Money Back Review – Update

Money Back( is a recovery agency that deals with almost all kinds of frauds that are gaining momentum on the internet. They are also partners of Payback Ltd which is a reputable competitor in this space. Their platform is very apt and most users won’t need any assistance while dealing with them because of how well everything is designed.

Moving on to their team and background, the track records they feature are extremely appealing and it clearly shows the level of professionalism that is embedded in everything they do. Surprisingly, they do have a blog section that is updated on a frequent basis and the content depicts the latest trends created by the online breed of criminals in a detailed manner.

There are few shortfalls they have, but compared to the bigger picture, the flaws are nothing concerning and at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference and goals. To know about all the services they offer along with the pricing methods enforced by them, read this report till the very end. 

Money Back Review

Company and Support Information

Money Back is an Israeli based company (#515711653), it is regulated and authorized in Israeli and has all the rights to operate globally as well. Through legal exemptions, this firm is not required to be regulated by the FCA. On a legal aspect, the way this firm is set up is impeccable and the people behind the firm are absolutely skilled at what they do.

Just by using the way they present information about their organisation, it is clear that the creators are trying their best to maintain transparency. The main goal of this firm is to eradicate the online scams and they are clever enough to know that the only way of achieving the end result is by educating the masses. 

They mainly focus on investment scams on the internet and gauging by their success rate, the data clearly backs up their narratives. If you want more information about the process involved, then we suggest you surf through their platform and you will get answers to all of your concerns.

In case, you were not able to find the straightforward answer, then get in touch with their support team to get the utmost clarity on the situation. The staff can be reached via telephone and email. Also, there is a call back feature available and contact forms are also present. To make your work easier, we have gathered all of their contact details below. 

  • Address – Ben Gurion 38 Ramat Gan, Israel, 6209809.
  • IL- +972799398069
  • AU +61283109245
  • CAN +16474906331
  • SWISS +41225083087

Money Back Goals and Agendas

Every successful firm that has ever existed showcased a strong intention and they always had crystal clear clarity about the process involved, this firm is no exception. From the minute you land on their platform, the flow of the website is clear and straightforward. People just have to describe the incident to the staff, choose the kind of service they want and leave the rest to the professional to handle.

In their About Us section, this platform has clearly mentioned their motto and goals. Their main intention is to help victims of online scams get back their hard earned money while also imparting knowledge about the way the scams in each sector works.

Most people probably are not familiar with the chargeback disputes or other tracing services and as a result, they will never be able to take proper action. Money Back acts like a God sent for people that have lost money to trading scams in particular. Thanks to their experienced team, they know the ins and outs of the sector very well and can retrieve your funds within a short period of time.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    Though there are no claims made about the time taken by them, in most cases the time required will be around 14 days. The only complaint we have about them is about their pricing model. Note that they charge anywhere between 7% to over 30% of the recovered funds and ultimately, it correlates a lot with the nature and complexity of the case. 


    All the firms operating in this sector are not created equal. Each firm has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In the following section, we are going to discuss the unique things they bring to the table. For obvious reasons, we cannot cover every little thing about them. Nonetheless, below is the list of their strongest suits. 

    Experience – As this platform has been active in the sector for over 4 years, clearly they have dealt with a lot of cases. Thanks to the number of issues faced by them, they have personal experience with almost all kinds of online scams.

    Experience is a valuable aspect and that is something that money simply cannot buy. At the end of the day, regardless of which new type of hustle got your money, this platform would be your best bet due to the wide range of scams they have dealt with till date. 

    Rounded Team – Most recovery firms either concentrate too much on the marketing side and leave out the actual essence of the business or do vice-versa. Nowadays, even fake recovery agencies have popped up and they are bringing a bad name to the whole sector. While the bad apples cannot be completely terminated right now, one has to be careful while choosing the right kind of firm in this niche.

    Money Back has a well rounded team that consists of financial experts, lawyers and data analysts. The combined expertise of the team will help the end clients in getting back their funds in the shortest possible time frame. One more amazing thing about them is that they never feature any kind of exaggerated narratives or hype things up for their benefit. The way they uphold ethics and morals in the business world is inspiring to say the least. 

    Pricing Mechanism – This is the only grey area about this firm that we do not completely like. First and foremost, know that the pricing offered by them is not fixed or outright and it depends upon the nature of the case. Every dispute is different and the amount at stake also affects pricing in a huge way. Using the data we have gathered so far from multiple sources, the fees charged by them is estimated to range between 7% to 35%.

    Note that they take their cut only if the recovery is successful. For people that have lost a relatively small amount, the percentage might not seem huge, but think again. Over 30% fees is a significant number and it may not be justifiable for some cases. We understand that the fees might be high due to the intricacies involved. However, in the end it is up to the clients to decide whether the cost is worth pursuing or not. 

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    Money Back Services

    This platform shines in certain categories and they are as follows. 

    Investments and Trading Scams – For nearly 2 decades now, the investment scams and trading related frauds in the sector has lagged the retail investing world. Thousands of people have lost a lot of money to the online frauds and only a small portion of the victims were ever able to get their money back. Generally speaking, people that used credit cards to make payments were comparatively secured and were able to recover the entire amount without much fuss.

    Scammers now have switched to different approaches and now, they mainly use the get rich quick through automated system narratives. If you have lost money to fake trading services or bogus softwares, then select this category and use the contact form on their website to get in touch with the staff. 

    Consulting and Recovery – Sometimes you might be interested in a company, but before proceeding with them, you want to be sure about the move. In the scenario mentioned above, it is better to hire platforms like this one to do the analysis for you and show you the health of the company using certain metrics. This way, you will be saving yourself from a lot of regrets and it certainly is worth the costs involved.

    International Banking – On a corporate level, sometimes the data breaches occur and it might result in a significant amount of capital loss. The cyber criminals that conduct these kinds of hacking operations usually will be highly skilled and notorious. To catch the hackers special forensic tools are necessary and almost always, it is better to hire the professionals for the job.

    After all, a single person or organization cannot handle everything themselves, right? There are no guarantees made about the end result by this firm and that’s just the way things are in reality. Cracking huge operations and breaches takes a lot of time and effort, but there have been few instances wherein the crooks fled the scene without leaving a trace. 

    Binary options and forex Scams – If you are active in the trading sector for at least a couple of months, then you already know that this industry is plagued by fraudulent firms. Binary options, though it is banned by most countries still continues to scam a lot of newbies in the sector. If you come across any lucrative opportunities using the options narrative, then step away from the situation immediately.

    There are only a handful of firms that are regulated in this space and if you stick with offshore entities, then chances of you making money will be almost zero. The Forex world is also a place that scammers love because of the popularity factor. While looking for brokerage, always choose regulated ones or else you might have to face a ton of hassles.

    If you run into any problems, then make sure you attempt to resolve the issue with the support team. For any reason, if you are not feeling satisfied or facing a hard time recovering funds, then Money Back will come to your rescue.

    Customer Feedback

    Money Back has got a lot of positive feedback online. There are few complaints against them, but considering the size of the audience they serve, the percentages are small. If you check out their Trustpilot page, they are still answering every query and complaint and that talks a lot about their values and character.

    Some people have accused them of stealing the funds and not providing adequate reports. However, as they have not published any evidence, we just have to give both the parties the benefit of the doubt. If you have dealt with this firm, then we cordially invite you to share a few words about your experience in the comment’s section. 

    Is Money Back Legit or a scam?

    Money Back is a decent firm that has helped thousands of people from all around the world. Their process and policies are transparent and the data supports most of their statements. They never indulge in questionable practises and more importantly, most of their clients are happy with the services they have received.

    Apart from the fact that their fees are on the higher side, we can fully recommend this firm to the people that are looking for ways to recover their money from online scams. To be on the safer side, talk with their support team first before making any payment and the staff will provide you enough guidance to make an informed decision. 


    Money Back is a firm that has earned a lot of credibility in the recovery agency sector. They are honest and reliable. Regardless of the scams that might have burned a hole in your pocket, they will do their very best in helping you get your money back. is a trustworthy platform that has been operational for a considerable period of time. Do share your opinion about them in the comment’s thread.

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