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Broker Complaint Registry is a service that is dedicated to help the victims of online scams especially the ones that are related to the world of investments. Recently, we can clearly see the kind of impact cryptocurrency trading and forex trading has on the retail side.

While skilled people are making a fortune, scammers are busy looting the naive people using misleading narratives. The regulators cannot eradicate the problem and to address the situation, this firm is going aggressive and is taking all the steps required to protect the public.

Their blog and educational content section is thorough and the way they struggle to expose all the latest schemes is unparalleled. Even the user experience is intuitive and simple.

While most of the process they do to recover the funds are mentioned on their official platform, there are few things you need to be aware of. To fully understand the morals and driving principles of this company along with other related aspects encompassing them, continue reading.

Broker Complaint Registry Review

Contact Information and Support

Recovery agencies just like all the mainstream firms should maintain transparent and open relationship with the public. This firm has put in a lot of effort to stay connected with the clients. People can reach out to them via telephone, email, physical visit and contact form.

They are present in different countries and work around the clock to keep up with demand. If you are looking for all of their contact information, then refer to the section below. Note that their staff are extremely professional and as far as subject expertise goes, you really cannot ask for more. 


  • (USA) 1-224-707-1500
  • (UK) 44-16-176-81966
  • Address – 250 Parkway Drive, Suite 150 Lincolnshire, IL 60069
  • Email –

Broker Complaint Registry Agendas

The main goal of this firm is to expose all the latest scams in the financial sector and protect people from losing their hard earned money. They have gained enormous understanding about the way fraudulent brokers and other scam investment platforms work and that allows them to quickly make the culprits pay up.

From building up the case using forensic tools to handling legal matters, everything is taken care of by them. Along with the frauds related to the finance sector, they offer a wide range of services.

To know the entire list of things they can help you with read the following paragraphs as well. All in all, their motives are all justified and their end goal is without doubt a noble one. Moreover, they put in so much time to  their blogs which cover almost all kinds of shady brokers and sites. 

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    Blog Section and Areas they cover

    If you are someone that is active in the field of finance, then you should visit their blogs every now and then to keep an eye on the latest trends. Their content strategy is solid and it goes without mentioning that everything is strategically enacted by them.

    In their blogs, they expose fake brokers, discuss scam ICOs and much more. The kind of topics covered by them is so huge and we cannot possibly cover them in one post.

    Just to give you an idea about the areas they cover in detail, we have created the following table.

    • CFD Scam
    • Forex Trading Scam Bitcoin Forex Scam
    • Forex Withdrawal Scam
    • Loan Scam
    • Corona Scam
    • Debt Collection Scam
    • Hacking
    • ICO fraud
    • Wire Fraud
    • Casino Scam
    • Romance Scam
    • Fake Brokers
    • Lottery or Sweepstakes Scam

    Broker Complaint Registry Feedback and Community

    As Broker Complaint Registry is popular and has helped many people over the years, finding information about them is easy and simple. A simple Google search is more than enough to see the kind of community they have built.

    On top of the feedback from other forums, you can interact with others in their in-house forum as well. There are few basic rules to follow to open an account.

    However, once you are in, the strong community and quick response from other users will give you a sense of security and comfort. At the end of the day, the way this firm cares about the end consumers is appealing to say the least. 

    Services Offered

    The Broker Complaint Registry works with many entities and are involved with the recovery process from a wide variety of frauds. Here’s the complete list of services they offer.

    • Chargeback Process and Types
    • Intelligence Reports
    • Wire Recalls
    • Fund Recovery Service
    • Cryptocurrency Reports
    • Cryptocurrency Complaints
    • Broker Complaints

    If you need information on any specific service, then gather all the data you have and contact the support team. As each and every case is different, the costs and other processes will vary a lot.

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    As a general rule, the quicker you act and raise a complaint, the better chances you will have when it comes to recovering the entire amount. 

    Is Broker Complaint Registry Safe?

    Broker Complaint Registry is a completely safe and genuine agency that is fighting the scam brokers and ICO frauds from the front. They are looking after the safety of the retail investors and are working towards betterment of the society. Transparency is present and everything about them enhances their profile to a whole new level.

    In case you have lost money to things like online scam or identity theft, then definitely, proceed with them. Remember, fees depend upon a lot of things but mainly it correlates with complexity present in the dispute. Nonetheless, you will know all the charges once you sign up for a consultation. 


    This firm has a lot of outstanding traits and characteristics. They fight with the cyber criminals in a daring manner and are constantly in touch with a lot of authorities all around the world. Pricing is fair and the customer support is also extremely good.

    Considering the way they operate while keeping a noble end goal in mind, we indeed feel inspired. If you are thinking about using their service, then feel free to sign up with them.

    Also, share your experience in the section below and enlighten our community about your findings. 

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