favorite coins in a cost efficient manner. 

    Interest Rates

    If anyone converts fiat currency into USDC or other cryptocurrency, then he or she can earn upto 9% API. The interest rates are attractive. However, keep in mind that FDIC insurance won’t cover the risk for the money that is converted to cryptocurrencies.

    Also, the interest rates are dynamic which means you need to re-evaluate on a frequent basis. Park your funds only if you have enough experience with this sector. 

    Payment Methods

    Funding of accounts can be done through wire transfer and cryptocurrencies. There are fees applicable on every transaction and it depends upon the method you employ.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Verification process is somewhat clumsy and long. Thankfully, once the process is done, you can move funds freely. Crypto withdrawals are instant. Wire transfer might take upto 2 to 3 business days. 

    Voyager User Reviews

    This platform has got good ratings on all the major review websites and forums. Oddly, the kind of user feedback about them gives mixed impressions. Some people appear to be frustrated with them, while others are perfectly fine with what they have to offer.

    Due to limitations of the internet, we cannot verify whether all the comments are just and genuine. So, we suggest you take all the information available out there with a bit of salt. Alternatively, you can deposit the minimum amount and then decide whether they have everything that suits your needs.

    Is Voyager Crypto a scam?

    Voyager crypto is not a scam by any means. Due to the lack of a dedicated support team, people are having a tough time with them. Communication aspect needs to be improved in order to address the current situation.

    Apart from the mediocre support team and limited choices, we do not have anything to say about them that paints them in a negative way. If you are located in the United States and want to explore crypto instruments while ensuring security of your capital, then this one definitely serves a spot in your list. 

    End Note

    Voyager still has a long way to go. There are few minor inconveniences present, but there aren’t any issues with them that can act like a dealbreaker. At the end of the day, it is an enticing and trustworthy platform.

    Have anything to say about the Voyager Crypto platform? Comment your opinion. 

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