Home Depot Mall Scam – Complete Information

Home Depot Mall is a new platform which is selling a wide variety of everyday products and appliances online. Though they have been around for a short period of time, they indeed have earned themselves a massive following mainly because of their aggressive pricing tactics.

Their marketing capabilities are exceptional and looking at their website traffic and associated metrics, they certainly understand the sector well. By now, you might think that this platform is reputable and safe for shopping online, but unfortunately that is not the case.

The customer testimonials about this website is negative for the most part and it is very scary to say the least. Shopping online is not simple and as end customers people should do an extensive search on the platforms they want to interact with.

So, to know whether Home Depot Mall is a scam or not and all the other details about their firm, stick with us till the end.

Home Depot Mall Scam Review

What is Home Depot Mall?

Home Depot Mall is a platform which sells all kinds of products from headphones to kitchen supplies at cut throat prices. Their margins are extremely low and due to that very fact alone, many people preferred to buy from them.

On paper, the motto of this firm is easy to grasp, but everything changes when it comes to specific details. For example, this platform does not share details about their owners, they do not have dedicated staff to handle customer complaints. More importantly, they are known to never deliver some type of products after taking the money from the consumers.

Lastly, due to their domain age it is not wise of us to give them the benefit of the doubt. Any legit firm would never treat their consumers in this kind of manner and certainly all of them would rush towards handling the query and concerns of the clients.

Contact Information, Shipping Policy and Payment Methods

We did a thorough check on this platform and at first glance, most of the standard protocols are present. The platform features a valid ssl layer to encrypt the data on the servers. On their homepage, the address and all the other contact information is provided which is a positive sign.

The shipping policy offered by this firm is way longer than most providers and can go upto 3 weeks. Moreover, note that they do not provide any information about the tracking number or progress. Without proper tracing you will never know where the goods are in real time and if they are lost, you won’t be able to take firm actions.

Exchange and returns policy on this platform are pretty decent as they offer upto 30 day time window. Also, they promise delivery of the products within 3 days in the US and the payment methods supported by the platform are major debit or credit cards, Paypal, Stripe and cash on delivery.

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    Home Depot Mall Demerits

    This section is the main reason as to why we recommend all of our readers to stay away from this company. During our investigation, we observed that the pricing offered on some of their products does not make any sense.

    For instance, we strongly believe that no vendor can sustain themselves over the long run if they give immense discounts like the ones offered by this firm. Moreover, many customers have complained that the products they ordered and paid for were never delivered.

    On top of the heap of complaints, the administration department has not taken any action and they have even failed to acknowledge the problems in the first place. The behaviour displayed by the company is borderline criminal and highly unethical. So, it is not in our best interest to proceed with them for any reason.

    Is Home Depot Mall Scam or Legit?

    Home Depot Mall certainly appears to be a modified form of scam. They exhibit all the characteristics of a fake platform such as lack of transparency, bogus information and too good to be true prices. However, they never deliver any item and they don’t seem to care about the customers’ complaints.

    Given the kind of selection available when it comes to choosing vendors, it is better to stick with the reputable ones for the best experience. The low prices might seem exciting and tempting, but remember that those kinds of offers always have a hidden agenda. 

    Get Moneyback from Home Depot Mall Scam

    In general, customers should be aware about all the available options of recovering funds from a fraudulent platform. If you have made the payment via credit card, then for the most part you are safe and the chances of recovery will be high.

    However, for other methods the process present is a bit complex and you might need the help of recovery experts. Nowadays, most transactions are processed instantly and unless you know how to assess flow of funds, doing things on your own may get overwhelming.

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    Public Opinion

    All the established brands keep a close eye on customer experience as they realise the importance of word of mouth marketing. On the other hand, fake platforms never give any attention to them and they try their best to hide the truth from the public as long as possible.

    Home Depot Mall has earned itself many reviews as they had high traffic, but as expected most of them are negative and apparently the issues were never resolved. Once you go through all the scary stories mentioned by other customers one thing becomes clear and that is you should not take any chances with them.


    Home Depot Mall is a shady platform which showcases a lot of intolerable and illegal characteristics. Moreover, the domain age is also low and the trust score is also not promising enough to justify dealing with them in any way.

    So, avoid dealing with them for your own benefit and spread the word with your friends and family by sharing this post.

    Do you have any experience with Home Depot Mall Platform? Did you receive fair treatment or are you one of the victims? Comment your answer below.

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