Alleymad Com Scam – Discreet Dating Fraud! ( is a domain name which directs all of the visitors to Ashley Madison. Though, by itself the name of the domain is not sketchy by any means. The traits of the dating platform it redirects the users is very alarming and concerning to say the least.

While it is true that the platform has been around for nearly 2 decades, the customer feedback is not that great and it gained a massive following in the recent few years. Online dating is a competitive sector and due to the immense profit potential it features, many scams are lurking around in this niche.

Undoubtedly, modern life has pushed us towards using online solutions for everything and dating is no exception to that rule. However, understand that one wrong move in this space can bring you unintended consequences which might damage something more than your bank account.

Also, you need to follow a few standard guidelines in order to remain truly safe. To know what to expect out of Alleymad com platform and learn about their motives, grab your favorite beverage and start reading our detailed review.

Alleymad Com Scam Review

What is Alleymad Com?

Many people are confused about Alleymad Com and they consider it as some sort of a scam. Let us clear all the doubts once and for all by saying that Alleymad Com by itself is nothing more than a domain name. It uses some form of redirection script to send all the visitors of the url to the parent company.

Before we proceed, we do want to make it a point that the connection with this domain and Ashley Madison is not confirmed by official sources. We used whois platform to find any additional information. Sadly, we didn’t find any data relevant as the domain was created less than 2 months ago.


Ashley Madison is a discreet dating website which claims to have an active user base in more than 50 countries. They mainly target the english speaking countries and in terms of ratio of profiles, there indeed appears to be a favorable number. This dating platform is a Canadian firm which markets its services to people who are single or in a relationship.

In the early 2000’s, the online dating concept gained immense popularity and a lot of companies were trying their best to make the most out of the trend. However, all of the early participants used to target mainly single men and women who were looking for casual dating. Though, there were few people who used to lie about their actual arrangement, it was something people would frown upon.

Ashley Madison literally changed the entire landscape by making their operational model immoral and by giving more preference to people who were looking for a discrete and secretive relationship despite being engaged otherwise.

Safety Tips

Dating through online platforms might seem like a fun task for everyone, but remember never to let your guard down. For starters, do not share any personal information with random people unless you are sure about them or have some kind of personal interaction with them.

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    If you are worried about getting texts from a person who doesn’t match your interests or age group, then make sure that you adjust the preference filters of your profile to get better results. Furthermore, you can also enable inbox control to have a firm grip on spam messages or overwhelming responses.

    Alleymad com is mainly a platform for discreet relationships. So, if you want to keep your profile glamorous yet somewhat mysterious, then make use of the mask tools which will blur your face. Later, you can remove them and share the photos with the profiles you want or with people you are comfortable with.

    In short, be cautious and if you come across any suspicious activities such as phishing or asking for financial assistance or any other type of threats, then notify the appropriate authorities immediately. Remember, safety should be your number one priority always and this rule applies to both online and offline activities.

    Sketchy Traits of Alleymad Com

    Apart from the moral aspects, the main concerns with this platform are the number of fake profiles and other unexplainable activities on the platform such as always online profiles, women asking for gifts or money.

    Now, let’s focus on my major concerns because of which you need to think twice and conduct extensive research before spending your money on them.

    Fake Profiles – This is the main age old problem with almost every dating service out there. Over time, many attempts were made by a lot of organisations to prevent fake profiles from getting established. However, none of the approaches were successful and that’s something you always have to look out for.

    This platform has been known to employ a lot of fake profiles and other half of their profiles are handled personally by their employees which is a huge red flag. If you ever feel like you are running out of credits easily and getting generic responses from the person you have been texting, then most probably it might be a bot.

    Deleted Conversations and Unusual Requests – Many of their customers have mentioned on various forums that the platform used to abruptly delete all of their conversation with select profiles mysteriously.

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    The victims have apparently contacted the support team, but no solid solution has been provided for it yet. Lastly, a vast majority of the reviews state that, even if you do meet people, they usually ask you to pay money beforehand for different reasons which are not typical.

    Precautionary Steps

    Online dating is not the place without flawless and as such there are few steps you need to take before you open an account with any dating site. The following advice are the precautionary methods you need to ensure at all times.

    Remember, the crooks running the hustles might come up with new ways other than the ones mentioned below. So, never let your guard down and be alert at all times. After all, if something out of the blue is happening, then chances are you are being set up.

    Suspicious profiles – This is the first and pretty much obvious trait of fraudulent activities. On dating sites, it is good to get a match with someone who shares similar interests with you. The algorithms are generally set up in such a way that it automatically connects people with similar interests.

    However, if you see any profiles which are picture perfect and don’t have any apparent issues along with too much involvement from the other side, then it is time to re-evaluate the situation. Scammers usually go after the targets by creating fake profiles and use attractive pictures to invoke interest.

    Once they have hooked the user, they are going to gain their trust by using manipulative tactics and close in on them. Ultimately, they will ask for sensitive information and if the user makes the mistake of trusting them, then we all know the way the story will end. Always be vigilant and if things are going at phenomenal pace, then it’s something you should never give attention to.

    Asking for Money – Over the years, we have seen millions of people getting defrauded on dating websites. We are not saying that, it will be the case on every platform. Nonetheless, as anyone can open an account and due to the limitations of the technology, the landscape still is filled with a lot of flaws.

    Once the crooks have gained trust of the victims, they will make up a lot of fake scenarios in the context of personal emergency or medical purposes and will ask money from their counterparts. If anyone believes their story and makes a payment, then they will be devastated not only financially, but emotionally as well.

    So, whenever the conversation involves money, be hesitant and never reveal any banking information for any reason. Also, don’t buy them gift cards too, because it is impossible to recover funds from it.

    Possible Illegal Activities – Just like we mentioned before, the dating world is a pretty dangerous place if you don’t know all the threats present, things can get ugly very quickly. In recent times, scammers are coming up with a new way to transport illegal stuff, launder money through dating sites.

    They ask the victims to make a payment on their behalf or send stuff to another person after receiving it from them. Due to the number of things that can go wrong whenever you are doing something for a stranger, it is better to always avoid the request. Remember, you should never dare to put your safety at risk regardless of how tempting or convincing the story is?

    How to Report Fraudulent Activities

    If you come across any alarming evidence or concerns, then report the situation to the local administrator of the website immediately. Once the complaint has been submitted, report the incident to the concerned authorities as well. Depending upon your location, the kind of organisations you need to go to will be different.

    Nonetheless, as a rule of thumb, raise a complaint on the FCA and any other niche related organisations present. Remember, authorities will never take action on every single complaint due to the number of requests they get. However, they will collect the data and it will help them gather intelligence on the patterns used by the criminals. 

    Customer Feedback

    If you are a regular reader of our website, then you already know that we give importance to customer reviews as they are one of the most reliable indicator ever.

    Alleymad Com has earned itself a lot of reviews over the years, but they are all highly concerning and alarming. In the following section, we have taken a few comments from the users who expressed their views on Trustpilot. Read them carefully and it will reveal a lot about them.

    Scams! Scams!

    They get women or robots to send hot

    Pictures and tell you you have to be online safe verified and send you address for a scam foreign website!

    Ripped me off $150

    Men don’t fall for Ashley Madison!

    Its a huge scam!!!!!!!

    Don’t fall for it.

    Thought I’ed try it out and spend $98 on 200 credits, ALONG WITH A ONE MONTH UNLIMITED MESSAGING (VERY TRICKY WORDING). Not only was the one month free messaging a lie, but they have fake profiles in there were the girls keep chatting you up until you run out of credits real fast. So here I am thinking that I have a month of free messaging, i was out of credits within two days. Should have saved my money and spend it on a legit dating app. These people should be put out of business.

    Alleymad Com Review Conclusion

    Ashley Madison or Alleymad Com is a platform with a long history. However, they are certainly not the ones who are trusted by the customers and some of the practices they follow such as credit gimmicks are borderline criminal.

    Given the number of alternatives in the dating sector, we strongly believe this platform is not worth your time or money anymore. So, explore your chances with various platforms and if you are for any reason eager to proceed with this platform, then be extremely cautious.

    Do you have an account with Ashley Madison or Alleymad Com? Were you able to spot genuine profiles on the platform? Share your experience with our community by leaving a comment.

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