Racoon Mobile Casino Scam Review – Explained

Racoon is a new online casino that is getting popular in the wrong way. People are searching for the term “Racoon Mobile Casino Scam” because of the overly bearish user sentiment. We were shocked at the kind of negative reactions they received and decided to do a thorough investigation.

During our time on their platform, we experienced a lot of things firsthand and frankly, they aren’t the best gambling platform by any standard. Of course, the software they use is up to par with the competitor and the slot machine collection is also huge.

Deposit and withdrawal terms are straightforward. However, the deposit offered is way too much and that kind of feature might hint at a few conflicts of interest.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, you should know both the merits and demerits before reaching any conclusions about them. Read the following paragraphs and it will unravel all of their traits so that you can be fully informed.

Racoon Mobile Casino Scam Review

Owners and Regulation

Online casinos are pretty much like trading institutions, they have to be regulated or else the public cannot take chances with them. After all, who would trust a stranger with no history to handle their funds, right? Transparency and regulation goes hand in hand. We spent a lot of time trying to dig up details about Racoon Casino.

Sadly, every time we thought we made progress, it always happened to be a dead end. In simple words, the owner’s information is hidden and their licensing details are almost impossible to find. We do not understand why they are operating in such a mysterious manner.

Given the fact that they are new to the sector, the lack of proper documentation is indeed a huge red flag no one can take lightly. So, keep this fact in mind and do not share confidential information with them unless more clarity appears. If you have to make deposit, then use an e-wallet for best results.

Games and Activities supported by Racoon

Pandemic acted like a boon to the online industry. Things like gaming, online gambling grew way too fast in a short period of time. Not even market analysts saw this kind of thing in advance. As this niche was growing exponentially a lot of new players entered into it and are trying to make a mark for themselves.

Racoon offers over 1000 types of games. From sports to slot machines, pretty much everything you need can be found on their platform as well. Rules are simple and straightforward. Software used by them is all up to standards and we will discuss them later in this post.

For football fans, the conditions are way too favourable and as far as the collections go, chances of anyone complaining is slim. As long as you are gambling responsibility, there is nothing to be worried about.

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    Software and Interface

    Online casinos often tarnish their names and associated brands when they employ unknown software. When it comes to the digital world, the casinos have to maintain their reputation or else things can go downhill quickly. In the past, numerous entities were caught cheating and they all died very early.

    Racoon Vegas Casino is smart when it comes to employing apt software. They support live vendor games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, etc,. Programs like NetEnt, Novomatic, Pragmatic Play, Evolution and much more are used by them.

    All in all, safe practices are observed. The only issue with them is about the licensing part and nothing more. 

    Deposit and Withdrawals

    Sadly, many fake casinos are popping up online and are luring people in at an alarming level. Few creative criminals go one step further and design platforms in a way which makes users unable to cash out their earnings. Racoon Casino has set the threshold for both deposit and withdrawals at 20 Euros. There are a lot of promotions going on and every one of them have their own separate set of conditions.

    Matching deposit bonus is present, but read the conditions carefully before employing any of the perks. 400% matching bonus offered by them might look generous at first, but the conditions associated are way too much. While enhancing your capital might feel good, be cautious or else your money will be stuck with the vendor forever.

    Payment methods supported by them are plenty and they include both the traditional ways, e-wallets and Bitcoin. Processing time depends upon the mechanisms you choose. Time taken for withdrawals are not clearly outlined. 

    Customer Support

    Online casinos have to give utmost importance to customer care. Things like processing delay, technical glitches will always invite a lot of trouble. For obvious reasons, users will also get in touch with the support team and they will naturally be expecting quality treatment.

    Unlike a lot of big names, Racoon Casino does not offer telephone support. Regardless of how urgent your issue might be, the only way to get in touch with them is via live chat and email.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    They appear to be on a tight budget and under-staffed. As the support team is not par with the giants in the sector, do take this point into consideration before proceeding with them.

    Email – support@Racoon-vegas.com

    Racoon Casino User Feedback

    Racoon Casino is not active for long, but still thanks to their popularity, user feedback is available on popular forums. Just like we mentioned before, the consensus about them is negative. Note that there is no way to verify all the accusations made against them.

    However, the way the comments are stacked up, something certainly appears to be out of line. Take a look at the comments made by users below. Do you still think it is a good idea to proceed with them?(Source – Trustpilot)

    Really poor experience. Plays fine on £3 per spin, minute you win and start upping the stakes it all goes to crap. Every spin at £7.50 = signal lost, return to main menu. Bizarre give it was fine at £3 and I have just under a gig internet speed wise. Absolute bandits, will not be using again

    I’ve been trying to get 2 deposits I made over 10 days ago back. Not in my playing account and not back in my bank. Feel sorry for the folk on the live chat.

    Is Racoon Casino a Scam?

    This is a question that is difficult to answer because on one hand, they do exhibit disturbing traits. On the other hand, there is no solid evidence which is publicly available. We are not saying that you should proceed with them. However, we are just merely highlighting the fact that there are much better options available that are regulated.

    Our best advice for you is to avoid new firms like this one until more information and user reviews pop up on the internet. After all, there is no point in throwing your money around with unknown entities, right? 


    Racoon Mobile Casino Scam is a strange term and incident. Many people claim to have lost money to them. However, it is hard to prove anything. If you have lost money to them, then get in touch with us.

    We will help you navigate through the legality process and recover your funds for free. All you have to do to begin the process is fill the contact form below. 

    Share your thoughts on Racoon Mobile Casino Scam by commenting below. 

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