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Welcome to our Sedgeford Services & Troy Income and Growth Trust Impostor Scam Review in which we investigate the websites that were used to be found at and

On March 17, 2023, the following complaint was made with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a Phoenix, Arizona, USA person who claims being scammed by a Cryptocurrency Investment website (through a romance scam) as well as by a fake Asset Recovery Company:

This company [Sedgeford Services] offered to help me recover the money I lost in a bitcoin romance scam. They requested my bitcoin receipts and other details. Later, they informed me that they had traced the scammers to a cryptocurrency investment firm.

However, I had doubts about the company’s legitimacy as they communicated with me via WhatsApp. They then convinced me to log into the investment firm, which I suspect was also a scam.

The company, called Troy Income and Growth Trust, displayed an account in my name with my email address, which showed $520,000. They demanded a 15% fee to retrieve my money and transfer it to my Coinme account [CoinMe is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Seattle, Washington.]

I couldn’t pay the upfront fee, so they pressured me to borrow the money. Eventually, I declined and hung up on them, and they stopped contacting me. I believe that both companies are operating online and targeting people who have already fallen victim to scams like myself.

The scammer’s reported information includes:

  • an email address:
  • a telephone: (144) 208-12331 (an invalid number; perhaps a typo)
  • and a URL:

So what is

And what is Troy Income and Growth Trust?

What's left of - a cached version of the Sedgeford Services website.
A cached version of, a site that’s no longer online

Sedgeford Services Review

Currently, the website returns a 403 Forbidden error (“Access to this resource on the server is denied!”)

The domain was registered on June 11, 2022, for one year through Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a It is hosted by Hostinger International Limited.

So less than one year after it was registered, this website is already off the Internet. Let’s look at the traces it left online.

Four pages are still indexed on Google:

  • a Contact page (description: “We specialize in recovering assets that have been lost as a consequence of online financial fraud of any kind. We take satisfaction in developing case-winning …”)
  • FAQ (description: “If you suspect a fraud, a scam, or a questionable business practice, report it. SHOULD I STILL REPORT IT IF I’M UNSURE IF IT’S A SCAM OR FRAUD?”)
  • Blog
  • and a blog post titled “How do I withdraw money from binary option trading?” (Description: May 25, 2022 — Charge a hefty withdrawal charge. After taking possession of the client’s funds, vanish. Ignore the client’s communications. Clients may be …)

These pages are still cached so we can take a deeper look at what they used to contain.

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    So apparently SedgeFord claimed to be a company that specializes in recovering assets lost to online financial fraud. Their blog featured articles on topics such as recovering money from forex trading scams, military scams, and Nigerian scams, as well as how to avoid crypto and romance scams. They also allegedly provided customized case-winning tactics for their clients.

    The site had the following menu items: Home, About Us, Service, FAQ, Blog, Scenario, and Contact.

    Their contact information was:

    Telephone: +44 20 8123 3851 (a valid UK number).

    When searching for this number in Google, we find there’s another website called, which also returns a 403 like and it’s also hosted by Hostinger so we believe both sites were created by the same people.

    Email: (same as the email reported in the complaint we opened this article with.)

    Address: Stephenson Smart 22-26 King St 22 – 26 King Street, King’s Lynn, England, PE30 1HJ – entering this address in Google Maps retrieves the location of an accountant by the name of “Stephenson Smart Accountants” (

    They also provided a live chat widget and a contact form.

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    Sedgeford Services Reviews

    There are a few mentions of Sedgeford online, but no actual reviews.

    We find some spam posts on Quora and SiteJabber. For example:

    I invested my savings here [] only for them to give empty promises and nothing has been gained, cannot even get my money back until recently a company by Sedgefordservices\ org looked into my issue and now i have everything out…

    Troy Income and Growth Trust

    Troy Income and Growth Trust is a legitimate investment company, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. (Company number SC111955.)

    On their website (, Troy Asset Management warns investors of a fake website created by fraudsters to commit investment fraud for the Troy Income & Growth Trust. The firm confirms that the fraudulent URL is not linked to Troy Income & Growth Trust or any fund managed by Troy.

    The authorities have been notified of the scam, and investors should exercise extreme caution and contact if they have doubts about any communications from Troy or Troy Income & Growth Trust.

    Unfortunately, the real Troy Income and Growth Trust are providing high-quality backlinks for the scam sites, thereby ironically giving them power.

    This Troy Income and Growth Trust impostor scam was hosted on the domain, which was registered on September 14, 2020, for 3 years also through Hostinger, UAB by Stealth Ranger, New York, USA.

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 2 with 419 backlinks from 4 referring domains.

    Compare that to the authentic domain, which was registered in 2010 and has an Authority Score of 19% with 523 backlinks from 90 referring domains.

    Another authentic domain is It was registered on October 11, 2000.

    The domain is no longer online, but the following pages are still indexed:

    • Homepage: Troy Income & Growth Trust -Invest In The Future We give you the opportunity to start investing in the financial markets and develop a profitable investment strategy. Experienced Team; Strong DDos Protection …
    • Referrals: › referrals With our affiliate program you can make money by referring clients to Troy Income & Growth Trust . Promote us by placing our banners or text ads on your …
    • FAQ: FAQ – Troy Income & Growth Trust › faq 02. Where can I see my transaction history? Your transaction history together with all the rest of your account activities may be accessed through the platform.
    • Account verification: Account verification – Troy Income & Growth Trust › account-verification Troy Income & Growth Trust require a clear government-issued photo ID. POIs issued by workplace or schools are not accepted. The name, Date of birth and the …
    • Legal Documentation – Troy Income & Growth Trust › legaldocumentation Troy Income & Growth Trust’s full company documentation. Please read it carefully before you start Investing. Read More. PRIVACY POLICY. We’re proud to …

    They claimed their address was: 10 St. Colme Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6AA. (This is the address of Personal Assets Trust PLC, see:

    Telephone: +44 20 8123 3851 (Same telephone number used in SedgeFord.)

    Email adress: was a website that offered investment opportunities in financial markets. The company claimed to provide investors with attractive income yields and capital growth through technology and knowledge.

    The website promoted investment opportunities with promises of high returns and easy withdrawals, without providing clear information on how they achieve these results or the potential risks involved.

    There were no verifiable credentials or licenses listed for the company, and the website appeared to lack transparency and credibility. This is indicative of an investment scam.

    The Starter Package offered a 20% ROI with a 5 business day period. Professional consulting was available, and the minimum deposit amount was $500 while the maximum was $10,000.

    The Silver Package offered a 30% ROI with a 5 business day period. Professional consulting was also available for this package, and the minimum deposit amount was $10,000 while the maximum was $50,000.

    The Gold Package also offered a 30% ROI with a 5 business day period. Professional consulting was included, and the minimum deposit amount was $50,000 while the maximum was $100,000.

    The promised returns of 20-30% within a short period of five business days are unusually high and is a sign of a Ponzi scheme or other fraudulent activity.

    Bottom Line

    To conclude, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona lodged a complaint with the BBB after falling victim to a romance scam. Unfortunately, they were scammed a second time by a fraudulent asset recovery firm (“Sedgeford Services”), which utilized a fake website posing as a legitimate UK investment company.

    The lesson from this article is to be cautious and vigilant when dealing with companies offering to recover assets lost to online financial fraud and to thoroughly research and verify the legitimacy of any company before entrusting them with personal and financial information or paying any fees upfront.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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