How to Pick a Fund Recovery Company

Being a victim of any kind of online scam is heartbreaking and frustrating to say the least. Online world is turning into a notorious space and if you are not familiar with the norms and intricacies of the digital world, it is very easy to fall for the traps. A couple of decades ago, the scams were operating in particular niches, but now due to the technological developments, hustles are happening in literally every sector.

Though there are a lot of consumer protection laws designed to save the interest of the citizens, many people do not have the faintest idea about it and this gap of knowledge is something the crooks are exploiting to the core. Recovery agencies have evolved for a long time and for once, they are ahead of the curve.

Recently, if you have lost money to any fake platform, trading websites or investment schemes, then you need to hire an agency in order to get your money back at the earliest. Unfortunately, this sector is also slowly getting hit by scams and it is bringing bad reputation to everyone involved. While no one authority or organisation cannot do anything about the situation, we can educate the masses about the ground reality so that no amount of misinformation can confuse them.

To know the characteristics of a good Fund Recovery Agency along with all their traits and the ways of identifying them, stick with us till the end. If you need help recovering funds, then do not hesitate to comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest. 

How to Pick a Fund Recovery Company

How to Look for Reputable Companies?

We live in a digital era and most of the things we look for are affected by the way the algorithms work. Nonetheless, it does not necessarily mean that you should stick with the first result that pops up. After all, anyone can run an ad and reserve the top spot. Start by looking for the reputable agencies and the best way to gauge a company’s real health is through user feedback and domain era.

Obviously, domain era is a strong indicator and the longer the firm has been operational, the more experience they have under their belt. Be careful, sometimes new firms create fake narratives about themselves. Thankfully, a simple search can rectify the matter and if you spot any lies on a platform, then it is a red flag you should not ignore.

Also, do not forget that most of the top companies in this niche document their winnings, track records and usually it will be affiliated with the government bodies. The best example is the Chargeback service that is affiliated with the FCA. Lastly, to get a good sense about the way the firm works, closely monitor the user feedback. Though, it is possible to create fake reviews online easily, it won’t stick around for long and eventually, the truth has to come out.

Most platforms and forums are working tireless around the clock to eradicate fake comments from bogus profiles, and it is just a matter of time before the end goal is achieved. Also, know that some platforms and websites might intentionally indulge themselves in the promoting process in a disguised manner.

So, if you come across any data that sounds too good to be true or if they are pushy in their sales pitch, then walk away immediately. At the end of the day, morals and ethics are aspects that only the legitimate firms adore and the scammers never embrace that kind of approach. 

Traits to Look For

Reputable and reliable recovery agencies as we mentioned before displays certain traits and their operational model talks a lot about them more than their statements. Below is the list of common things or parameters we look for before indulging with a firm.

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    Use the information to create a quick checklist and proceed with the firm only if they have all the basic qualities mentioned below. Keep in mind that scammers might feature enticing content and convincing stories. However, if you look closely they will always have flaws and patience definitely pays in this regard.

    Reliability Factor – This aspect is the first and foremost thing to look for in any firm that you are interested in hiring. The reliability element does not come with any one thing or process because it is not a one size fits all approach. One of the best factors that enhances the reliability factor is the transparent model along with upfront fee structure. Nowadays, many firms are calling themselves truly free services.

    Needless to say, they carry a lot of hidden terms and conditions and within a few days, they will show their true colors. So, be cautious in your approach and regardless of how good things might look, never give the benefit of the doubt to any entity in this space.

    The fees charged by one firm might be different from the other, sometimes marginally, sometimes dramatically. Nonetheless, as long as they deliver their promises, we as consumers have nothing to complain or worry about. 

    Success Rate – Almost everything in this world can be categorised by metrics and undeniably for all the right reasons, it is something everyone should follow. Success rate in this sector ranges between 30% to over 50% plus. The range is huge and it is by far a very good indicator of the kind of professionals hired by the firm. Note that there are a lot of fake platforms that promise cent percent results, but they will never do or publish anything to support their claims.

    Each case is different and no firm can advertise 100% results because the recovery process depends upon a lot of variables and it is impossible to get the culprits to pay up for mistakes all the time. However, the top firms have an average success rate of around 40% which is good enough and if you have lost money to basic types of online scams, then this kind of odds are good for you.

    In other words as long as the success rate is above 35%, it is a green signal to proceed with the firm provided they also display other good traits. Do not obsess about the numbers entirely because in general there are certain exemptions to this rule as well. For example, hacking activities are way hard to trace compared to typical ponzi schemes or fake shopping websites creators.

    User Feedback – This segment can also be called social proof. Now, thanks to the internet every bit of information if it is relevant enough will get attention on the web. The firms that are legitimate always give a lot of attention to the customer experience and it in turn creates a lot of good reputation for them. Word of mouth marketing has the highest conversion rate and it is all thanks to the trust they instill.

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    Before narrowing on any firm, try Googling the name along with the word “review” or “testimonials” with it. Most popular firms or platforms that get a good amount of traffic will have dedicated spots on the forums wherein the users would have expressed their opinion and thoughts. Note that there might be few fake comments or exaggerating ones that are misleading.

    For best results, try to cross verify the details or simply sit back because eventually in time, the truth has to come out. If you manage to find a firm with tons of user feedback and good ratings on multiple forums, then it speaks volumes about their real capabilities. 

    Company Structure – A firm might talk about their morals and agendas all day long, but in the end they need to create cash flow or else their days are numbered. Whenever a firm is open about their operational model and has no problem in showing the ways they make money, it is a very good sign.

    Additionally, firms that have an image to maintain will also share details about their employees and build a platform that enables people to get help in literally every way possible. They will all have social media presence, live chat functionality and tons of other ways using which people can contact them and get their concerns addressed. 

    Transparent Pricing – As we mentioned before, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world and people have to pay a fixed amount for hiring services. A lot of firms in the recovery world use borderline shady tricks to hook the consumers and get their complete attention. For example, they might say that they offer a free consultation, but it might not be entirely free in the end.

    It is of utmost importance for clients to check the policies of the platform they indulge with and look for the small print. If any firm features a lot of hidden conditions and expensive fees, then you might want to reconsider your decision and look for other alternatives. Top agencies charge anywhere between 7% to 35% if the recovery process is successful. Also, do not forget to check for retainer’s fees as it also plays an important role in the end amount one might have to pay for using a service.

    Stay away from Scams

    In the beginning, we mentioned that a lot of fraudulent firms are active in this sector. Here are the kind of characteristics they display, if you see more than one of the listed behaviours, then chances are it is not worth it to employ their services. As a general rule, stay away from any platform that sounds too needy in their approach.

    Aggressive Marketing – All the fake firms know that they have a limited life span. So, to make their filthy scheme work, they are forced to invest huge amounts of money in terms of marketing. In most cases, fraud platforms hire aggressive offshore sales people and their only goal is to make people buy their plans. The commission structure for the sales representative will be very high and the high incentives invites a lot of conflict of interest.

    If you are being contacted by a sales team again and again though you do not want to sign up with them, then it is a telltale sign of a scam. Watch out for the way a firm approaches you and if you smell desperateness along with passive aggressive statements, then it is time to turn them away.

    Creating urgency – Victims of online frauds are much more inclined towards acting out on impulses. Losing money is no joke and it does not matter the kind of hustle that gets you, in the end it does make a person more frustrated and emotional. While instant gratification is something we all like and love, the world does not support that theory in many instances.

    We are not saying that there are no firms that produce quick results, but if any organisation makes guaranteed claims about the task at hand, then it is most probably a scam. It is true that if enough time passes then it makes it hard for the agencies to recover the funds. However, there will always be enough time for the consumers to act up on it and anyone that says otherwise might not have your best interest in their minds.

    No Transparency – Lack of transparency is a trump card of every fraudulent platform out there. These types of firms usually act in a strange manner. There will always be some sort of mysteriousness around their existence and they intentionally avoid leaking any of their personal information.

    For instance, the firm might not reveal their phone number or address, contact clients only through email. The moment you smell something fishy, click away from their platform quickly and make sure you have not compromised any of your confidential information. 

    False Narratives – In recent times, most of the new firms claim to have some secret tool that apparently boosts their success rate. The legitimate organisations always explain in detail about the process they use and provide reports to justify their fees. On the flip side, the fake outlets boast about their capabilities. However, when it comes to attention to small details, they have nothing to show for it.

    Moreover, to get more revenue, they will twist a lot of general information to their advantage and mislead the people on purpose. The world of consumer finance is complicated yet straightforward. For any reason, if the firm you have shortlisted is making illogical arguments or claims, then we hope you know the things you need to do. Avoid them at any cost and do not let their sweet talk you into paying their sky high fees.

    Success Fees and Bitcoin Payments

    Many fraudulent platforms in this space are not using a deceptive yet subtle trick called success fees. Basically, they claim to have recovered the money on behalf of the victims, but before releasing the payment, they ask for a fee and usually it will be demanded through BTC.

    Changing the pricing schemes without providing any notice or revealing it beforehand is a thing that no reputable agencies would ever do. If you encounter any platform that operates in this kind of manner, then it is time to say goodbye to them because they certainly are not there to serve your needs.

    Questionable Policies – All the firms have their own set of terms and conditions for the end users. The main intention of creating policies is to maintain transparency at the highest level. Sadly, many sketchy platforms are tweaking things to their favor using their policies and are making people lose money with them. Things like retainers fees, attorney’s charges are always supposed to be mentioned beforehand.

    As expected and anticipated, fraudsters never function in that manner and quite often they have conflicting statements and terms in their policies. Whenever you come across a company that displays this specific trait, then know that they are highly skilled and it certainly is not worth your time to proceed with them.

    Associated Services

    With time everything evolves and recovery firms are no exception. In the beginning days, recovery agencies were confined to a small niche of cases and incidents. However, to stay one step ahead of the competition, they had to come up with something new and that depicts the current situation perfectly well. Along with helping the people navigate the world of consumer finance related frauds, a lot of firms nowadays also assist them in managing their debt in a better way.

    Some firms even offer a helping hand in personal finance and teach their clients the best ways of hunting and finding best interest rates on the market. We at Cyber Scam Review have been active in this sector for a long time and we have seen things that are literally revolutionary. While there is not a single platform on Earth that will satisfy all the needs of the clients, there are a few that offer practical solutions in a cumbersome free manner.

    Debt Related Service – New firms in this space have hired financial analysts that will help people manage their debt in an efficient manner. They handle things like debt consolidation, debt settlement and try their best to get you the lowest fees possible. Debt consolidation is an age old way used by many elites to keep their costs under tight control and it offers a lot of flexibility too.

    For example, instead of making multiple payments to the same creditor for different types of loans, it would be much easier to put it all in one basket and ask for lower interest rates. Debt settlement plans might take around 1 to 2 years and it depends upon the person’s financial commitments too. However, on the bright side they do help people clear off worrisome debts at a fast rate.

    Note that any debt related moves will have a serious affect on your credit score and that is exactly why you should be very careful while tweaking with the things mentioned above. Damaged credit score is obviously not desirable to any person and it might make things more complicated. If you are unsure of the consequences then hiring a financial adviser is never a bad idea and the professionals are certainly worth the fees they charge. 

    Common Types of Scams

    This section is focused on educating the masses about the most common types of scams and the kind of narratives they use to hook the public. Go through the following information and it will provide you an in-depth understanding about the way the most popular sectors work and the dirty secrets the crooks do not want you to know.

    Remember, the only advantage the crooks have is the lack of knowledge exhibited by the public. If everyone is educated enough to know all of their traits, then it will be easier for the authorities to put an end to them once and for all.

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    Investment and Trading Related Platforms – More than 50% of the scams present on the internet belongs to this category. Though the pandemic pushed the markets off a cliff, it made a phenomenal recovery and the opportunities it presented were encashed by many. Cyber criminals love rags to riches stories and they try all day long to take advantage of narratives and turn them into a trap for the retail clients.

    If you see any firm that is advertising high returns with little to no verifiable data, then most probably you are dealing with a scam. So, to avoid walking into the fancy traps, stick with regulated entities and never take chances with new platforms unless sufficient data and evidence is presented.

    Lottery Scams – Who in the world does not like free money? We are pretty sure that you might have come across these kinds of scams on a regular basis and thank God, they are easy to spot. While most people simply ignore this sort of claim, sadly, few people do believe in them and they are the ones that lose both confidential information and money to them.

    Legitimate online lotteries still do exist, but they never ask for any kind of advanced fees or personal information to process the payments. Crooks that are experts in this field usually use email marketing to reach the victims. If you get an email from an unknown person or entity asking to make a payment, then never entertain their demands and click away from their content immediately.

    Other Get rich Quick Schemes – The Internet is filled with many make money online and make money quick opportunities. From dropshipping to affiliate marketing, the reality is indeed generous when it comes to offering choices. At the end of the day to be truly successful in any niche, it needs a lot of errors and complete dedication along with lots of trial and error attempts. Some people do like to shorten the path by automating few aspects of the business and there is nothing wrong with that.

    However, if anyone claims to make you rich and all you have to do is click a few buttons, then it is highly likely to be a hustle that will leave you high and dry. Overnight success is a dream that snake-oil salesmen have been selling for decades and unfortunately, the trend is still going strong. Currently, there are many scams in existence and the problem is beyond anyone’s comprehension. So, to safeguard your interests, say no to anything that sounds either way too easy or way too good to be true.

    Reputable Chargeback Service

    Our team consists of experts that have over 3 decades of combined experience. If you have been a victim of any kind of online scams, then feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with us. The process of recovering the funds is complicated for the average citizen and sometimes the formalities might be overwhelming.

    For best results, it is always better to let the professionals take over and if you manage to find the reputable ones, know that they never charge for consultation just like us. Recovering funds is not a new thing in the world of finance and many firms have entered and exited this niche. By far, the most reputable firm and the go to solution for most victims is MyChargeback.

    You can read the full MyChargeback Review. The firm mentioned above is active from 2016 and the reputation they have built is exceptional to say the least. Their platform is upfront regarding all of their policies and the best part about them is, they offer best customer support ever. They are reachable through phone, email and livechat.

    The entire process of submitting a claim with them is a breeze and once you land on their platform, almost everything becomes self-explanatory. We appreciate the kind of planning that has gone to the user experience aspect and they are industry leaders for a reason. Moreover, they have got numerous mentions from famous brands and they are affiliated with FCA as well.

    In other words, their business model is solid and apart from the fact that they are not that much into cryptocurrency tracing, it is hard to find any other major concerning flaws about them. Keep in mind that their pricing is not fixed and in general it can range anywhere between 7% to 35% and it depends upon the nature of the case. In case, if you want to know their success rate, it is around 90% which is pretty good. 


    Being a victim of online fraud is never a good thing. Unfortunately, many people fall for the trap without realising it and if they are educated enough, then most of the time the funds are relatively easy to recover. Credit card users are generally protected to the maximum extent and thanks to the current set of consumer protection laws along with advanced forensic tools, it is getting hard for crooks to move the stolen funds.

    However, none of the things mentioned above means one should give up hope. Remember, the key to recovering funds at the earliest is to act quick and employ professionals as soon as possible. Additionally, it also helps to know the common traits of a scam as it allows you to avoid them in the future. 

    If you need help with recovering funds from any type of online scams, then feel free to use the contact form on our site to get in touch with our experts. 

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