Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam – Same Pattern

WhatsApp fake message links and news are not something new. There have been many fraudulent entities taking advantage of the loopholes in the system and each and every single time, the crooks adapt to changes quickly which gives them an edge. Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam messages are flooding many people’s inboxes and it primarily is spread via WhatsApp.

This text promises to offer free shoes to the recipients and all they have to do is fill out a form and wait for the products to be delivered. If you have reasonable experience on the internet, then chances are you already know what is really happening behind the scenes, right?

The actual real intention of these fake websites is to collect personal information of the victims which will later be sold on the dark web for a premium. Unfortunately, the end victim will never realise whether they are in danger or not until it is too late.

Moreover, due to the nature of the end to end encryption messages, the real culprits can never be traced out. Note that using the flow of funds, the criminals can be tracked and if you take quick action, the chances of recovery are quite high.

To know about this hustle that is fooling the public, continue reading till the very end. 

Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam

Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam Explained

Adidas is a company that is very well known. They sponsor a lot of athletes and the kind of brand they have managed to build over the years speaks for itself. It goes without saying that Adidas spends a fortune on advertising and consequently, a lot of people trust this brand.

The scammers behind Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam are trying to pose like an authoritative entity connected to the brand and are doing their best to instill confidence and trust. Nonetheless, if you look closely, the flaws are very evident and you will understand their real nature.

Moving on to the kind of links they spread, they all are very suspicious in nature. Some of the blacklisted websites do not even have a valid SSL layer. Simply put, any details you share on their platform are vulnerable and chances are you will face financial damage sooner or later.

Also, the contact details are never shared and all of the associated online portals are privately registered. It is clear to us that people behind this hustle are skilled and they know their way around the internet very well.

The kind of threats posed by them are very real and that is why many blogs and channels on the internet are trying hard to raise awareness about them. If you have received this scam message, then break the chain by deleting the message as soon as possible.

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    Also, to be on the safer side, do not reply to messages that are sent from unknown or private numbers. Remember, big brands are all about transparency and if that element is not present, then it is better to avoid it.

    Public Reaction

    In the early 2000’s any kind of fake message chains that were viral caused huge loss to the victims. The tracking mechanisms were not good enough. Wire transfer or credit card tracing process was slow. Criminals took advantage of the naive nature of the public and ended up looting a fortune.

    Nowadays, the main preferred system of payment is the cryptocurrencies. According to many studies, it is estimated that more than 20 million dollars daily is lost to online scams and that is a big number. Fortunately, people are slowly learning from their mistakes and the past.

    As a result, it is much harder for criminals to get away with fake narratives. Sadly, not everyone is educated enough to see through the lies and they are the ones that fall for the enticing traps. Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam made a buzz and the popularity it gained worked against it.

    As many people were getting this message in a remarkably small period of time, people started talking about it on social media platforms and the discussion exposed the real nature of this hustle. Plus, the mainstream media picked up on the topic and they gave much coverage to the issue.

    This kind of incident and appropriate coverage highlights the good side of social media platforms. If you ever get unbelievable offers or similar price cuts on your favorite products, then always do a search on Google. Who knows, the truth might just be a click away and it certainly will save you from a lot of trouble and hassles. After all, isn’t being safe always worth it?

    Goals of the Cyber Criminals

    If we generalise things, the main goal of the scammers and crooks is to loot you in one way or the other. They may not necessarily always take your cash or wipe out your bank account, but eventually they will cause financial damage to the victims.

    People behind Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam are known to be running phishing attacks. Clearly, their goal is to gather personal information of the victims which they can use for a variety of purposes.

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    From committing serious financial fraud to wiping out bank accounts in a second, they have a ton of choices. Moreover, this kind of incident will also give you a bad credit score and it might take years to restore to the normal level.

    As the possibilities are all scary and needless to say concerning, it is better to stay alert and remember never to indulge with any unknown websites without doing proper research. From time to time, update your browser settings as well and make sure you have the latest software update installed.

    Unfortunately, it is highly likely that the crooks might find another way to get your data, but by being cautious, everyone can avoid falling for the trap to a certain extent. 

    Have you lost money to Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam?

    Losing money to an online scam might make one feel overwhelmed from every direction. Some people are even ashamed to accept that they have been a victim and for unknown reasons, people are generally not inclined towards reporting certain incidents.

    We understand that losing money can be painful both emotionally and financially, but never let any incident slide. If you have lost money to this scam or any other form of online scam, then start collecting evidence. Things like account details, wallet address or anything using which you sent the funds.

    If possible, having receipts of transactions will also go a long way. Once all the information is collected, present them to your local cyber security unit and hire a recovery agency. Note that your local police may or may not act on the case.

    However, the recovery agencies are always quick to respond and the reputable ones offer free consultation as well. You can get in touch with our recovery team by using the contact form on our platform.

    Our team will help you assess the details, provide you with both advice and actionable intelligence and stay by your side till the recovery process is over. More importantly, since inception our main goal is to help the public and we do so for free. 

    Few Tips

    Unfortunately, the end of online scams is not near. From time to time, the crooks have managed to outsmart the authorities and they are managing to get away most of the time. As this side of the equation cannot be fixed, we have to focus on educating the public as it is our only hope.

    If the masses are aware of the gimmicks and know the ways of taking proper precautions, then the cyber crime rate will fall down dramatically. While there is no miraculous software or one touch solution to put an end to this hassle, there are a lot of different ways you can use to stay safe on the internet. Always start out by making sure you deal with official websites.

    Do not mess around with your browser’s firewall settings and regardless of how good something sounds, do not let your guard down. Performing regular backups of the hard drives are a must and buying a paid antivirus program works in your best interest.

    Also, make use of 2 FA login methods and for best experience, never ever share your personal information online if you are unsure about the counterparty. If you ever suspect any kind of unusual activity, then change all your credentials immediately and hiring a cyber investigator and getting professional help is never a bad idea.

    Remember that nothing is foolproof, but as long as you are operating within the bounds and are following best practices, nothing should really bother you. 

    What to do if you encounter online Scams similar to Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam?

    Online scams are like cancer to the internet. They are literally everywhere and it targets every sector. If you land on a fraudulent platform, then make sure you never accept any cookies from their site.

    Avoid downloading anything from shady origins and if you cannot trace the owner of the concerned firms, then never indulge with them. Report the fake sites to relevant authorities and get in touch with the domain registrars.

    Taking down websites should be fairly easy, but if you are mainly after tracking the culprit, then only professionals can do that. Many authorities like FTC and FCA, do not act on individual cases and that is the sad reality. So, narrow down the way you want to proceed early on and if you act quickly, the odds will always be on your side. 


    Incidents like Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam tarnishes names of legitimate brands that genuinely bring value to both the consumers and the investors of the company.

    Phishing attempts are very evident in cases like these and on the bright side, no severe damage was reported by anyone. Thanks to quick reaction by many people on social media platforms, nothing bad happened. Also, the mainstream media platforms provided ample cover to this hustle which helped save a lot of people.

    Though the scam is over, do not let your guard down, instead follow the precautionary steps all the time and whenever you are putting in your banking information, it pays to do proper research. If you have any questions about any new platform, then leave a comment below and we will do a review for you for free. 

    Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam gained immense popularity quickly, but went downhill very fast. If you have anything to say about this incident, feel free to share your opinion with our community below.

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