Evri Text Message Scam – Smishing

Smishing is a type of phishing attack that uses short message service (SMS) messages to lure victims into providing personal information or clicking on malicious links. The Evri text message scam is a new smishing hustle that is being used to target mobile users.

The scam works by sending a text message from a spoofed Evri number to victims. The text message claims that the recipient has won a prize and instructs them to click on a link to claim it. However, the link actually leads to a phishing website that attempts to steal the victim’s personal information.

This scam is particularly dangerous because it uses a trusted brand name to try and trick victims into giving up their personal information. If you receive a text message that matches the description covered above, do not click on the link and report it to concerned authorities immediately.

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Evri Text Message Scam

Smishing Explained

Smishing is a type of phishing attack that uses SMS text messages to trick users into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious software. The attacker typically spoofs the sender’s phone number or email address to make the message appear to come from a trusted source, such as a bank or credit card company. They may also use persuasive language or threaten account suspension to try to get the user to take action.

Smishing attacks are becoming increasingly common as more people use text messaging to communicate. They can be difficult to detect, as the attacker may use a legitimate website or logo in the message. If you receive a suspicious text message, do not click on any links or respond with any personal information. Instead, contact the company directly to verify the message.

What is the Evri Text Message Scam?

The Evri Text Message Scam is a text message scam that has been circulating since early 2022. The scam works by convincing people to click on a link in a text message, which then takes them to a fake website that looks like the real Evri website. The website then prompts the user to enter their personal information, including their credit card number and expiration date.

Once the user enters their information, the scammer then has access to their personal and financial information. The Evri Text Message Scam is a dangerous scam that can lead to identity theft and financial fraud. If you receive a text message from Evri, do not click on the link and do not enter your personal information into the website.

How to report Evri Text Message Scam?

If you have received a text message from Evri that you believe to be a scam, you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To do so, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The phone number that the text message was sent from
  • The content of the text message
  • The date and time that the text message was received

You can either submit this information online or by calling the FTC. Once the FTC has received your report, they will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

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    Stay Safe

    To stay safe from smishing scams, be suspicious of any text message that asks you for your personal information or login credentials. If you’re not sure whether a text message is legitimate, you can always call the company or organization that it claims to be from to verify.

    Don’t click on any links in a text message unless you’re absolutely sure they’re safe. And never reply to a text message that asks for your personal information.

    Recover Money from Evri Text Message Scam

    If you have been the victim of a smishing scam, there are a few things you can do to try and recover your money. First, contact your bank or credit card company to report the fraudulent charges and see if they can reverse them. You may also need to file a police report.

    If you have any evidence of the scam, such as emails or text messages, be sure to give this to the police. You may also be able to file a claim with your state’s consumer protection office.

    Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team via the form below and we will give you an actionable blueprint. From tackling the formalities to retrieving your funds, our staff will do everything for you and the best part is, we do not charge for any of our services. 

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