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Recently, one of our partners related to us a complaint they have received  from an Algeria person who reported losing $100:

I have been approached by a person on Facebook with an investment proposal through a fraudulent website called [sic]

So is Regal Miners a SCAM? Review was registered through Upperlink Limited for one year on November 24, 2022.

Hydra Communications Ltd hosts it.

The registrant contact is:

Name: Charles Udoyen
Street: #2 Odiong Street, Ikot Ataku, Eket
City: Eket
State: Akwa Ibom
Postal Code: 520001
Country: Nigeria
Phone: +234 903 483 1958

About Regal Miners claims to be an online investment company that offers various investment plans with different returns and durations.

They allegedly base their trading model on price movements and effective money management strategies. They use extensive technical and fundamental analysis to identify trade opportunities and generate stable profits for their customers.

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    The company highlights its secure investment environment, ensuring the safety of fund transactions and personal data. They offer SSL encryption for safe browsing.

    They claim to be a registered company in the UK. However, no proof or way to verify this claim is provided.

    They also claim to provide instant withdrawals upon request.

    Regal Miners Investment Plans offers several investment plans for its customers. The plans are categorized as BASIC, REGULAR, PREMIUM, and EXCLUSIVE.

    Each plan offers different returns and investment durations:

    • The BASIC plan provides a return of 10% within 24 hours. The minimum investment amount for this plan is $50, while the maximum is $499. Customers also have the opportunity to earn a referral bonus of 10% for this plan.
    • The REGULAR plan provides a return of 40% within 48 hours. The minimum investment required for this plan is $500, and the maximum investment amount is $999. Like the BASIC plan, customers can earn a referral bonus of 10% for this plan.
    • The PREMIUM plan is described as popular and offers a return of 60% within 96 hours. To participate in this plan, the minimum investment amount is $1000, while the maximum is $5000. A referral bonus of 10% is also available for the PREMIUM plan.
    • The EXCLUSIVE plan is labeled as the best sale and offers the highest return. Investors can earn 80% within one week with this plan. The minimum investment amount for the EXCLUSIVE plan is $1000, and there is no specified maximum investment limit. Similar to the other plans, a referral bonus of 10% can be earned for the EXCLUSIVE plan.

    These plans offer unrealistically high returns within short periods and are thus red flags.

    FAQ & About Us

    The FAQ section addresses various questions potential investors may have. The questions and answers cover a wide range of topics.

    These include how to invest with, what to do if one does not have an e-currency account, how to open a Regal-Miners account, the accepted e-currencies, the process of withdrawing funds, the time it takes for a deposit to be added to an account, changing email addresses or passwords, how profits are paid out, calculating interest on the account, and whether direct deposits can be made from the account balance.

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    The About Us page contains no information about the company behind this website.

    Contact Information

    • Telephone: +447438604146
    • Email:
    • Location: 9 Goldington Road, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

    The same phone number can be found on another website,, which appears to be a clone, but provides an additional telephone number (+4321-7654543), email ( and address: House-2, Road-7, old Street, Torronto. [sic]

    The number +4321-7654543 is a valid Austria number that can be found on multiple websites, such as:

    • and appear to be clones.

    Links to social media from are broken, except for a WhatsApp link.

    There’s a live chat widget as well as a WhatsApp widget.

    The registration address is

    The login address is

    The copyright line reads “Copyright © 2022 Regal-Miners,” even though we’re already in 2023.

    The “Our Team” section of provides information about their expert team members. The page lists several individuals along with their respective roles and positions within the company:

    1. Derek Thowler – CEO
    2. Rex Lewis – Team Member
    3. Lucy Davidson – Advisor
    4. Carole Dean – Team Member
    5. Justin Allen – Advisor
    6. Aziz Ali – Advisor

    These team members are presumably involved in the management, advisory, and operational aspects of

    However, a quick search reveals that the images are stock photos and not actual photos of team members.

    Regal Miners Reviews

    There aren’t many Regal Miners to be found online at the moment.

    Paranoid Web Extension is flagged as suspicious and low-trust by the Paranoid Web Extension plugin. It is categorized as a potentially fraudulent investment/earning website that may attempt to steal funds under the guise of making money.

    The website has several negative indicators, such as elements of design resembling previously detected suspicious websites, being a young website created less than six months ago, and lacking social network links. It is advised to avoid this website.

    The review highlights that engages in activities associated with high fraud risks, particularly related to cryptocurrency, investments, and casinos.

    Scammers often exploit cryptocurrencies to deceive people. The review provides tips to avoid crypto scams, such as not making cryptocurrency payments to unknown entities, being skeptical of promises of guaranteed profits, and not mixing online dating with investment advice.

    Investment scams, including pump and dump schemes, advance fee scams, unregistered securities, and Ponzi schemes, are discussed as common types of fraud targeting individuals seeking investment opportunities.

    The review advises caution, thorough research, and avoiding investments that promise high returns with no risk. It emphasizes reporting incidents of investment scams and safeguarding personal and financial information.

    Overall, is considered suspicious and potentially fraudulent. Users are advised to exercise caution, avoid entering personal information or engaging in financial transactions on the website, and be aware of the risks associated with investment scams and online fraud.

    Scamadviser has a trust score of 1 out of 100 on Scamadviser, indicating a high risk of being a scam website. The review highlights several negative indicators, such as free email addresses, a high-risk country location, low-rated websites on the same server, and the possibility of offering High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) services.

    The overall assessment suggests caution and thorough research before interacting with the website.

    Since there are no user reviews about Regal Miners, we look at reviews of some of its associated domains.

    ARTISTS AGAINST 419 maintains a database of fake websites and provides information to help users identify and avoid these scams.

    One specific fake site listed in the database is “” This website is categorized as an “Other or not classified” scam associated with crypto scams.

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    The site’s URL is provided as “,” but it is noted that the website has expired.

    Contact details listed include a telephone number (+0890-564-5644), an email address (, and another telephone number (+4321-7654543) and email address ( associated with a different scam website named “”

    The address provided for TippleCee is House-2, Road-7, old Street, Toronto. (or London.)

    The registrar for the domain is Namecheap, Inc.

    Lucky Ifeanyi Nwaogbo

    Apparently, a person named Lucky Ifeanyi Nwaogbo is identified as a webmaster catering to scammers. The thread contains various posts and information about Nwaogbo’s involvement in advance fee fraud activities.

    The user “Garrett,” who appears to be a site administrator, shares details and evidence linking Nwaogbo to multiple fraudulent websites and activities.

    The thread includes a list of domain names registered by Nwaogbo, such as,, and several others.

    The post also highlights Nwaogbo’s association with fake banks, loan scams, fake shipping companies, phishing websites, non-delivery scams, bitcoin, investment, and romance scams.

    The websites mentioned in the thread target victims in America, Europe, and Asia.

    The post provides additional information about Nwaogbo’s involvement in fraudulent activities.

    It includes details about domain registrations, email addresses, fake phone numbers, and various forum posts where Nwaogbo advertises his services or offers assistance related to scams.

    Furthermore, the post mentions that in 2019, Nwaogbo set up, which redirects to Both websites are identified as being owned by Nwaogbo.

    The list of scam websites associated with Nwaogbo continues, featuring various domain names involved in different fraudulent schemes.

    The thread includes evidence from different sources, such as scam-reporting websites, online forums, and domain registration information.

    This thread aims to expose Lucky Ifeanyi Nwaogbo’s involvement in advance fee fraud and alert users to his activities. is also no longer active as it has expired. It is associated with a scam type known as non-delivery, indicating that it likely involved fraudulent transactions where goods were not delivered as promised.

    The contact details provided for the website include telephone numbers: +4321-7654543 / +43217654543 and an email address: The physical location mentioned is House-50/2 Manhatan.

    The registrar of the domain is Bigrock Solutions Ltd.

    No information is available about this still active clone.

    It was registered through NameCheap, Inc. for one year on July 31, 2022. Hetzner Online GmbH hosts it.

    Coinarox claims to be based in Washington, DC, USA.

    The contact telephone number is +14137294385 (a Massachusetts, USA number), and the email address is

    The company’s physical address: 101 H Street SE, Washington, DC. registration date: April 26, 2022.

    Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.

    It has a 2% Semrush Authority Score with two backlinks from 1 referring domain: a review site that contains no information about them.

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    The provided information includes the email address and the telephone number +4321-7654543.

    According to Scam Detector’s website validator, has a rank of 28.7 out of 100, indicating low trustworthiness. The website falls under the cryptocurrency industry and sector. offers automated trading services to both retail and institutional clients, specializing in crypto trading bots for platforms like Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Bitmex.

    The Scam Detector’s review rates with a 28.7 out of 100 score. The rating is based on various factors, including the domain’s newness, technology, social media feedback, and customer service quality.


    In conclusion, the Regal Miners website raises several red flags, indicating that it could be a potentially fraudulent investment operation.

    The company promises unreasonably high returns within short time frames, and the lack of verifiable company registration or clear information about the team behind the site raises serious doubts about its legitimacy.

    There are also multiple associations with suspicious websites and shared contact details that are typically characteristic of scam operations.

    While the company claims to have a secure investment environment and offers SSL encryption, these security measures alone do not guarantee safety. No proof is provided for the company’s registration in the UK, and the site’s low trust scores on various online platforms further substantiate the concerns.

    The site’s association with Lucky Ifeanyi Nwaogbo, a figure implicated in various forms of online fraud, is particularly alarming.

    Furthermore, the reviews of associated domains like,,, and provide additional warnings, indicating possible scam operations and dubious investment services.

    Therefore, potential investors should exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough research before making financial commitments to or associated websites. Always remember that if an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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