Thatsuite Money Scam – It is Legit!

Thatsuite Money is a website which is helping people(victims) get compensation from Microsoft and Microsoft Canada. The lawsuit alleged that the firm artificially inflated the price of their products in certain regions. Efforts put in by the people running this platform is the real deal and they even succeeded in their venture.

However, the word “scam” was added next to this platform’s name in the search engines as many people had doubts about the entire situation. The end settlement amount available after deducting all kinds of legal fees involved is CAD 409,936,100. If you were a resident of Canada as of March 25th 2016 and bought genuine versions of Microsoft software, then you are entitled for the compensation ranging from $6 to over $600.

We all can agree that at first glance the amount put up is enticing to say the least. However, to know all the details about the process, documents required and other criteria, continue reading our detailed post.

Thatsuite Money Scam Review

What is Thatsuite Money Scam?

There have been a good number of scams operating under the name of Microsoft support which have been collectively referred as Thatsuite Money scam. Nonetheless, the real Thatsuite Money platform is not a scam and the people involved with it are all trustworthy.

The tagline used by this platform “your old software owes you money” along with upto $250 compensation claims made a lot of people suspect the authenticity of the firm. However, once the people were made aware of the exact process of raising a ticket and getting the compensation, everyone was happy with it.

After all, a vast majority of people never knew about the malpractices in the first place and if there was no Thatsuite Money, they probably would have never figured it out. Background

According to the information provided on their website, the class action lawsuits were started in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. The lawsuit alleged that Microsoft and Microsoft Canada were involved in a conspiracy to increase their product prices through unfair practises.

Pretty soon, a settlement was reached and the defendants ended up paying a net settlement amount of CAD 409,936,100. Note that, the net amount was reached after deducting all the court approved legal fees and other expenses were discounted.

In order to know the information regarding the types of compensation offered and the ways to claim it, keep on reading the post.

Contact Information

To get money from this lawsuit, the eligible users should provide certain documents along with evidence such as the receipts, product identification number, product key number and other credible written evidence. With the data, the users should also share certain personal information if the claim amount is more than certain threshold(around $200 or more).

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    Though, the information put on their website gives precise instruction, there might be some concerns from the user’s side. So, if you have got any question which was not answered by any content online, then use the following information to get in touch with Thatsuite Money.

    Canadian Microsoft Software Class Actions Claims Administrator

    c/o Epiq Class Action Services Canada Inc.

    P.O. Box 507 STN B, Ottawa ON K1P 5P6


    Telephone: 1-833-451-8815

    Fax: 1-866-262-0816

    Eligibility Criteria

    Whenever you are dealing with big firms, it is always necessary to make sure that you are right on your part. Moreover, one wrong move could result in severe unwanted consequences which is why you should always double check the details?

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    Below, we have collected all the necessary details about the eligibility criteria, go through them to know whether you qualify for the compensation or not.

    First and foremost a person eligible for the compensation must be a Canadian resident as of May 25th 2016 and should have purchased a license from Microsoft between December 23rd 1998 and March 11th 2010.

    • PC version of Microsoft’s Word, Excel, Works Suite, Office or Home Essentials applications software
    • PC version of Microsoft’s MS-DOS or Windows operating Systems software

    All of the purchases must be made in Canada and the copies bought should be genuine. Note that, in the mentioned period if you acquired any intel compatible devices with pre-installed Microsoft software, then also you are eligible for the compensation.

    How to Submit claims on Thatsuite Money?

    There seems to be a lot of confusion or just lack of information about the process involved. For detailed step by step information, you can visit the official or you can alternatively read our post to know the highlights.

    In order to make a claim for compensation, you need to know whether you fall under the category of Consumer Cash Payments or Volume licensee Vouchers. Once you have figured out the segment you fall under you can directly get involved with the platform and send them the required documents such as proof of identity, required evidence, etc,.

    On the other hand, you can use this link to directly hop on to the page. Their interface is extremely user-friendly and straight forward. We don’t think anyone will face issues while dealing with the platform.

    Settlement Process

    The amount of money the users of Microsoft should receive depends upon a variety of factors listed below. Generally speaking, it is anywhere between CAD 6.50 all the way upto CAD 250.

    Consumer Cash Payments – If you bought a license for one of the Microsoft products listed in Canada, you are most likely eligible for a cash payment. Any purchases made through a volume licensing program is not eligible under this category.

    Volume Licensee Vouchers – If you purchased any licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing program, for use in Canada, then you may be eligible to get a certain amount as compensation which is redeemable for some Microsoft products.

    Note that, for claims below CAD 250, no additional documents are required. However, for amounts higher than CAD 250, users have to provide receipts, product identification number, Certificate of Authenticity, etc,.

    Before, we wrap up this post we want all of our readers to know that the deadline to submit the claims is 23rd September 2021

    What do you think about Thatsuite Money? Were you able to get full compensation? Comment your answer below.

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