Libra Method App – Bogus Trading Solution

Libra Method App is the new sensation in the fake crypto/forex trading world. This application supposedly helps people earn around $2,000 on a daily basis. Their webpage is filled with high pressure sales techniques and if any newbie starts out their journey with this platform, then chances are they will be ruined for life.

They feature a lot of big names in their homepage and they highlight the comments made by Bill Gates and other successful people. Many scams always try to establish authority by making themselves look smart, but in most cases including this one, it is quite easy to see through the false narratives. Cryptocurrencies are indeed the best performing asset class known to mankind.

However, it is not a sure shot way to wealth and anyone who says otherwise is most likely not a person who understands the world of finance. The volatility of this sector is indeed tempting and if you have reasonable risk management skills, then you can make some quick money, but you need to be aware of the downsides as well.

This platform, though it claims to make all of their users rich, has a different agenda in mind. To learn about their filthy nature, borderline criminal tactics along with other flaws present in their business model, keep on reading this article till the end.

Libra Method App Scam Review

Wrong Impressions

Scammers are always expert manipulators and the way they make the retail side hook onto a fantasy is beyond reasoning skills. Their main goal is to portray themselves as an expert and transfer money from client’s pocket to their using the hot topics and fancy promises. Thanks to the internet, now it is hard for them to defend their manufactured stories and anyone can find the information about a new platform by just clicking a few buttons or by Googling them.

So, the crooks have switched their strategy and nowadays, they follow a more subtle yet dangerous form of manipulative tactics. For starters, on their platform they showcase the quotes of the famous and rich people in the relevant sectors. Their intention is to portray themselves like an organisation that has connections with the elite people in the society.

However, in reality rich people aren’t even aware of the existence of firms like these because they are busy with their own work and they are never in search of get rich quick opportunities on the web. This website by featuring quotes of Bill Gates and other famous billionaires has made it obvious that their intentions and portrayal aren’t as clean as it should have been. Given the dangerous behaviour they exhibit, you should never believe any statement they make without doing proper research. 

Fake Make Money Online Claims

For almost a decade now, one of the biggest dreams of newbies in the trading realm is to make money without staying glued to the screen. While some people are looking for six or seven figures income, a lot of them are happy with around $10,000 monthly which is seen as a milestone in the retail world.

This application claims to earn the clients over $2,200 on a daily basis and the users do not have to do anything more than clicking a few buttons. The minimum amount required to get started with this software is $250 and as always most of the brokers synced with them are unregulated and we can guarantee you that no regulated entity would ever associate themselves with a scam like this one.

Making 1,000% returns consistently is an impossible thing and the fact that they are bluffing is undeniable. People who have just started venturing into the markets always will have the urge to make big money and that kind of mindset makes them vulnerable to schemes like these. At the end of the day, all easy money schemes will bite the dust and as always the only loser will be the investors.

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    Now, as you understand the truth about the automated trading solution, be careful whenever you come across any platform that has a similar narrative. More importantly, understand that the only way for those crooks to make money is by looting their own clients in some way or the other. 

    How does Libra Method App Work?

    We are yet to find a logical answer to that question. On their homepage, the information provided is very scarce and they purposefully haven’t provided any metrics to track their performance. Any successful Expert Adviser or trading program always reveal their parameters beforehand and it even offers the options for the users to tweak the settings according to their requirement.

    Also, remember to run backtest on any new bot you are indulged with and note down important things such as average drawdown, win rate and volatility levels. This platform only boasts about their capabilities through their content, but when it comes to practicality they have nothing to offer. Their web based trading interface is very basic in nature and it doesn’t even allow users to add custom indicators.

    The brokers they are synced with feature high spreads and the swaps rates are not revealed in the beginning. In terms of functionality, the things this platform has to offer, it is indeed ancient and it is next to impossible to gain an edge with their system. Trading in general requires a combination of both technical and fundamental analysis.

    To find the perfect setting is impossible as the market always evolves with time. So, the only logical way to be consistent is to be updated with the new trends and trying out a lot of indicators every now and then. Trial and error method is something that every successful trader needs and still there will always be room for error.

    Questionable Tactics

    As we have mentioned before, the true goal of this firm is to sell their ideas to people who are gullible enough to believe the narratives they peddle. They are clearly aware of the fact that they can’t entice people unless they exaggerate the profit potential and other associated abilities.

    To appeal to the masses and create a sense of urgency, the crooks have featured few classic tricks used by the latest scams in the sector and the entire list is as follows. Their marketing techniques contain things that range from borderline criminal misinformation to outright illegal ways.

    Fake Countdown timer – We are pretty sure that you have come across a website that claims to offer things only for a limited time period. However, if you simply refuse to buy and decide to revisit the site again, obviously it will be available for purchase. Here, the creators are trying to push their audience into immediately making a purchase and are trying to induce the scarcity and limited time availability elements.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Digital products are never out of stock and apart from few exceptions, the number of copies that can be solid is literally countless. If you come across any questionable platforms trying to close you by showcasing a countdown timer, then click away from their interface immediately and evaluate your decision. Reputable services will never pressurise their clients and there is a fine line between persuasion and badgering.

    Unethical Sales Team – Every broker needs a good sales team in order to increase their revenue. Sales and marketing always go hand in hand and they cannot exist without the other. Successful brokerages hire the professional sales team to grow their client base and the incentive structure is always going to be appealing. On the other hand, the scammers are playing with a different perspective.

    They only care about revenue and as they know they can’t stay afloat for long, their schemes are going to be extreme in terms of setting goals. To motivate the sales people, they give immense commissions and they even encourage them to use any method necessary to convince the victims. If anyone makes the mistake of signing up on this platform, then they will receive dozens of calls from annoying brokers and your personal information is also not safe with them.

    Sometimes, the sales people might twist their approach and pitch the idea of account management service, but at the end of the day we can assure you that you will never make money from it. To be on the safe side, always turn down any offer that promises instant cash, because 99.99% of the time, the entire premise will be imaginary.

    Libra Method App Background and Contact Details

    The retail side has seen many automated platforms over the years. Things like copy trading and social trading have brought new opportunities to the table and it enabled people with full time jobs to make money in the markets. If you list down all the main competitors that offer automated services, they always take pride in revealing the details of their team members and the transparency just enhances the trust.

    Libra Method App does not feature any details about the management side. From employees to founders, there is no information available about any personality that is associated with this platform. Moreover, even on Linkedin, we couldn’t find any relevant data which clearly highlights the pitfalls in their business model. The funny thing is the lack of transparency is not the big red flag present on their website, there are more nasty things about them.

    For example, they have not published any of their contact details. If anyone has a specific query or is facing few issues, then the only way to get in touch with the support team is via the contact form. Note that the response time is not revealed by them. In other words, the degree of uncertainty is beyond comprehension and as such you should never encourage the thought of using their services.

    Libra Method App Real Intentions

    The goal of every online and offline business is to make money. Libra Method App makes a lot of money by referring people to the brokers that are associated with their software. A couple of years back, many social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter made it hard for the offshore brokers to advertise their services.

    So, to find an alternative source of traffic, the brokers had to come up with a new plan and that led to the development of fake trading software. The trading interface might look legitimate at first glance, but it’s sole purpose is to make people sign up with unregulated entities. Once the user has made a deposit and turns on the algorithm, the results most of the time are going to be sloppy and it will eat up their balance.

    Miraculously, if the client does make money with it, then also they will have a hard time when it comes to withdrawing the funds and the number of obstacles present in the way is definitely not worth it. We hope you have understood the things happening behind the scenes with this platform after reading till here. 

    Demo Account Trap

    Libra Method App offers a demo account to anyone who signs up with them by submitting their email address. Demo accounts are a great way to test the algorithm without worrying about the risks. However, do bear in mind that things like execution delays and widening of the spreads do not affect demo accounts, but when it comes to real accounts, the factors mentioned above can make or break the profit curve.

    Just because you see profits in a demo account doesn’t mean the same kind of events are going to unfold in the future and regardless of the things anyone might preach, never put in money that you cannot afford to lose. Scam software like this one offers a demo account and tweaks the programming in such a way that it only shows profits in the beginning. Once the trader decides to go live, the performance will decrease badly and it will only yield nothing more than regret and disappointments. 


    We found a lot of encouraging comments made by alleged early clients on their homepage. For any person who doesn’t know the way online scam works, it is quite easy for them to trust this kind of manipulative information. However, you don’t have to worry about it as we will clearly tell you the reality of the situation.

    The comments shown by the scammers are all from fake profiles and the images are stock photos which can be found for free on the web. We tried to find other input about them on various forums, but as it turns out, the majority of the retail traders aren’t even aware of the existence of this software.

    Libra Method App Fake Testimonials

    After analysing various data, we can confidently say that this platform doesn’t have a loyal or massive following and they are just trying to make themselves look authoritative by featuring flattering comments. If their system really did make people over $2,000 daily, then it would have billions of users and trillions of dollars in terms of revenue. 

    Is Libra Method App a Fake Trading Solution?

    Without any doubts, we can call this platform a fake trading solution. They have connections not with the markets, but with the brokers and the kind of conditions they are exposing the retail side to is very toxic. Anyone who doesn’t have reasonable experience in this field might end up burning a hole in their pocket, if they choose this service and it will be a daunting task to get their capital back.

    If you have been scammed by this platform, you don’t have to let them get away with the crime. First and foremost, report them to financial watchdogs such as FCA and FTC along with your local cyber crime units. For any deposits made through credit cards, a chargeback process is enough to get back the stolen funds. Unfortunately, if you have made the deposit using other methods, things are complicated.

    Nonetheless, let us know the details and nature of the transactions via the contact form made available on our website and we will show you the easiest path to recover your money. While there can’t be any guarantees made about the time required, we can assure you that our experts have a high success rate and the best part is, all of our services are free as well. 

    Libra Method App Review Conclusion

    Libra Method App is a fake trading software that features a lot of classic traits of a scam. They don’t uphold transparency and some aspects of their business model are outright criminal.

    We suggest our readers to stay away from them and look elsewhere if you are serious about day trading crypto and forex pairs. Automation in trading still has a lot of limitations and it is not something that will be evolved or free of flaws anytime soon. So, have realistic expectations and if things seem easy, then avoid investing in it. 

    Do you know something about Libra Method App that we failed to mention in this report? If yes, then please share the details below.

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