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The proliferation of online trading platforms has created a fertile ground for scams and fraudulent schemes, with being a prime example. Launched on October 31, 2023, presents itself as a trading platform but is riddled with red flags that suggest reading. This article will delve into the various aspects that make VIRGO a dubious platform and why potential investors should be wary. Review is an unregulated trading platform that lacks transparency and legitimacy. The platform does not provide an “About” section, which is crucial for understanding its background and the team behind it. Moreover, a deep investigation reveals that the platform does not disclose licensing or registration information. The platform also makes false media and partnership claims, purporting endorsements from reputable sources like Forbes, MarketWatch, and CoinMarketCap, as well as partnerships with well-known entities like WalletConnect, Trust Wallet,, and Zelcore. These misleading claims, unprofessional interface, and unclear user policies make a highly suspect trading platform.

Red Flags

  1. Unregulated operates without any regulatory oversight. Legitimate trading platforms adhere to strict regulatory standards to ensure fair and secure trading environments. The absence of such regulation raises significant concerns about the platforms’ safety and legitimacy.
  1. Fake Claims
    The platform’s claims of media endorsements and partnerships are entirely fabricated. falsely asserts that it has been featured in reputable media outlets like Forbes, MarketWatch, and CoinMarketCap. Additionally, it claims partnerships with prominent entities such as WalletConnect, Trust Wallet,, and Zelcore. These assertions are misleading and designed to create a false sense of credibility and trust among potential users.
  1. No About Section
    A legitimate trading platform provides an “About” section that details its mission, team, and operational history. lacks this essential transparency, making it difficult for users to understand who is behind the platform and their qualifications.
  1. Unprofessional User Interface
    The user interface of is unprofessional and poorly designed. A credible platform invests in a user-friendly and professional interface to enhance the user experience and reflect its commitment to quality. The subpar design of the platform raises doubts about its overall legitimacy.
  1. Unclear User Policy does not provide clear information regarding its user policies. Transparent policies are crucial for users to understand their rights and obligations when using the platform. The lack of clarity in user policies indicates a potential for hidden terms that could disadvantage users.

Fake Claims Concern’s fake claims are a major red flag. The platform asserts endorsements from well-known media outlets such as Forbes, MarketWatch, and CoinMarketCap. However, a thorough investigation reveals that no such articles or endorsements exist. These false claims are designed to deceive potential investors into believing it is a trustworthy platform.

The platform has fabricated partnerships with WalletConnect, Trust Wallet,, and Zelcore. The platform uses these names without authorization to create a misleading impression of legitimacy and attract unsuspecting users. Such deceptive practices are common among fraudulent platforms and aim to build false credibility and trust. Potential investors should be extremely cautious of platforms that make unverifiable or exaggerated claims of endorsements and partnerships.

Lack of Fee Transparency and Regulatory Compliance lacks transparency, failing to disclose critical information about trading fees, associated risks, and government licensing. Legitimate trading platforms typically provide detailed information on their fee structures, allowing users to understand the costs involved in their transactions. This transparency is essential for users to make informed decisions and accurately calculate potential profits and losses. The absence of such disclosures raises significant concerns about hidden charges that could unexpectedly erode users’ investments. does not disclose any government license numbers or regulatory affiliations. Such information is crucial because it assures users that the platform operates within legal and regulated frameworks, protecting their investments. The lack of licensing information on this platform suggests that it operates outside the bounds of regulatory oversight, exposing users to increased risks, including potential fraud and the inability to seek recourse in the event of disputes or losses.

VIRGO Reviews appears to be linked to previous scam operations under different domain names. The following are some detailed points about the scam and its evolution:

1. Low Trust Score: has received low trust scores from various scam detection sites such as Scam Detector and Scamdoc. Scam Detector gave it a trust score of 27.7, indicating high risk.

2. Old Domain Name: Before using, the scammers operated under the domain, which has been flagged for similar fraudulent activities.

3. Scam Tactics:

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    • Romance Scam: The scam often involves creating a fake romantic relationship with the victim. The scammer, posing as a romantic interest, convinces the victim to invest in their platform.
    • Pig Butchering Scam: This involves the scammer building a long-term relationship with the victim, making them believe they are in a genuine relationship or friendship, and then convincing them to invest large sums of money into a fraudulent scheme.

    4. Reported Activities:

    • Users have reported that the site is associated with fake trading platforms. Victims are initially shown profits to gain their trust but face difficulties or are unable to withdraw their funds.
    • When trying to withdraw money, victims are often given excuses or are asked to pay additional fees (such as “taxes”) to process the withdrawal, which never happens.

    5. Identified Scam Patterns:

    • Fake Customer Service: When victims attempt to withdraw their funds, customer service tells them that their accounts are under investigation for suspicious activity or that they are accused of illegal operations, which is a fabricated claim to retain their money.
    • Changing Wallet Addresses: Scammers often change their wallet addresses, making tracing transactions difficult.

    Previous VIRGO Scams and similar domains such as,, and have been used in the past, all connected to similar fraudulent activities.

    Scammers use aliases and fake identities to lure victims. Names like Sally Lim, Rachel Lim, Anne Chem, Jenny Zoe, and others have been used

    Reddit Reports Regarding Virgo-dapp

    • Reddit users have extensively discussed these scams, detailing how they were approached and manipulated.
    • Specific wallet addresses used by the scammers were tracked, revealing large sums of money funneled into these fraudulent accounts.

    General Advice

    • If you suspect you’ve been scammed by or similar sites, you should withdraw any remaining funds, cut contact with the scammers, and report the incident to law enforcement.
    • Do not pay any additional fees they might request to release your funds, as this is a common tactic used to extract more money from victims. Review Conclusion is fraught with red flags that should caution potential investors. Its unregulated status, fabricated media endorsements and partnerships, lack of an “About” section, unprofessional user interface, and unclear user policies collectively indicate a platform that is not trustworthy. The numerous deceptive practices employed by are designed to mislead users and create a false sense of legitimacy. I strongly advise investors to conduct thorough due diligence and avoid engaging with this platform. In the ever-evolving world of online trading, choosing platforms prioritizing transparency, regulatory compliance, and user protection is crucial for safeguarding investments and ensuring a secure trading experience.

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