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FundsRecovery( is a well known recovery agency that mainly aims to help the victims of trading related scams. They have an international client base and apart from the United Kingdom citizens, they pretty much help people from all over the world. They are primarily based in Israel, but they do have offices in the United States, Australia and many other places. Perhaps, the most attractive thing about them is the kind of social proof they have got over the years.

This firm has a rating of over 4.7 on Trustpilot and that by itself is a pretty good indicator to measure the user experience aspect. Filling complaints on their website is also extremely easy and anyone with basic tech skills can navigate their platform without running into any kind of troubles. Unlike many other agencies, this company does offer free consultation and the rates are fixed once the team analyses all the details.

Pricing is a tricky part for every agency as it is impossible to gauge the cost beforehand, but the policies of this firm are fair and they adore ethics and moral values. Transparency is also present at the highest level and clients are always informed about the latest updates as and when it happens.

Apart from trading related scams, they also are active in a wide array of sectors and we will go over each and every one of them later in the report. Continue reading to know more details about all the main aspects of this organisation.

FundsRecovery Review

What is FundsRecovery?

FundsRecovery is the platform that aims to help the victims of online scams get their money back from crooks and other perpetrators. They specialise in all the fields associated with consumer finance and their expertise is well respected in the community. The great thing about them is that they have detailed blogs explaining about the latest trends in the digital space and all of their content is made available for the public for free.

Note that blogs are updated on a regular basis and they try their best to keep their client base updated. Disputing credit card transactions or wire transfers involves a lot of formalities and everything needs to be presented well. For average users, gathering data, plotting the flow of funds in not only a herculean task, but also an overwhelming venture.

People who choose this firm to do their bidding increase their chances of getting the funds back dramatically and in most cases you can expect results within a couple of weeks. Also, know that there are no time limits when it comes to disputing fraudulent transactions, though there may be certain exceptions. If you are planning to dispute an old transaction, fill out the contact form on their website or call them directly and they will let you know the options available at your disposal.


Billions of dollars are lost to online scams on a yearly basis. Countless fly by firms take advantage of the digital era to dupe the clients and sadly, most people are not aware of the options available to them. Generally speaking, using credit cards is safe when making any kind of purchases online, but one does need to take certain precautions. Phishing attempts are on the rise so installing an antivirus program is also never a bad idea.

Thankfully, the technological advancement has been huge and the current tools and softwares available makes tracing the funds easier. Though every scam is not the same, they typically follow a pattern and ultimately a good recovery agency just has to break the code to make the culprits pay. 

Experienced Team – Before considering to hire any service, clients have to always take a look at the team behind the investigations. Usually, the team that consists of investigators, tech people and attorneys are the best as they form the perfect trinity.

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    FundsRecovery has an amazing team and on top of that they have one of the largest databases about scam brokers. As this firm has handled many cases, they clearly know the ins and outs of the industry very well and the combined experience works in their favor. 

    Jaw Dropping Ratings – Ratings are a crucial parameter and we at Cyber Scam Review always check for the all round score of any platform we review without fail. The Internet has come a long way and out of all the metrics, the rating system gives the most clear picture about a firm. Certain firms do tweak their numbers to enhance their image which in turn helps them in gaining revenue.

    However, reputable firms like this one simply do not indulge in those kinds of practises as they are not worth their time. Recovery agency is a relatively new industry and this firm is around for around 3 years.

    Do not let their domain era fool you because in a short span of time, they have earned an enormous trust score on all the major forums and their user feedback element is impeccable. They use all the latest encryption services and the social proof about them speaks for itself. All in all, the traits they display are something that is almost perfect and to find flaws with their system one has to engage themselves in nit picking.

    Experts on Trading Related Scams

    Specialization in certain niches is a desirable quality and this firm mainly focuses on helping people that lost money to investment scams. From binary options platforms, to forex trading, they have literally handled cases in every sub-categories. Scam brokers, fake ICOs, losses due to manipulative practises and bonus traps are the things that cause the most pain to the retail side.

    If any of the things mentioned above sounds familiar to you, then contacting this firm is the best way to deal with the solution. Start by gathering details about the platform that looted you and hand them over to the support staff and they will take care of the rest. Below, we have made a list of other sectors covered by them, take a look at them before proceeding with the firm.

    • Online Scams
    • Banking Fraud
    • Credit or Debit card scams
    • Forex and CFD Trading Scams
    • Cryptocurrencies Scam
    • Binary Options Scams
    • Online Dating Scams

    Banking frauds are on the rise especially after the pandemic and the main culprit behind that is the mass phishing attacks. To be on the safer side, do not interact with any unknown websites and emails. If you have any doubts about the integrity of your PC, then perform a deep clean and reinstall all the antivirus software immediately. Also, do not forget to change all your passwords from time to time and enable 2 factor authorization for added security. 

    According to experts more than 300 millions dollars are lost yearly to online dating scams. While the new normal has forced us to stay inside our homes, do not get overly friendly with people you meet on dating sites. Remember, if the conversation ever includes the word “cash”, then there is a hidden catch involved and it is not worth taking the risk. 

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    Contact Details

    As a firm that has got multiple offices mainly across the western continents, the ways of getting in touch with them is easy and hassle free. The easiest way to reach the support staff with the queries is via telephone. Alternatively, they can be reached through email, contact form and clients can even request a call back from them.

    We have listed the contact information in the following paragraph. Note that the time required by them to reply via email is the only parameter unknown. 

    • Address – Ha-Khilazon St 5, Ramat Gan
    • Email –
    • US – +16418000379
    • IL – +972534871365
    • AU – +61871303479
    • SW – +41565880074

    How to file a complaint?

    To file a complaint, all you have to do is simple. Fill out their contact form, input a few contact details, state the amount of money lost, incident details and that’s it. Alternatively, you can also click on the “Click for a Free Call” button on their homepage and discuss your case with them.

    After the data is submitted and carefully analysed, the experts are going to reach out to you and let you know the costs and process involved. Thanks to their transparency element, you can get updates on the case whenever you want. We do not know whether they charge retainer fees, but when it comes to the payment mechanisms they support, most users will not have any problem. 

    FundsRecovery Pricing

    If you are browsing to find the best recovery agency that fits all your needs, then you need to pay special attention to the pricing aspect. Some agencies charge upfront costs and have expensive fees compared to others. While there is nothing wrong with going with the expensive alternatives, it does eat up your funds to a large extent and at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference.

    FundsRecovery pricing is very reasonable and it varies from one case to another. This platform does not disclose whether they charge retainer fees, but their pricing is pretty competitive and it fits the budgets of most clients.

    Note that, though the pricing changes depending upon the complexity of the case, it will be made known to the client once the consultation is over. Also, their policies are all fair and it does not feature any hidden agendas which is a good sign as well.

    Is FundsRecovery a Reliable Platform?

    This platform is a reliable one without any doubt. Like we have mentioned in the beginning of the report, they have a lot going for them. The team behind the firm are an excellent fit to solve the cases related to consumer finance. Pricing in most cases is on point. Moreover, they share all of their contact details and embrace transparency at every level.

    Moving on to the user feedback, the input from the clients are positive and their success rate is also above par. All of the authoritative investigative blogs also have spoken about them and it does not matter how close you look, their operational model just works and there’s no denying that.

    If you are considering moving forward with them, then you will have high chances of getting the underlying issues resolved in a very short period of time. In case, if you have any other concerns about them, leave a comment below and we will address your questions as soon as possible.


    FundsRecovery is a platform that is time tested and trustworthy. They are quick, and know how to get results quickly. Their ratings(Trustpilot) are also hard to beat and their accomplishments are industry leading as well.

    If you want to recover funds from any rogue and offshore broker or from any type of online hustles, then using this platform will help you. Moreover, considering how flexible their pricing schemes are, the choice to indulge with them is a no brainer. 

    Comment your opinion and let us know your thoughts about FundsRecovery.

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