USPS Lottery Scam – September 2021 Report

From time to time scammers use different approaches, but if you look closely the underlying pattern never changes. This time around they are peddling something called the USPS Lottery Scam.

The United States Postal Service is undoubtedly one of the most trusted branches of the Federal government. Cyber criminals are trying to taint the name of the USPS by using their name to perpetrate phishing links via text messages.

Unfortunately, the actual culprits behind this hustle are not caught yet and for the time being the officials are trying to raise awareness about the way this kind of fraud works. While most people are already familiar with the ways of detecting harmful links, a portion of the population is not that aware about the dangers harmful links pose.

Regardless of which side of the equation you are coming from, stick with us and we will show you all of the ways used by cyber criminals to manipulate the public. 

USPS Lottery Scam


Fraudulent activities and scams are something that has been a big problem for governments all around the world. Despite many years of research and efforts, it is still not possible to eradicate them and the internet has just fuelled the rage.

The United States Postal Service has done a good job of safeguarding the interest of the citizens and keeping them out of the reach of scammers. Unfortunately, a few times the criminals have used extraordinary ways to breach the barrier and have accomplished their end goal.

USPS quickly realised that the only way to combat this type of issue in particular is by keeping the users updated and that is why they publish posts about latest scams on the official website. Along with the educational content, they do warn people about the latest mishaps and the ways of dealing with it.

As a rule of thumb, if anyone approaches you asking for your personal information with a not so transparent narrative, then you need to report the incident immediately. 

USPS Lottery Scam Explained

Lately, a lot of people in the US have been getting text messages containing phishing links with the same old lottery narratives. The text content encourages people to cash in their rewards by clicking the link attached.

As expected, the link redirects to a sketchy website that asks for way too much data. It goes without saying that the registrant information of the website is not revealed anywhere and it is hidden using a paid service.

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    People that unknowingly feed details on the shady website will experience a monetary loss for sure and there is a sky high chance of identity theft as well. To put things into perspective the risks involved are way too much and no one should even dare to take chances with them.

    One of the prominent factors that encourages people to clink on the links is the brand name used by the crooks. So, every time you get a text, always verify the source and if for some reason you cannot do that, then do not click on the links. In other words, using official websites is way better in every scenario. 

    Types of Related Fraud

    The USPS Lottery Scam might be the new thing everyone’s talking about. However, the same kind of patterns can be found in a bunch of related types of hustles. Take a look at the list below and it will highlight the important points. 

    Internet Fraud

    This one is currently a big problem. Fake lottery scams, faucets and shopping websites are the niches that scammers love. Narrative for every hustle is different to a certain extent.

    The best way to detect this scam is by looking out for too good to be true deals. If you spot something that looks like a bargain, then it might be time to rethink everything. After all, sellers cannot sustain themselves by giving tremendous price cuts, right?

    Financial Incentives

    Emails or texts stating that you have won “x” amount of money are fairly common nowadays. While the thought of getting free money is mesmerising, do not get impulsive. Always check the sources thoroughly and do not pay any amount before you have done the background search.

    More importantly, if the person on the other side is pestering you, then be wise enough to end the call and report the incident to your local law enforcement authorities. 

    Identity Theft

    Identity theft is a growing concern in the United States. People affected by this scam might not even know the consequences unless it is too late. This scam affects a lot of things like credit score, mental health, etc,.

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    So, be careful with your data and if you have slightest doubt regarding any potential leak, then hire a professional to handle the situation. Remember, in most cases damage can be mitigated if you act quickly. 

    Telemarketing Hustle

    This one is the oldest trick in the book. Telemarketing frauds have existed for decades now and sadly, they are still growing exponentially. Private numbers and advanced tools have made their job easier. While it is hard to pinpoint the data leaks, it is quite easy to detect spam calls.

    If you are ever contacted by unknown parties wherein they are trying to sell you something or are asking for bizarre details, then withdraw yourself from the conversation. Keep in mind that legitimate companies never pester you and fishy companies will never stop pushing you. 

    USPS Lottery Scam Phishing Links

    People behind the USPS Lottery Scam are redirecting victims to a phishing site designed to capture your personal information. As the domain used by them is new, chances are your anti-virus system might not alert you.

    Nonetheless, know that it is a very dangerous thing and you should not interact with them in any way. From now onwards, follow safe browsing practices and always pay attention to small details.

    As long as you remain calm and take precautionary actions, you do not have to worry about anything. Lastly, do not forget to reach out in case you find anything that can be called odd. 

    USPS Lottery Scam Bottom Line

    If you have received USPS Lottery Scam Text, then delete it as soon as possible. In case you have entered the details, then contact your bank and freeze the related accounts. If you need help with anything, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form below. 

    Have you received any message that is similar to the USPS Lottery Scam? Leave your thoughts below. 

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